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How should we start?

  1. Normal host day

  2. Festival - If festival, it would just be a back to school thing

  3. Themed day

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Ouran Academy
    Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school Ouran Academy.
    The school's Host Club is where the handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.
    Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.
    Inside the club itself, each member uses their unique personality to cater the needs of every customer. Are you the strong cool type? The boy lolita? A prince perchance? Or does the devilish and naughty type suit you more? Maybe, you're just a natural.
    Pick your type and start catering to the needs of the lovely ladies who request to see you.
    But don't forget the three rules.
    Good looks that attract the public eye
    More wealth than you can imagine
    Chivalry that will never be able to overlook the hideous wickedness of the world
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  2. This is the OOC thread, make plot bunnies, relationships, give ideas and I will share my own as well.
    I want people to have fun with this, so I want to know whatever one wants to do, including with how we start the IC.
    I will post the first post in the IC, but I could start it in a number of ways. I was originally thinking that it would just be a normal day at the host club and that we would have something special soon after the first normal day.
    But, if people have other ideas, please let me know.
    @Trasha Killevierra

    Start your plotting ^^​
  3. Here a Plot bunny

  4. Wooo one step closer. Btw whose the president of the host club?
  5. True... we miss the 'Prince', 'cool' and some other types... don't we? :)
  6. Well I think we can build upon that. The host club will need more members in the future but until then we have to work with what we got.
  7. Woo, can't wait to start~
  8. Already have the Cool type ^^
  9. I would say one of the 2nd years should be the president of the club
  10. Well we could decide IC after a few posts are up. But that would take awhile for us to really get started.
  11. I don't mind being the president
  12. So... we have:

    1st year boy lolita
    1st year natural
    1st year female feminine and outgoing regular customer
    1st year sort of tomboy (not really but still) female regular customer
    2nd year trickster
    2nd year naughty
    2nd year cool
    2nd year singing female customer
    2nd year female customer (who's not really a customer... just passing by)
    3rd year lyrical
    and with this... I think we're through... @KitsyKitty ??
    Just to make a list... if I got something wrong... well I'll take any punishment upon me *solemnity*
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  13. You did ^^ but I bet a friend will force her to go in the club xD If anyone wants to play the friend I welcome it if not Ill make a fake friend that's just there xD
  14. I would say we are pretty good on club members, though we could probably use a few more customers.
  15. We gotta another male coming, I'll edit the list when he's done.
  16. @Nay'ar You're list is correct so far.

    I hadn't thought of a president yet. The cool type fits the personality to run it, but let's see about the other character that gets made.

    Also, if someone wants to make another character, they can. I might end up making another customer, @Cry if I decide to, I will probably make the best friend if you're okay with it?
  17. Sure I wouldn't mind xD

    PS I WANT TO DATE BEN WILSON SO BAD RIGHT NOW *Hugs the character * he so hot
  18. Lots of love for a character who has literally said nothing. Then again no characters really have.
  19. Ummm Miss Kitty I was just wondering that you know in the club there is no ordinary day its always a theme day ^^; well when I watched the show there was always a theme in the club. xD
  20. There are a few times when there isn't a theme. Like the first episode.
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