Hospital help

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  1. Megan frowned softly at the dark scaring over her left eye. It appeared to be worse, and worse every day she was in the building for help.

    She sat there holding up a small pocket mirror to look at herself. This wasn't what she was suppose to be doing though. She wasn't suppose to have a mirror. She could break it and hurt herself some more, or so the doctor, and shrink said.

    Although no one cared to notice it. So she sat there glancing up from the mirror every now and than to see if the new group of doctors in training had shown up yet. A typical yearly thing here.
  2. Bethany Hamilton followed the main doctor along the corridor. She was being led to her assigned patient, whom she would see regularly for the next ten months. She shrugged her backpack over her shoulder, and looked around the hall.

    It was a bleak looking place, and Bethany privately thought that if they had more colour in the institution, then it may help the patients more.
  3. Meghan curled in on herself a little more as some students started coming in. Tucking the mirror away in her bra so no one would find the small object. She had a new doctor assigned to her.

    One girl though, who was being led by her old doctor, caught her eye. Why would this girl be here though. Someone as pretty as her should be doing something other than talking to an ugly such as herself.
  4. Bethany entered the room behind Doctor Summers, and looked around the room. Most of the patients were occupied with various activities, clothed in their usual simple white robe.

    She glanced around, and one girl in particular caught her eye - a girl of about her age, sitting in the corner, all curled up in a ball. Something clicked inside Bethany, and she knew that she wanted to help this girl.

    When Doctor Summers led her over to this girl, and introduced the patient as Meghan, Bethany smiled warmly, and softly said, "Hi Meghan - I'm Bethany."
  5. Meghan froze when the girl walked up to her. This was new. Well Bethany was a doctor in training, but still. To talk to someone about her age was quiet odd for her.

    She kept her face down hiding it in the folds of her sleeves while she said, "Hi." back giving a bit of a glare to Dr. Summers.
  6. Bethany crouched down so she was down at the girl's level, feeling self-conscious of her own freakishly large height. "Do you wanna take a walk with me? I figure that because I'm going to be here with you a lot, then I would like to get to know you." She smiled warmly, trying to make Meghan feel at ease, because she could see already that she was getting a bit agitated.
  7. Meghan looked up at the girl, Bethany before nodding softly standing up slowly keeping her sleeves down at her wrists. "Can we go feed the pigeons..." she asked softly not making eye contact.
  8. Bethany's eyes lit up, "You have pigeons?" She loved any type of animal - from cute bunnies to winged birds. She nodded, and straightened up. "Yeah - let's go!"
  9. "They're right outside. Usually hangout around the bench for food." she said with a soft smile both hands going up to her mouth out of nervousness.
  10. Bethany smiled, "You are really pretty when you smile - it lights up your face." Part of Bethany's personality was sheer honesty, and sometimes this was a good thing, while other times, it was a bad thing. This was a good thing at the moment.
  11. Megan smiled a little more blushing a bit more than she usually would. "Do you know where the pigeons are?" she asked softly still not making eye contact hoping the doctor wouldn't see the mirror tucked away in her bra.
  12. Bethany shook her head, sheepishly smiling. "No -I don't actually. I have a terrible sense of direction, so you are going to have to show me around for a while until I get the hang of the place." She looked around. "Don't you have anything colourful in here? I'm a firm believer that a splash of colour here and there can improve people's health and mood."
  13. "Cant'... not allowed other than in the art section of the activities room." Megan said softly glancing up at her starting to walk away pulling down the back of her shorts feeling suddenly like they're to short.
  14. Bethany frowned. "That's not right." She frowned, but let it go for the moment. "So, you probably want to maybe know some more about me before we start off together, so here are some basic facts about me." She smiled. "I'm Bethany Hamilton, nineteen years old - I have three sisters and two brothers at home, I'm gay, and I love rabbits."
  15. She stared up at Bethany for a moment. Gay? That word was taboo in this place. Well she was to, key word was, went through reparative therapy to treat it. "I don't have a family but I'm eighteen." she said with a sheepish glance at her.
  16. "Cool - I remember being eighteen. Not pleasant." Bethany made a face. "Bad relationship troubles for the most part of that year." She looked at Meghan, "What happened to your family if you don't mind me asking?"
  17. "Umm..." she started putting her hands up to her nose. "Abandoned me here..." she said simple looking down.
  18. "Oh..." Bethany bit her lip, "Well, it is their loss, I think. Because you are actually pretty cool."
  19. "Sure..." Megan said softly leading Bethany out of the building to a small garden. She couldn't help but smile at the flowers that were yet to bloom.
  20. Bethany glanced sideways at her new patient, and smiled as well. The other girl's smile was so infectious, and it lit up her face like a lantern. She's beautiful..... Bethany thought to herself as she sat on the nearby bench.