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  1. A new school is made where monsters, demons, ect... go to. You now enter this school and begin your new school life. Good Luck.
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  2. Name: Fluffy
    Age: 13
    Species: Demon (Neko)
    Personality: Friendly but sometimes a little Psychotic
    Info: I like potatoes, must keep weapons away because my personality reverts into a psychotic maniac.
    Appearance: like my pic <-----
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  3. Name: Leve Marine
    Age: 16 (Human Years, 160 angel years)
    Species: Fallen Angel
    Personality: Short-tempered, caring, undecisive, calm in a crysis
    Info: I am very...creative.
    ((<<<<<Appearance is profile pic))
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Chi
    Age: 19
    Species: vampire/Demon
    Personality: Crazy and fun
    Info: likes things that are sharp and can kill someone
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  5. Pretty girl.jpg ( Her hair is more red )
    Name: Angelita
    Age: 14( No really she is)
    Nickname: Angel
    Species: Demon Hybrid ( Angel , Vampire, Wolf)
    Personality: She's mysterious , nice when she doesn't know it , Fun when she gets to know someone , Semi-Evil , Is alone most of the time reading or singing softly to her self
    Info: Her Father is Lucifer while her mother was pregnant with her Lucifer injected her with Vampire and wolfs blood making her a hybrid. Her mother was a fallen Angel who died months after she was born. She's the Princess of Hell.
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  6. Appearance: disguise looks like my image, true form you do NOT want to know about.

    Name: Lokgrund P'tnuganhol Ht'frolcrunrd

    Age: ancient/ amnesia attack, thinks he's 18

    Nickname: Lock

    Species: Eldritch Abomination

    Personality: extremely alien sense of logic, occasional bouts of extreme psychotic behavior.

    doesn't intentionally harm anyone but is extremely prone to accidentally driving 'normal' people insane from teaching them secrets they were not meant to know.

    When not acting exceedingly strange is rather pleasent to be around.
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  7. Name: Cynra
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Other: Is a human/ Daemon hybrid. She more often than not has the appearance of a human girl with dark blonde hair, gray-blue eyes and pale skin. However, as she goes through puberty, her Demonic abilities develop more fully.
    Daemon pic (drew it myself ^^): 2013-10-08 23.11.00-1.jpg
  8. Cynra scrubbed her fair, very human face with the hot water as it came rushing out from the bathroom's faucet and into her waiting hands. She grumbled under her breath in frustration. Heat usually helped to soothe her mind and allow her, albeit temporarily, to see the world around her as a Daemon would. The bullying, however, seemed only to make her powers recede further. In dismay and on impulse, she plunged her entire head into the rapidly overflowing sink.
  9. Name: Rat
    Age: 16
    Species: Nosferatu style Vampire
    Apperence: Snow white skin and pointed ears. Has 2 long fangs as front teeth
    Personallity: A rather seclusive person, Rat perfers to stick to the shadows and listen rather then be the center of attention. But opens up when he finds someone he truly trusts.
    Other information: Can increase his strength to great levels. As well as command animals and Turn invisible. Is a notorious Information broker. If there's a rumor going around school you can be sure he started it, and knows how real it is.

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  10. Rat backs out of the janitors closet into the hallway. "Yup. Exactly as i thought." He snickers to himself as he writes down a few notes in a small black book. He slides the book into his pocket as he looks around for witnesses. "All clear." He smirk and heads over to the nearby mens room and enters a stall. Rat pulls a black felt marker from his trench coat and begins to write on the wall in large letters THE JANITOR IS A DRUNK while he laughs to himself.
  11. Cynra's hammering heart eventually began to slow into a more regular pattern, a sense of sudden calm overtaking her. She flicked her head back out of the water sharply, spraying droplets across the doors of the toilet stalls behind her. A small smile spread across her face as she took in her new physical appearance, and the world began to slow around her as it faded into panes of energy. With no time to waste, she rushed out of the bathroom in a flurry of blue and piercing yellow.
  12. Name: Lola Stryv
    Age: 17
    Species:Elf / Beast
    Appearance: Pointed ears, strong razor sharp teeth, and pale yellow snake like eyes
    Personality: She is quite to herself mostly since she is very shy about her apparel and species that she is, being a half bred and all she is easily picked on if Lola is not careful. But it only be at her homeland. Lola is very cautious of where she goes and who she is with even a follower if she thinks the person is nice, but that would be rare she her follow so someone. She would be seen talking to herself and even practice her magic that she has. Though surprising under that scared little shy girl, is a very determine and witty girl, she can easily play tricks on you and even kill you if she has the chance would be if you let her snap to a point. Through out her life she has only did it only once or twice, but mostly she would run off before that would not wanting to hurt any body.
    Other information: She also doesn't like to smile and has a imaginary friend [Spirit]
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  13. Her candy colored hood covered her pale brown hair as she walked down the hallways, holding her messenger bag tightly to her chest. She didn't really have goal of where to go but to walk and think about what she should do in the mean time until she get the courage to actually talk to someone or just hide in the library and finish with her books and studies. The second suggestion was really leaning on her best side right now, but slowly she began to hear whispers and slightly looked up with her pale yellow eyes knowing it was only her friend, Spirit. "Ah....Spirit I was wondering where you were..." She said in her natural worry voice as he appeared in front in her in his ghostly figure that only she could see. To other she would look like she's talking to herself. Which made some either slowly walk away, ignore, or laugh about it.

    Spirit made a small purr to her as he rubbed up against her when she was about to speak again but stopped. Before she could react next then she knew she was spinning in one spot for while and fall down on her bottom after she seen a blur of blue and yellow. "Ah!" Lola fell on her back with groan before she sat up rubbing the back of her head that wasn't covered by her hood anymore. "Ooowww...." she opened one eye in pain. "Someone was in a rush...." She thought to herself out loud, and looked up to Spirit who had worry eyes when he stared at her. "I'm ....fine...I'm fine.." Lola toke a breathe before getting back up and brushed herself off.
  14. Cynra was halfway down the hall, still unaccustomed to putting what abilities she had into use, before realizing that she had run into someone. Turning on her heels and backtracking outside of the bathroom brought her in front of the victim of her hurrying. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there," she said quickly. She stood a mere half step from the girl, with a worried expression on her still demonic features. Her eyes flitted over her frame, checking for any obvious harm before asking, "Are you okay?"
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  15. Angelita walked onto the campus and sighed holding her backpack. She walked quickly to the front office where she could find out her room number.
  16. Name: Rufus Franklin
    Age: 18
    Species: Human Entity (Nightmare)
    Show Spoiler
    Human form[​IMG][​IMG]Night-mare form

    Personality: That's for you all to find out.
  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Simon Lace.

    Appears to be, (18). Real age, (unknown).

    Bio: Seems to act careless towards all his peers, and is driven to find out about his family's secret.
    Little does he know, the secret is only something he can bare.

    Personality: Mellow, Calm, Careless, Not outgoing.

    Race: (its a secret) until, further notice.

    Likes: Music, Blondes, Relaxing, Crude humor, HE REALLLLY LIKES PEANUT BUTTER!!!, Computers, Yellow, Theme parks, The beach, Paranormal, Condemned areas, Animals.

    Toleration: Sweets, School, Public transport, People.

    Dislikes: Dry humor, labeling, overly hyper obnoxious individuals, Bad music, small children, Drunks, Abuse.
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  18. Appearance:(tends to change due to changing magic) [​IMG]
    Name: Sirenity Wicka Kamio



    Abilities: flying with a broom (and other cleaning tools...) shape shifting magic (mostly used to change clothing and or hair style) can use most dolls and stuffed toys as puppets most other attempts at magic cause frequent explosions and sometimes injury...

    Special ability:(secret song of the lullaby)

    Personality: shy but easily excitable sometimes hyper massive sugar addiction very clumsy strangely intrigued by pandas bunny's kittens and most other things of a cute nature... also tends to pop up out of no where and very strange places such as trees shrubs ponds and the occasional candy jar loves every holiday but still very confused as to the purpose of ground hog day...

    Bio: sent to live with her grandparents at a young age due to a strange and sudden house implosion she never really got to know her parents but no matter what shes been through or what she faces in the future she faces it with a smile and a slightly infuriating to some. positive attitude. but look out when she cant find something cheerful in a day she tends to be massively depressed.

    Likes:CANDY....cute things Halloween Christmas and valentines day most of all. pokey anime manga and nerds soba noodles and pandas...yes pandas indeed...

    Dislikes:thunderstorms loud noises scary movies and or anything scary in general dose not like the dark at all dose not really like peanut butter unless accompanied by jelly...
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  19. She looked up seeing the person came back it was a girl, a demon for that matter, which kind of puzzled her seeing that a demon would come back but she just let it be and slightly nod. The girl was apologizing to her so she shook her head. "....N-No it's fine.." She manage to say from her shyness. She pulled her hood back on her head then shook her head again after checking if she did have any pain on her. Nothing crucial was on her really just small little pain that she could just walk off Lola didn't say much afterwords but just looked at the girl with her pale yellow eyes for bit seeing her whole figure a bit more now then bent over to grab her bag and held it to her chest. Looking back down she spoke. "Well...t-thank you for the concern ....I most go.." Lola bowed lightly before leaving down the direction she was going to.
  20. *slight scream from above lola then a loud thud in front of her laying face first on the ground broom slowly floats down thumping me on the head*...ow.....ie...*sits up looking up at her in a confused way*....hi..*blank clueless stare*
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