INTEREST CHECK Host club roleplay

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  1. Though it's honestly Ouran-inspired. :) It'd be a high school kind of thing that's very similar to Ouran, just without the characters from that canon, and at a different school and all that. There'd be romance involved and wacky hijinks.

    There are three potential hosts already in place, but there are spots for 2-4 more, and then endless client and side-character positions, so it'd probably always be open to new members! Any takers? Or do you think this is too limited?

    This is something Bess Marvin and I have been talking about. :)
  2. *raises hand and waves it around*

    I'm totally interested in playing a host!
  3. Awesome! :D So that's four potentials. Cool beans!
  4. I'm interested because Bess made me lol. If I join though I may need some guidance though because I'm not at all familiar with this kind of rp *is only just emerging from fantasy rps and exploring other options*
  5. Shhhhhhh it's okay. Let the spirits of the earth guide you. We're totally cool with helping you, we'll make it super easy 8D

  6. I'd be interested, it sounds like a great idea! I would love to be a host, but I wouldn't mind being a client if that's more needed. And I make a great side character too, I hardly get noticed in RPs until I actually post, I'm so quiet in the OOCs.
  7. AHHH YAY. I love you. You're wonderful!!
  8. I am very in tune with both my inner host and client. I have been to an actual host club and worked in a maid café, it was fun.

    honestly you can double if you want; it's totally cool
  10. I'm more of the tsundere cafe type of girl, I'd fit right in there

    Hahahaha it's funny because tsundere! But no seriously, I love host/hostess clubs and all those dorky Japanese culture things. I'M SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT THEM OUTSIDE OF ANIME. ;-;
  11. Well of course! I wouldn't be a true fan of Asian culture if I didn't know about host/hostess clubs and maid/tsundere cafés. Besides, anime and manga aren't all that China and Japan have to offer. Trust me, I went to school in both countries for quarter of a school year in each country.
  12. I'm more of a Japan and Korea girl... but I've been getting really into Hong Kong and Taiwan lately.

    I AM QUITE ENVIOUS. You have to tell me more about your time in both countries sometime ;__;
  13. If you explain what all of this is, sure, I'd love to...? I think... Haha
  14. Well, PM me whenever you want, I'd be more than happy to tell you. (I'm more free on weekends) And the Korean form of writing is so cute!
  15. Oh man, can I PM you too about it sometime? It sounds interesting!
  16. Of course, I love talking through PM, much more than I can say for texting.
  17. I'd like to join in too! Could i be a client please? (maybe even a male one)
  18. Hi! Sure, you can totally join! I'm gonna try and get the app thread up over the weekend :)
  19. Okay, thanks! Please tell me when you do!
  20. *raiseshand*

    I would love to join :D as a host though... ah hosts ~

    Feel free to message me if you do post it up :D