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  1. "A child? you have to be kidding." questioned a man who obviously knew nothing. "Well she is sixteen I would hardly call her a little girl." replied a man in a unbuttoned white overcoat. They were walking down a narrow hallway lined with cell doors. "She has been here since birth and has been the most successful of our experiments. Where others have died, she has simply endured." The formally dressed man remained quiet and listened. "You see there is limits to the human body as well as the human mind. In the beginning our subjects dropped like flies, their fragile bodies simply couldn't handle the....stress. But her, she was different, everytime we thought this would be her last fight she pull through." The scientist took a deep breath and opened a door. The two men entered a room with one way viewing into another room

    The scientist pressed a button and slowly raised a metal plated cover over the one way viewing glass. Inside was a naked figure chained to the far wall. Shackles were wrapped the girl's neck, wrist, waist, ankles. "My god," the formally dressed man said taking a step back. "She looks...." "Normal?" the scientist finished. "Did you expect her look hideous? if anything the experiments shaped her physique alittle to perfect. But don't let that fool you for a moment. The girl is insane, no she doesn't talk to herself or bang her head against a wall. She is homicidal years of torture, of brutal experiments colored her psyche. If she had the chance she would rip us apart limb by bloody limb and enjoy every moment. I wouldn't be surprised if she can hear me speaking. The man turned from the scientist to the pale maturing girl in the cell. Her glossy straight black hair covered most of her face. But there was a smirk on her pale lips. She looked up at the one way viewing glass one eye peeking out from behind her curtain of waist length hair.

    It literally was glowing, as the florescent lights flickered and popped inside their fixtures. It was now literally pitch black inside except for a pair of glowing eyes that burned an oddly silver color. "Damn it, For some reason she doesn't want anyone looking at her. We keep having to replace to lights inside her cell." The scientist said turning to the other man. "Is there any way we can reason with her? Get her to relax her hostility towards us?" "I am not sure how much you have been told Mr. President but that last time we tried. She tricked us and eviscerated several of our personnel before we got her subdued." The president turned and looked at the scientist in disbelief. "Mr. President she was 10 years old and with her maturing it is hard to pen point just what she is capable. Her popping the lights? that is just a mere tease of what she is capable of." You should see her on her period." the scientist spoke his face was ridged. "So you bring me here to show me a super soldier and then tell me she is useless because she is a indirect nuke waiting be set free? I need something to use for the situation in the east not some liability." The President spoke his face was also just as stern.

    "Well sir she is not all we have. The rabies virus we have been working is finally ready for field testing." The President smiled and the two men left the room closing the door behind them. Meanwhile the girl in the cell sat in darkness, she shifted uncomfortably and glared at the metal door that was her freedom.

    About an hour later......The girl woke up hearing someone screaming over the intercom. "Code Red! Code Red! There has been a breach in containment of Decay Specimens in Bioweapons division. Quarantine is in effect, spread is likely, facility lock down is in effect nothing leaves and nothing enters." The girl merely smiled in her pitch black prison.

    "As of 14OO hours Null Point has been in lockdown due to a quarantine breach of one of their bioweapons in development. As of 1500 hours all communications have been ceased. It is estimated that all personnel of almost 1000 have fallen victim to the bioweapon. Missile strike is not possible due to the possibility of airborne release." Any potential threat is to be dealt with using lethal force, any potential survivors are to be interrogated and purged. Main objectives is to secure records and research as well as determine the reason behind the quarantine failure. Release of specimens likely to result in a quarantine of entire region, followed by nuclear strike. Men make no mistake the bioweapons inside are not to be taken lightly.

    (If anyone is interested let me know!)
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  2. Some raw info and discussion from an OOC perspective would have been much more helpful to us.

    What's going on here? What is the plot? What is the "bioweapon"? Will more of these bioweapons be spreading into the world? And what's with this girl? It's obvious she has some sort of powers that will make mankind shutter in awe, forcing all of humanity to look to her for survival, even though we had never respected her, never understood her, but instead caged her like an animal.

    I need more info to work with.

    EDIT: ON second thought, I'm just gonna watch this thread. I'll get back to you when things have become clearer and you've got some other players.
  3. The idea is suppose to be vague, it is suppose to raise these questions. Not only from an roleplayer's perspective but from a character perspective as well. If I had told you everything there wouldnt be any surprise.

    I also gave hints to the bio weapon(s) and take notice how the team being sent is not being informed about the girl, right there is a red flag. My aplogizes for writing in cryptics.

    I am merely trying to invoke the fucked reality of the situation and give readers a glimspe of how twisted the world has become. As far as plot goes a special forces team is to be sent inside to investigate from there naturally it becomes a nightmare. Did the girl get out of her cell, did she get infected, once again I wanted for the reader to be interested in diving into the unknown, with a gun and plently of ammo ^_^
  4. I'm all about diving into the unknown, but I need some raw facts about the general tone & texture, before I waste both our times signing up for something I may end up having NO interest in.
  5. The tone and the mood is dark, the beginning of this r.p is about discovering the horror behind this place. Then you could say it turns into a survival horror. Where the team tries to escape. But I am not wanting to kill your character. Then there is the idea of what happens if these things get loose. That is a possible story arch as well. I say maybe because the r.p has to get to that,point first
  6. What type of info are you wanting exactly?
  7. Hmm this is interesting ill join if you make it.
  8. Some info about what's going on. What to expect.

    I get the whole, "I want to maintain an element of illusion & mystery," thing, but that's for the readers. We're your co-writers, we have to have a certain level of information to work with.

    I don't want to get knee deep in this thing (playing someone like your Team's Leader, for an extreme example) and discover that the Bioweapons are mutant-like creatures that can read minds, and infect people by planting worms in their brains. On top of all that, your 16 year old girl is some kind of Project Alice, with god-like powers, who's going to be some mentally disturbed, freaky bitch who sits in the corner cackling while the bioweapons try to kill us all, knowing she could blink once and destroy the entire planet.

    I have very picky taste in story lines and characters in my old age. I value my own time as much as I respect yours. Having said this, I need some generalized info, not a complete and utter plot spoiler, but just something with some meat on it's bones to digest and assess my interest level.

    Cryptic Introductory IC posts just aren't enough for me personally.
  9. Now i need some clarification on what are we going to be playing, i mean are we going to be in the qurantine building and be one of the staff or what?
  10. You will be playing the part of soldiers going into the facility to gather information about the incident. Prevent anything created there from leaving. You are basically the clean up crew. They won't launch a missile strike but they can just leave the facility in lockdown. With that this r.p is taking place within the next 50 years. Technology has reached the point to where the need of alterative warfare is necessary. The political corruption of the world's governments has lead to the rebuild of armed forces with the grow tensions about to reach a breaking point. The world is in fear, social order is becoming harder and harder to maintain. Crime is rampant, rioting all over the world for change but the governments aren't listening not even. The United States is no better, and these experiments are proof of just how sick the world has become. Null Point contains weapon research that may or may not help with containing what is inside. The bioweapons division has everything from anthrax, to small pox, to a military developed rabies virus that driving people insane within hours of being bitten or infected. Then there is the Decay Specimens, mankind's first attempt to bring the dead back to life.

    They are basicly zombies, shambling corpses that are decaying because their body aren't alive just the brain. They only have basic animalist instincts and for whatever reason they got loose. Or that is what is being told to the soldiers. In reality the rabies virus was released as well and now it has become a nightmare inside the facility. People are being bitten and eaten alive, The rabies virus allows for those who are bitten to run and jump but they don't really think. So an infected won't know how to get to someone who is in a ventilation shaft even if they are know someone is in them. They will bust down a door rather than open it. Then there is the Human Genetics Diversion right now it consisted of the girl and a number of test subjects who are guinea pigs, as they try to discover how to mass produce the same results as the girl. The facility is located mainly underground with multiple levels so it is pretty big. Power is still functioning so as long as no one screws with the power supply or pops all the lights viability will be good.
  11. This actually interests me greatly. If you make it, I'd be interested in joining. The information you added there was very insightful into the kind of world it would take place in and I've always had an interest in this kind of thing.
  12. So I am posting to see if anyone is still interested. Let me know
  13. Still very interested!
  14. still interested!
  15. ok well do you two have any questions? do you need character sheets oh and do you have any ideas?
  16. Hmm... I guess my only real question is whether or not our characters will or can be killed during this RP. Just as a question. And a character sheet. Yes. That would be nice.
    As for an idea... maybe if it's possible for the the RP characters to become zombies themselves at some point if they're caught? It would make for something interesting. Just a thought.
  17. I like shio's idea and character sheet would be nice.
  18. They can be infected and they can be killed, consider this like a surivival horror.

    (character sheet)

    Age: (probably no younger than 25)
    Position in squad: (team leader, medic, recon, specialist)
    Skills: (like hacking or electronics, hand to hand, marksman, medic)
    Appearance: (you can give a picture)
    Arsenal: (what you are carrying with you into the facility.)

    (the story will probably begin as you first enter, have your trigger fingers ready and ill post a link when I get it up.