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  1. A storm grows ever nearer, the winds picking up as thunder rolls and the clouds gather in a thick blanket of black and grey, filling the skies with their daunting presence. Lightning splits the black as the skies open up and heavy rain pours down upon the barren wasteland that surrounds Isolrah Estate. Long since abandoned, the estate is said to be the home of goblins, ghouls, ghosts and endless other horrors from all corners of the globe. Lights flicker as a warning to any who might think of entering the looming building, the structure groaning significantly in the wind. But is it the building? Or is it the occupants of the house? The large door shudders as the wind slams against it, making the locks protest in defiance. The door remains shut, and the windows rattle in their frames. The gusts find their way to the chimney and sweep down the shaft, making the fire in the hearth dance wildly to escape the cool drops of water that come with them. In the echoing of the storm, a voice can be heard floating down the halls. ‘Has anyone seen my brain? It’s escaped again!’

    Welcome to Isolrah estate, where the dead dance, the ghosts grieve and the haunted howl. The waypoint between worlds, Isolrah is home to many a gruesome fellow, and others far and in between. Some stay for the night on their way back or to a haunting, others reside here permanently. We are a family of terrors, and no one quite understands us. Our resident scientist patches up anyone, from a skinned knee to a dismembered limb. Our entertainment group is full of talent, from the skeletons using their bodies as drumsticks, to the banshee serenading the crowd with her keening. You can’t do much better than our chef, but steer well clear from any suggestion of garlic, or you could find that the appetiser is in fact you. This is the realm of the night creatures, and they quite like it that way.

    But over the horizon, trouble is brewing. There’s talk of vampires making daylight appearances, werewolves being walked on a leash, ghouls being incredibly non-ghastly, ghosts making friends with humans, and many other awful things. It’s fast spreading and comes on like a disease. There’s few places it hasn’t reached yet, and the residents of Isolrah are afraid it’s going to happen to them next.


    Some ground rules:
    1. Only one of each type of creature please, I’d like some variety
    2. Don’t take on too many characters if you can’t handle them
    3. Preferably horror style characters, none of this neko or fairy business
    4. Try to post at least once a week, this is a light rp, nothing heavy or serious, so just roll with it
    5. Any questions about the plot post here, you never know, someone may ask something you were curious about, then I won’t have to respond to three different people on the same question
    6. Follow all ML rules
    7. Nothing overly mature. This is a pg-13 roleplay guys
    8. HAVE FUN!

    Character skelly
    Origins: (please provide a link to info on your creature, I find the origins of creatures very intriguing)

    My characters:

    Name: Professor Ezekiel Von Ludwigsten
    Age: Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten… around… three hundred or so?
    Gender: Male
    Species: Scientifically Modified human
    Personality: Professor Von Ludwigsten is eccentric, intelligent, spontaneous and most definitely nuts. He lost his brain years ago and since then hasn’t had the marbles, even after he found it hiding under his chair. (apparently it was playing hide and seek with his liver) He is forgetful, scatterbrained some would say, exuberant when an idea strikes him, and incrediblu enthusiastic when it comes to experiments. He loves a new challenge and a chance to do research. While he can be quite positive, there are times when he’s just plain scary. Never give this guy a chance to mess with your head. You might find your brain has legs too.
    History: Professor Von Ludwigsten was a part of a wealthy family, and as such he was granted a great many things, but after his teenage years he told his parents he wished to study science, and to become a doctor. Three years of medical school taught him that he could do far greater than that and so he set off to become the greatest scientist in the world. Sadly his only successful experiments, and many unsuccessful ones, were ones he was forced to perform on himself, and as such, he became quite addled. Still a brilliant man even in his fifties, he perfected the extraction of a youth serum by isolating a certain genome in the pertuitary gland. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t go so well, killing his subject with the extraction method, and so it was banned and he was forced to spend 30 years in a mental institution. After being released he used the last of his money to purchase a large isolated estate in which to continue his work without the intrusion of others. Over time however, it became known as a sanctuary for lost souls and the creatures of the unknown, which he welcomed in, finding the company to be a pleasant change.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Abilities: Extended life and a knack for science, both medical and otherwise.
    Origins: Based on the ideals of a truly mad scientist

    Name: Gwynith
    Age: 241
    Gender: Female
    Species: Banshee
    Personality: Gwynith is lonely. She spends so much time mourning the loss of loved ones that she doesn’t risk getting to know anyone lest she witness their deaths too. She is often very tired and very softspoken. She tries to avoid troubles and arguments as her temper can yield unwanted and unpleasant results. She is kind, but steers clear of people for the most part and can often be found either in her room at the manor or in the library.
    History: Born in rural Ireland, Gwynith spent her life locked safely within the walls of her village, a village of women like herself and their families. When she was twelve she had her first vision of death and her screams rippled through the night like the lightning in a storm. Her vision came to be true and distraught she locked herself away for weeks until her mother coaxed her to come down to explain what had happened and what she was. She was sealed a fate worse than death, to know that she was spending her life following people around and predicting their demise, and that she would never die herself. All she had to comfort her was a comb, a comb with mother of pearl teeth that she would comb through her hair to calm herself after a vision. She was hunted by a village after her two hundredth birthday and was forced to run away, looking for a new home, wishing she could escape her fate. That was when she found Isolrah.
    Abilities: Visions of death plague her constantly. She has the ability to teleport of sorts, vanishing in a flash if she needs to.
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  2. I hope this is alright >.<

    Name: Roderich Schonfeld.

    Age: Somewhere between 300 and 400.

    Gender: Male.

    Species: Vampire.


    Pompous, eccentric, and very extroverted, Roderich loves being the center of attention. He loves holding big parties where the dead can dance (pun intended) and go crazy. He can come off as a narcissist and many people suspect he's a dedicated gossiper, but in reality he doesn't like speaking bad things of people or backstabbing them, is very friendly to everyone, and loves showing people off as much as he likes showing off himself. He's known to support many undead artists, from painters to musicians to actors and professional scarers. Since he's always doing something exhuberant where people can notice him, there are some periods when he dissapeared without a trace and people got worried about it. When asked, Roderich admited he has long lapses of inspiration where he locks up himself in his house to paint. It is obvious from his expositions at art galleries (some owned by him) that he's a very talented painter.

    When he needs to drink blood, he seduces a human and, when he gets to be with him or her in private, he reveals his true nature and kills his victim in the most gruesome way he possibly can, leaving body parts and blood splatters everywhere, to make the death scene a true work of art.

    History: Roderich was the middle one of three sons in a very powerful family, their family name unkown to any other than him. Since he wasn't to be the heir, their parents weren't so hard on his educations and he could spend most of his time painting, a passion discovered early in his life. One night, at a ball hosted by his father, he met a lady who took over his heart (while the alcohol took over his liver) with her beautiful looks and impressive charisma. They went somewhere they could be alone for a more 'private' conversation. This lady drank him dry, and the next night Roderich woke up as a vampire. Faking a death in front of his family and a relocation were needed, but Roderich started his new life as a vampire and stayed with the vampire lady for a few decades, until he felt the need to discover the world, and she felt the need to discover other men. Now he resides near Isolrah estate and spends most of his time there, for the company is terrifying and downright adorable.

    Appearance: Tall and slender, black long hair and red eyes, pale skin bordering on white, and pointy fangs (when I can I'll upload a photo of a painting I made, featuring a vampire who fits in the descprition). He's used to telling people he has some rare illness if they ask questions about his appearence, and they almost always believe him. Silly humans

    Abilities: Super strenght and speed; he can shapeshift into a bat, little or gigantic; and can turn into mist. Also, as long as he doesn't put himself in danger and drinks blood regularly, he's immortal. On the downside, fire deals a great damage to him, and sun turns him into ashes. Garlic also makes him weak, and religious people could manage to kill him with their faith, usually concentrated in holy water or crucifixes. Then again, any kind of people could kill him if they managed to stab his heart with a stake. As a final note, he can't enter a room if he isn't granted permission before hand.

    Origins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Count_Dracula#Powers_and_weaknesses
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  3. I would like to reserve a slot for this as a Dullahan (headless swordsman / swordswoman).

    EDIT: Finished.

    Name: Argona Fleischer

    Age: 56

    Gender: Female

    Species: Dullahan

    Personality: A person who is best described as cheerfully cruel, one has to admit that there is a certain charm in the way Argona conducts her murdering sprees. She is always seen wearing a smile on her face, even though that face is often found in one of her arms or on a convenient object nearby when she goes about ending people’s lives. She is also vicious, leaving no place for her victims to hide. Her laughter is an especially dreadful thing to hear, as it somehow manages to combine the cheerful nature of a young woman’s laughter, the screams of the damned and the gurgling of a slit throat. Argona likes to feel the horror of her targets, chasing them through many places or terrorising them until they become nervous wrecks.

    Another remarkable aspect of her personality is that if a victim is trying to get too clever for their own good or too brave, then she will immediately finish them off. Her executions are always exceptionally spiteful, designed to bring immense pain and suffering. However, behind this cruel mask is an honestly lonely woman who is slowly becoming tired of pursuing mortals and murdering them. Argona has not really been able to connect well with others, as she is a person who keeps to herself outside of her murderous rampages. She honestly wants to be more open with other monsters, but she finds that aside from skinning them with her weapon, she can barely communicate with them. Despite her issues, she is a hard worker and she has been occasionally seen helping out the mansion staff when she is bored.

    History: Born into an abandoned village somewhere at the end of the world, Argona’s life lacked any and all modern conveniences. From a young age, every person around her struggled to make ends meet, so she was no exception of course. Her childhood was bitter at best, but it did not get better later either as she had to work herself to exhaustion just so that her family would not die of hunger. The hardships she suffered made her quite the recluse, not to mention that the general mood of the village has affected her. Even as a child, she rarely had any friends, and by the time she was of acceptable age, she had very little contact with anyone outside her family.

    The only thing she really found refuge in was the hard work that she had to do every day, as it allowed her to lose sight of her own, miserable life as well as the dark future of the village. However, after a while, a brief glimmer of hope shined on the small village. A rich man has somehow found their way to the long-forgotten settlement, and their eyes were set upon Argona. Knowing her duty, the young woman tried to accept the rich man into her heart. For weeks, both the rich man and her have tried to connect as he fought against her personality and she attempted to connect to her, but it just did not work. Therefore, the rich man left the village.

    Everything went to hell after that. The people of the village lost what little faith they had left in their lives, and as if to make things even worse, a strange disease broke out on the streets that made food inedible. It was only after a few days’ worth of suffering that the villagers have decided to take matters into their own hands, to mark Argona as a witch and burn her at the stake. Helpless against the crowd, the young woman could only watch as her made-up sins were read to her, then the wood was lit below her. As the fires lashed out at her, a fury started to build in her heart, anger at the ones who have condemned her to such a fate.

    Desperately, Argona cursed the villagers with all her might before the flames consumed her, then she died knowing that there was nothing that she could do against her fate. However, she was quite wrong, as her wishes have been heard by none other than the Grimm Reaper themselves, who was always in need of people who helped them reap the souls of the living. As such, instead of dying, Argona was taken before Death itself, then offered an opportunity to take her revenge as well as to rid the villagers from their suffering. Such a small community was fated to die in the modern age, argued Death, and Argona agreed.

    The next day, she rose from her grave as a Dullahan, a headless servant of the Grimm Reaper who was supposed to show no mercy. Her first target was the undertaker, whom she choked to death, then she took his tools and asked the Grimm Reaper to remake them into the most fearsome weapon they could think of. Happy at the zeal of Argona, Death did as she wished, and gifted onto her a horrifying weapon, which she then used to end every single life in her village.

    Large image and blood warning (open)

    Unlike the picture, she is wearing a dark purple dress with an impressive, large skirt. There are purple patterns sewn into her dress which depict people getting their heads chopped off with various tools. Mixed between these are stylised flowers as well as images of various torture devices, creating a richly decorated dress that always offers something new to discover. Her hair is also quite long, reaching all the way down to her waist, not to mention that she does not wear any hair decorations. It should be noted that Argona’s clothes behave as if they were pieces of thick, sturdy armour protecting her.

    She has a horse of demonic origins, with almost completely black skin and eyes that glow a menacing red. The skull of the horse is exposed around the eyes, surrounded by flesh that is withering away. It also does not have a belly at all, meaning that its ribs hang freely in the air, but it does not have any guts either, leaving it completely hollow on the inside. The horse is surrounded by an aura of decay, which makes humans feel as if their death is approaching. It can also spit blood with remarkably accuracy. It is said that once Argona’s horse has spat on someone, they are marked for death and she will come for them as soon as she can.

    Her weapon of choice is an axythe. (Imagine a big weapon with a blade like this)

    Abilities: Argona can pass all doors and barriers without any problem as they open up before her on their own. She can also end a person’s life with a single strike of her weapon, no matter which part of the body it lands on, but only if she wishes to do so.

    Origins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dullahan
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  4. I may reserve for an echidna (a medusa-like lamia).
  5. Make sure you guys link me information on your character's origins okay? i'm really interested in the lore of it all. Seriously, you'd be helping me out a lot. i'm also using this information as part of an assessment on cultural legends. So you'd help me out a great deal.

    [MENTION=5888]Isho13[/MENTION], if you could link some information to your sheet that'd be great :) Especially if you can find some background stuff on Dracula
  6. There, I left a link to Wikipedia on Count Dracula. Dracula's character was based on this Vlad Tepes guy, but since my character's personality and background story isn't similar to Vlad's at all, I didn't think it was necessary leaving info on him too. :)
  7. Haha thanks XD I love your character by the by, I certainly hope that more interest comes along. I'm a bit of a research bug. I love the old stories.
  8. Thank you! This story as a very interesting concept, I hope we can start it soon n_n
  9. And I have officially finished my character.
  10. [MENTION=1775]Lstorm[/MENTION] I love your character, you're a genius *-*
  11. Awesome Stormy! Well, that's two people. I hope more people sign up soon!
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  13. Definitely considering it
  14. Name: Whisp

    Age: 5

    Gender: Female

    Species: Poltergeist

    Personality: Shy, reluctant, and in her denial of being dead, frightened by most of what she sees. While she mostly knocks things around every now and then she will calmly reveal herself or if someone recognizes she is there and calls out to what she is, she will manifest, and possibly talk with the Inquirer.

    History: unknown, for now.

    Appearance: wilo.jpeg

    Abilities: She can trip you, fling things from shelves or tables, knock on doors , tap at windows move object. mostly trying to get the attention of the living or physical beings to help her figure out what happened to her. She is weak and can't hold a manifest form for long but mostly appears as a tiny ball of white blue light.

    Origins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poltergeist
  15. Awesome [MENTION=5870]Fijoli[/MENTION] Definitely accepted XD spread the word to anyone you think might be interested! I can't wait to see how this plays out. I think I'll start it soon
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  16. Thank you Nightstealer. This will defiantly be a good rp. You're getting us to turn our gears with this one <3
  17. Haha I try XD I'll try to have it up in the next couple of days but I have exams and work
  18. Name: Hane no Ikimono
    Age: Around 400 years.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Roc/Rukh
    Personality: Very calm and collected for the most part, doesn't often feel the need to be hostile to one another. Yet seeing her size, she is a very prideful being, and will lash out once she is being degraded by whomever it may be.
    History: It is hard to remember how you came to be after a hundred years... and it becomes harder and harder as time passes by. What she does know is that she had flown to Japan when she was just a little bird, there she had been given the name Hane no Ikimono which simply translates to Feathered Creature, what she basically is. She grew, became a tool of war at some point, and fled... She holds no grudge against humans, nor towards any other creature. For herself time has washed away most of her memories and thus she lives from year to year like each one is her first.
    Appearance: Seeing her enormous true size isn't always easy to go around it she also bears a human form.

    With a wingspan of about 430 feet she is HUGE, literally, it is easy to blow down a house with one flap of her mighty wings. Not to mention the long and extremely sharp talons adorning her feet. She's between 50 and 70 foot tall, yet her weight is unknown, find a scale large enough to fit her on I'd say... Her body is covered in feathers going from white to a dark gray, bloody red eyes with a large, saw-edged beak large enough to devour an elephant.

    Now her female human form is larger than average as well. She stands easily at 6'8'' thus towering above most females and males. Her hair, which usually is made up out of white/gray tones is cut slightly asymmetrical . Eyes vary from grey to a slight red hue. The skin on her hands, arms, feet and legs show a slightly scale-like structure, to be compared with a bird's skin on its claws. It however doesn't feel as hard and is surprisingly soft to the touch. Rohk has a slender build with here and there some curve and muscle, nothing out of the ordinary.


    Abilities: Whilst in her original, bird form she has an incredibly loud, high and deafening scream, her claws can crush rocks with ease and as earlier mentioned her wings produce gusts of wind strong enough to blow down houses, to make fling easier with her massive body she can control the air current to a limited extend. It is said she can produce massive storms, yet this hasn't been confirmed.
    In her human form her powers are is strongly limited to producing slight changes in the air current (breezes etc ), yet her screeching still is painful to hear.

    Origins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roc_(mythology)
  19. Accepted @Sinderi. guys sorry i poofed! my laptop died!
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