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  1. A group of thieves came to a mall late in the evening just before it was about to close. Unfortunately, there were some people still in the mall. Those people are now hostages. What will happen? Will the hostages fall in love (with each other, a thief)? Will a hostage go 'to the dark side'? Will a thieve change his ways? It up to you to decide.

    You can be a hostage or a thief...doesn't matter to me. :)
    Quick character info: Name: Zora Age: 19
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    Zora was sitting on the floor. She was afraid. Some group of people just came in and starting yelling at them with guns in their hands. She had became a hostage.
  2. ((Are we allowed to play 2 thieves and a hostage?))

    Name: Alex Vince
    Age: 22
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    Name: 'Anarchy'
    Age: 20
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    Name: Jae Cole
    Age: 18
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    Alex shoved the girl backwards. "Give me the phone!"

    Anarchy took the cigarette from her mouth with a smirk. "I'd listen to him."

    Jae shivered, holding her headphones in one hand, her phone in the other. "N-no.." her voice shook.

    Alex grabbed her jacket, trying to pull her forwards and take the phone.

    Jae slipped from the jacket, starting to run in a full sprint, but slipping on the wet floor and hitting the wall with a yelp.
    Anarchy laughed and knelt beside her, suddenly serious. "Phone. Now." she growled.

    When the thieves had entered, they checked everyone for phones. Jae had been the only one to fight to keep hers.
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  3. (ooc: Play as many characters as you want. :) )

    Zora jumped up and ran to the girl who happen slipped. "Are you alright?" She asked. She wasn't going to let the thieves stop her from making sure the girl wasn't hurt. She glanced over at them ever so often to make sure they wouldn't do anything to her for just trying to help something.
  4. Name: Ivory Gris
    Age: 17
    Techno Girl.jpg
    A young woman had been near one of the windows when the thieves had approached, and their menacing walks told her they weren't up to anything good. She had quickly run to one of the electronic stores on the first floor and hid in one of the corners, behind a covered window with an uncovered one beside her. She had a phone tightly clutched in her hand in her pocket, and she glanced out the window at the thieves several times.
  5. Jae shook her head, clutching her shoulder with the hand with the headphones. "Oww..."
    Anarchy narrowed her eyes. "Phone!"
    Jae stepped back, pulling the girl with her. "I'm are?"
    Alex sighed. "I don't want to have to do this.." He reached inside his jacket.

  6. Name: Alice White
    Age: 18

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    Alice had been walking out of the drugstore in the mall with a bag full of bandages when she heard the thieves, having quickly hid behind a large potted plant. She was shaking as she had her phone out, feeling very scared now. She thought about using the bandages to to tie up the thieves, but there were a lot of them and they looked like they could easily overpower her. Alice didn't want to die here, holding onto her phone and bag tightly.
  7. "Zora." She answered Jae. "I'm sure there are others here, If we get together we might be able to stop or at least do something about these thieves."
  8. Name: Josh Cold
    Appearance: GasMask.jpg

    Josh walked into the store,wearing his gas mask and goggles,he looked around at the people on the ground "Alright! No more talking! I want everyone to empty their pockets or someone will get hurt!" He demanded as he took out a knife and pointed it at Zora. "You! Come over here and empty your pockets. The rest of you will do the same after she is done!"
  9. Zora turned to the man talking to her. "Can't you see I am talking to someone." She said. She looked at his knife but stayed near Jae. It was a habit for Zora. She never listened to directions and in this case it probably wasn't the best personality to have. Although it was impossible to stop.
  10. Josh walked over to Zora and grabbed her by her shirt and slid up his goggles. He stared right into her eyes and smirked."Do you want these people to get hurt? Cause I don't,but if you don't listen to me I will not hesitate to take action. I am not going to be made into a full by some girl!" He said shoving her against the counter. "Now empty your pockets or I will search you myself!"
  11. Zora felt a pain in her body. "You don't have to shove me!" She yelled out at him. "Geez...But I don't want people to get hurt because of me." She reached into her pocket and pulled out some money, her Ipod and a ticket to a rock concert. She made a sigh as she looked at her things. "Those are my two favorite things too." She pouted.
  12. Josh walked over to her leaned over her shoulder and whispered."I am sorry for shoving you" He spread her legs with his foot and began to pat her down to make sure she didn't have anything else in her pockets.
  13. She looked at him with anger. "Like you care that that shove hurt." She said. "And so you know I am considering this rape." She said looking at him in the eyes.
  14. He sighed and pulled her to the side after he was done searching her. "Listen! I don't even want to be here. I was forced to come by the other thieves here!"-He walked off and leaned against the wall and looked around the store.
  15. She calmed down a bit and watched him stand there. Forced? Why would he be forced to do this? She thought it herself.
  16. He slid the knife into his pocket and looked over at Zora then back at the hostages. "Should I help them or risk becoming one?" He thought to himself as he took a seat on the counter.
  17. Zora turned away from the thief. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to get out of there and help the others get out too. Why did these thieves have to come now? Why did they have to be there when she was?
  18. Jae was about to interfere with Zora and Josh when she was grabbed around the neck. Alex. Again. "I'" she choked out.

    Anarchy laughed, coming around her and yanking the phone from Jae's hand. "Got it little princess." She kicked Jae's knee and crushed her phone on the ground. "There. One less problem." She rolled her eyes. "Not to hard now was it." She walked away, attitude clear, but not before casting Josh a warning look.

    Alex ruffled Jae's hair. "Told you." He laughed, frowning, then shoving her down, forcing her to sit before he stepped away, pulling out his gun and turning to follow Anarchy, a grim look on her face. Apparently there was someone else fighting further away.

    Jae rubbed her neck and sighed. They'd taken her only source of music. She frowned. "'s locked." She muttered, standing slowly and walking over to Zora, ignoring Josh. If he did come over, she'd fight him. He only had a knife as far as she knew. "Are you okay?" She asked softly, touching Zora's shoulder.
  19. Alice could hear the voices, shaking more as she was still behind the potted plant. If she didn't do something, they would eventually find her here. She put her phone away before taking one of the rolls of bandage out of her bag. Maybe she could sneak up on one of the thieves and tie them up, but she would have to do it fast so she doesn't get caught by the other thieves. Alice felt so scared right now, wanting to just go home.
  20. Name: Alexandrea 'Andrea' Hoskins
    Age: 21

    Alexandrea stepped out of the restrooms and headed down the short hall for the doors to leave the mall. When suddening she heard a loud commotion by the entrance. The noise of yelling told Alexandrea to not do something stupid. For instance, she shouldn't walked right into the unknown without being careful. Deciding to creep along the wall instead, she clutched her bag to her side, and slowly slide up against the wall and moved forward. She peeked around the corner cautiously. Only what she saw caused her to jerk her head back out of sight.

    She cursed under her breath, regretting not bringing her phone or anything else of use. Rubbing the back of her neck, she thought of what she could do to get out of this mess before she was found. First, she needed someplace to hide. The problem was how she'd get anywhere unseen.

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