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  1. Ten random people in the world are selected to appear in front of the reaper. The exact ten people all faint, and get sent into a certain, peculiar, hospital. The reaper resides within this hospital, taking one of the group member’s life every night. (Note: This RP has already been completely planned out; I am using this as a test run. Please stick with me until the end, and give me feedback.)
    Signup Maximum: 10 people

    I will post the link to the post in which the RP will take place once we hit 10 people.

    ((I'm leaving this vague on purpose.))
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  2. This seems interesting, count me in~
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  3. I'm in
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  4. ok, thanks! However, the sign up may take a while.
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  5. same here i'm in
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  6. Interesting.Count me in~
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  7. 6 left, or if i get impatient, I might make my own character. (I prefer not to, however.)
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  8. This seems like an interesting idea, count me in.
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  9. We have five now.
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  10. I could start, but then you'd have less time to beat the game.

    However, I think its quite easy to.

    ((After i'm done, I'm looking for somebody to help me edit my plans.))
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  11. ok. My patience is absolutely gone. I'm going to start just about now. 5 people is enough.
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  12. Alright!! xD CS sheet here I come~ (or well image hunt first ;p)
  13. uguu,can't fill it out right now ; ; I'll do it either tonight or tomorrow~
  14. Ill totes join this. Imma make my CS tomorrow. ^u^

    EDIT: My chara's done. If he needs any changes please let me know! ^3^ Also Imma just leave it here since I dont really know where to put it >.>

    Lucipher Amion Kelly


    (He can be older if you want him in a specific age group.)


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luc is a very calm and composed person. Doesn't overreact to anything and will always have a straight, relaxed look on his face. Doesn't really give much to what people say, whether it be about him or his family. Luc is just the type a person to live life freely, not waiting for tomorrow but expecting for tomorrow to come. He's a very nonchalant type of person. Getting to know him would be like trying to read a book with no words in it. He keeps alot of things to himself, he doesn't really see a need to be telling other people about him. He likes people who keeps their distance in a polite way. People who don't talk much are also likable from his point of view.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]All in all, if you want to get to know Lucipher, just don't make any effort to get to know him. Just, do nothing, at all.[/BCOLOR]
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  15. Its fine! If you didn't see it, the CS in on the other page. Let me grab it.
  16. Cs Format:
    Name: (Self-explanatory)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory)
    Age: (Self-explanatory)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    Personality: (Details, please)

    Anyhow, yours is approved. It doesn't need to be that concise.
  17. Oh!! Were we suppose to have our CS sheet on here?? Cause I posted it on the other page ^^"
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  18. @Starryboo ~embrace the nickname c;

    Thats what i did too! But when I checked the forum it was on the In character so I deleted it and put it back here lol


    Oh alrighty, thanks ^.^;; concise? you mean the personality? Sorry, its a pretty old profile, if you'd like me to edit just tell me!~
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  19. I'll get to posting my CS soon, but for now I have to go out for a bit.
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