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  1. Silence made her way down the alley between two shops. She stayed very, very quiet, her sword held tight in her hand. She didn't want to be jumped yet again, as her health was still 3/4 full from the last attack. She leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath. A bandage was wrapped around her right forearm, and she had a bruise under her right eye, but other than this, looked perfectly fine. She left the alley, ending up in a large crowd. She sheathed her sword, looking for something to help her refill her health bar completely.
  2. “Hhhaaaaaaaa.” A voice breathed out. “You don’t seem to learn do you Silence. But that is okay, because I can protect you. I know that is exactly why you put yourself in these predicaments.” He jested though where he was telling the truth and joking blurred. Stepping slightly closer to the warrior female he put his hand on his new and higher level armor, which he was really happy about getting in a lucky drop. “So how did this happen? You challenge someone again?” The six-foot avatar asked with a smile but he silently guided her to the priest making those known for PVPing to have to encounter him first and if there were any stray monsters, again, they would have to deal with him.
  3. Silence jumped slightly, then sighed, allowing him to guide her. "No, not this time. Some other players attacked me." She said, rubbing the bruise on her face gently with the back of her hand. She winced. That didn't feel good. "Just a cut and a bruise." She said, glancing around when they reached were the priest would be. She glanced in the direction of some shouting and grit her teeth, lowering her head. A young male and an older woman raced by, shouting out for a dog of some sort. Her blue hair hid her face as her eyes shut until the two passed. She then lifted her head, letting out a small breath she had not realized she was holding. Her hand released itself from the handle of her sword.
  4. The screaming of a man and a women slightly detered Smexxx’s attention, but then when he looked back at Silence, she was acting a little, off. “So just a cut and just a bruise, eh?” He asked as he flicked her in the middle of the bridge of her nose; he felt like there was more to it than that, she was leaving something out, but he did not want to verbally make the call. She would have to learn to trust him in due time. “You’re lucky you got off with that, but you need to be careful. How much is it going to cost you to heal up this time? It seems just about the time you make money for trying to buy something, it turns out to be health.” He jested with her. “Now where did you go and get a reputation in which people want to fight you - oh never mind I know.” He added nonchalantly like the friends they had been for a little while now. “What plans do you have on the server after healing?” Smexxx asked after stepping close to a NPC.
  5. She looked up at him with a half-smile half-scowl as he flicked her nose. "I was headed to the next town, I heard there was a few people there who are willing to trade for a few things I have." Silence said, glancing down at the bandage on her arm. It was already turning slightly darker were the cut was. She sighed. "What about you? Do you have any plans?" She asked, looking up at him curiously. She tucked a strand of her blue hair behind her ear so it wouldn't block her vision.
  6. Smexxx watched Silence as she was talking and shook his head. “Well we can go to the next town, but you honestly need to heal. Gosh you are such a child.” He chided the girl for not talking to the NPC yet. After pressing a few buttons on the virtual keyboard set Silence received a party request and Smexxx used a low level healing spell that he had earned after level five for fighting a specific boss monster. After the minor heal, which would save her some money in the overall healing, Smexxx pushed the girl into the priest. “Hurry up!” He yelled as he started walking away. “Jeez what is she thinking…” Smexxx said at a far enough distance that she could not hear him.

    “The next town. This is Central Hub, I wonder which town she wants to go from here.” He said standing in front of a lot of portals. Waiting on her to catch up he turned to her. “Wherever we are going, let us fight some monsters on the way, just so we can try to get good loot that others will buy or we can sell to NPCs for a decent price. Now where do you want to go. I am level ten, so for most of the portals I can at least guide myself through. What level are you?” He asked.
  7. Silence stretched her now-healed arm. That felt much better, and the bruise under her eye was gone. She smiled faintly, in a better mood now. "Okay, fighting monsters sounds like a good idea. I was hoping to get to Tasic." She said as she looked about the portals. "I'm Level 3." She rubbed where her arm had healed, her other hand sitting nonchalantly on the handle of her sword, a habit, if you want to call it. She looked up at him. "Level 10?" She looked a little impressed. "Cool." She glanced as someone pushed past her, but she seemed undeterred by their rudeness.
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