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  1. OOC

    This is Ouran Academy.
    Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school Ouran Academy.
    The school's Host Club is where the handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.
    Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.
    Inside the club itself, each member uses their unique personality to cater the needs of every customer. Are you the strong cool type? The boy lolita? A prince perchance? Or does the devilish and naughty type suit you more? Maybe, you're just a natural.
    Pick your type and start catering to the needs of the lovely ladies who request to see you.
    But don't forget the three rules.
    One: Good looks that attract the public eye
    Two: More wealth than you can imagine
    Three: Chivalry that will never be able to overlook the hideous wickedness of the world

    Needless to say, this is based off Ouran High School Host Club. If you don't know the series, that's fine. You don't need to. All you need to remember is the happiness of the girls. Other than that, this is a romantic comedy in general.

    As for characters, while I want people from the Host Club itself, I also want regular customers of the host club too. Now, the host club characters themselves must be male. The customers can be male or female though.
    I also don't care about the orientation of your character.

    For your character sheet
    Year: (1'st, 2'nd, 3'rd)
    Type: (Naughty, cool, natural, ect)
    Misc: (If you want a theme song, or a voice)
    I don't care if the pictures are digital art, drawings, or real people. If you can't find a picture, then just describe them.
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  2. @Raven
    If you wish to join and be a part of the roleplay, then please, make your cs.
    If you don't, that's fine too and I hope we will rp together on a different project.
    I am unsure of how long I will give you as I think I will need more people but I will keep you updated.
    Thank you. <3​
  3. Name:Reizo Sawa
    Age: 15
    Year: 1st
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Type: Boy Lolita

    Personality: He is really sweet and kind to others. He loves to share sweets. (Especially Chocolate) He is very friendly and is a social butterfly. He loves making new friends. He does have a darker side if you wake him up real early in the morning for he is not an early bird.

    Relationships:Shigeko (Father), Esumi (Mother), Tsutomu (Eldest son), Sotaro (Youngest Son)

    Skills: He's good at art especially drawing. He is a good fencer for he enjoys the technicians of using a blade. Can talk about many things (Social Butterfly) this helps him make many friends.

    Strengths: Agility, (he has great reflexes which helps him when he fences.) Cheering people up with sweets. Using a sword.

    Weaknesses: Sweets, small for his age, handling money (He's trying to improve his spending for that's why his mother wanted him to go to Ouran in the first place)

    History: Reizo was born in Japan. His father was the owner of a big video game company called Sawa. His father didn't pay much attention to him because he was the middle child and he seemed to only have work on his mind. Although Reizo's mother on the other hand tried to make sure she treated all three son's equally. She had encouraged Reizo to fence because she noticed that he liked to watch the matches at festivals and at other places. She even told him that one day he could own his own studio or shop maybe one day because he was a natural at the art. his brothers always seemed jealous of him for this but he usually ignored it and would do his best to make them happy. His younger brother started to like him a little after Reizo began to teach him show of his skills, but his older brother seemed as though he might never get along with Reizo. Their father usually asked the eldest son questions about games and what he thought of the company to the younger brothers it was obvious who would get the company but they didn't care. Reizo saw no point and he even told his younger brother that if their mother was right on him owning a studio than he would let his younger brother work there with him. Reizo's mother had to talk his father into sending him to Ouran Academy with he's older brother but she had eventually convinced him so that Reizo could get the education he needs to run a studio successfully.

    Misc: Greg Cripes Beastboy's childish voice
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  4. Name: Andrew Cornetti (Has opted to use the name Andoryuu, the Japanese equivalent, since he started living there.)

    Age: 15

    Year: First Year

    Orientation: Straight

    Type: Natural

    Personality: Overall Andrew is just a happy, friendly guy. He is good natured and has a well developed sense of humor. He overprotective of those he considers friends. He loves to be physically active but has to make numerous exceptions due to a few minor head injuries. These injuries also have caused him to have small memory issues, only making him slightly more forgetful. He hates to do any work that he finds boring and will blow it off without a second thought. While he is friendly he also makes everything a competition, causing him to get in to trouble on the rare occasion


    Relationships: Hanako (Mother), Tim (Father)

    Skills: Good at strategy games. Bilingual, he can speak both English and Japanese. Is athletic, though doctors won’t allow him to participate in sports.

    Strengths: Can talk to anyone about anything for a decent amount of time, varying on the topic of course. Is friendly, and is able to draw numerous people to his side. Has a high IQ and good at history

    Weaknesses: Can be naive since he rather try to make friends with someone then be an enemy. Is afraid of heights. Doesn't like to work hard with things he isn’t interested in. Very forgetful

    History: Andrew grew up in the U.S with his father. His mother, Hanako, lived in Japan where the headquarters of her multibillion corporation were located. Both Andrews mother and father that it would be better for him to live an average life and so he grew up in the U.S. While Andrew enjoyed school and did well at sports, he had poor grades. So at the age of 14 his parents decided he would go and live in Japan with his mother, where he could attend better schools. Since living in Japan he has changed his name to Andoryuu but thats about his only achievement. He has kept up his poor grades and has even managed to become slightly pampered since he has spent more time with his rich mother. Still trying to get him to become more academically responsible, his mother has enrolled him in the prestigious Ouran Academy

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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Ryozo Watari
    Age: 16
    Year: 2nd
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Type: Trickster
    Personality: Ryozo is a fun guy to have around. He's friendly, can be goofy at times, and is good at dealing with people, liking to joke around with them and make them laugh. Seriousness is not his thing, he hates gloomy people and downers. He enjoys poking fun at others, loving good-natured pranks and living for the reactions on his victim's faces. He can be very flirtatious when he wants to be but cringes at the thought of a real relationship. He's not one for commitment.
    Relationships: Takao (Step-Father), Ran (Mother), Kumiko (Younger sister), Yori (Youngest sister)
    Skills: He took track when he was younger, so he's an adept runner. He's also fond of painting.
    Strengths: He's funny and clever, knowing how to make people laugh and is equipped a whole arsenal of jokes and quips up his sleeve. He's rather flirtatious too, good at making the girls (and perhaps some of the guys) blush
    Weaknesses: He doesn't like to get too close to people and will distance himself as much as possible. (Mentally rather than physically, of course.) He has a hard time trusting others and doesn't like to talk about his emotions. He can be careless at times. He also cannot handle bad news, choosing to ignore it rather than to simply take it in stride.
    History: Ryozo grew up with his mother and two younger sister, whom he loves and is very close to. His biological father left when he was younger, so Ryozo was never that fond of him. His mother remarried a couple of years ago and Ryozo is still not comfortable with his new "dad". He feels odd having another man in his house after being the only male for so long. His mother wanted him to have an excellent education, so she sent him to Ouran. He decided to join the host club because it sounded interesting, it was something different he hadn't seen at any other school he's been to.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Mind if I step in?? *^*I'm new, so if I did something wrong please just tell me so next time I won't.
    Name: Ren Kannagi
    Age: 15
    Year: First year
    Orientation: Straight
    Type: She's a girl so that makes her a customer, I guess
    Personality: Cynical and quite reserved, has a tomboyish side. She doesn't often make friends but she's friendly with almost anyone she meets for the first time. She doesn't like etiquette but when needed (and sure as hell she doesn't like it) she can be extremely polite and feminine. Likes, loves, adores tea and is an expert when it comes to it.
    Appearance: Her right eye is a shade of blue that makes it seem lilac while her left eye is a bright green. She has red long hair (her mother inheritance), she is not too short (1,67m) and has good overall proportions. She dislikes skirts, so her father talked with the principal and obtained to let her wear the male uniform.
    Relationships: Daisuke Kannagi (Father), Aurora (Mother), Kazuki (Older Brother, Ouran Alumnus)
    Skills: she learned how to cook, she may be rich and all, but she dislikes to be served for trivial things such as breakfast. As a good lady, she can play violin (and she loves it) and no one in her house is as skilled when it comes to brew tea.
    Strengths: She's good at sports and music, can talk of a variety of topics, she can adapt to a lot of situations.
    Weaknesses: She is a total math disaster, she doesn't see herself as a 'Lady' so she is uncomfortable (more embarassed than uncomfortable) around guys who treat her as one and could start to become clumsy. She has a bit of a complex on her eyes (Even if she likes them a lot)
    History: Her mother is Italian and, after getting married, went to live with Daisuke in Japan. For as much as Ren could remember her father was a strict but caring man, and her mother loved both Ren and Kazuki. When she was little, her mother and the maids played with her at pretending to be the princess and the court, so she developed a kind of: 'even if I'm the princess it doesn't mean that I can't protect myself' personality and the playing switched to pretending to be the knight. When she was small, Kazuki played often with her, as a fellow knight but, growing up he eventually needed to learn from their father and so stopped playing, resulting on a fast growth of cynicism in Ren.
    She was (and still is) a bit of a rebel but she tries to put up with the events her parents organize, and did everything her father wanted her to do (Violin, which she loved, ballet, which she hated, dance...). When enrolled in Ouran she asked him to make it so that she could wear a male uniform and (even if he didn't want to) her father agreed to try talking to the principal. Strange enough he agreed: Ren was jumping from joy, Kazuki started to laugh at the sad and bewildered face of Daisuke and Aurora patted him on his back, trying not to laugh too.
    Misc: (I know I know... It's a vocaloid song... but i just love Lon's voice *^* so, if you dislike vocaloids just listen to her voice 'cause that's not a vocaloid's)
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  7. As an added note, if any of you would like to make a second character, you can. I ask that you make the opposite gender you've already made though. Just to keep it even.
  8. Ok edited my character. Hopefully we can get some more people so we can get started.
  9. Mhmm! I will be making mine today.
  10. Gais, just fyi, anything not based off your original idea is supposed to go in the Fandom section ^_^
  11. Even sign ups? I don't have the actual ic made. o.o
  12. Yup! No problem though, all you have to do is let a mod know you want to transport this over to the fandom section and they'll be glad to do it for you, or you'll run the risk of them finding out and have it be forcibly moved which is less pleasant :P (if you didn't already know ^^)
  13. Alright. I will ask one of them to fix it. I didn't realize. I just saw the only option there was closed signups, so I wasn't sure.
  14. This sounds fun Ill have a CS up soon if you still need people ^^;
  15. I would assume that we need more characters with only four
    and another on the way.
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  16. Yes. I would love for you to join. I'm helping my boyfriend make a character as well.
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  17. [fieldset=Character Sheet][/fieldset][fieldset=Character Sheet][/fieldset]
    Character Sheet
    Chi Hase
    Character Sheet

    Age: 15 turning 16
    Year: 2ed year
    Orientation: straight
    Type: Gamer type Just kidding she just someone she doesn't go to the place but she passes by it ^^;
    Personality: she doesn't speaks much only when she feels like she needs to or when she does need to speak. and when she does she nice and sweet.
    Appearance: white hair, red eyes (this is anime people live with it)
    Relationships: Ludwig Hase (Father) Cho horiuchi (Mother)
    Skills: she good at Archery, Dancing, and Hiding.
    Strengths: she good at some sports like track in field and stuff and also good at Drawing
    Weaknesses: she not very good at swimming and hates the water. and she not good in the dark she hates the dark its her top weaknesses she will start crying when she in the dark.
    History:There is not much to tell about her. all that her father is a German business owner and her mother is a Japanese model. her mother is well know for her looks and her father is know for his business they meet by a fundraiser and it was like love at first site, type of thing. Chi was not into that she was more of the girl that wants to get to know the person before falling in love.
    JK (open)
    Real song (open)

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  18. can i join as well?
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