Horse Yoga and other things.

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  1. That and astronauts sure must have their hands full.
    And for those of you who missed it the first time, though it doesn't seem particularly active anymore, Holy Shit Waffle House is an amusing blog no less.

    While we're at this. Well. What's some stuff you find out there in the vast barren wastelands we know and love as the interwebz?
  2. I could bring it back. But I won't. Instead, search "Can't
    break these cuffs" On YouTube.

  3. I refuse to watch anything involving horses ever since my little brother conned me into watching 'Freddy got Fingers' and I watched a Tom Green jerk one off.....

  4. That movie was fucked on so many levels.
    But don't worry, everything posted above is safe to watch and/or view.
  5. I read the title and was like, "That doesn't sound so bad." And I immediately googled it because I was like "Tom Green... He wrote that Fault in our Stars that I've never read/watched!" so this really can't be so terrible.

    And then I realized that Fingers is a typo and my mind never made it past "Tom Green".
  6. Wait, what? Tom Green, the totally insane Canadian whom I watched play with a dear caracass in the middle of the road, the guy who did more retarded stuff on MTV than all of Jackass put together wrote "The Fault in Our Stars." I don't believe you. Google has confirmed this, you meant some guy named John Green. . . had me worried the world didn't make sense for a moment.
  7. So, majestic.
  8. Haha! Exactly. I never watched muchMTV growing up so I only knew of one Green and that was who clicked. xD Sorry for the worries!
  9. It's all good. Watched MTV back when there was music and stayed around for the stupidest of the stupid stuff like Jackass and the Tom Green Show.

    Oh, and here's this. Interesting video, fun to see how we thought the future would be like by the year 2000.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.