Horror: Two Rivers



Two Rivers


Five years ago the town of Two Rivers didn’t exist, there was nothing here but trackless desert and the occasional tumbleweed or the odd coyote. Cacti were the only thing standing sentry over the mountain and the rivers dry river beds either side of it. Now since silver was discovered in the mountain all sorts of desperate folk call the town home.

There are of course the miners, the tradesmen, travelers… what Two rivers doesn’t have is law or god. Not that people haven’t tried, the general store could sell you your choice of sheriff badge, some of them don’t even have bullet holes in them, no its because of Clyde.

Clyde leads the miners, in a way. Standing seven feet tall and with a built to match he takes a percentage of what everyone else mines in exchange for what he calls, protection and membership in a brotherhood of fellows that looks out for one another. Not that it helps them keep their silver when they head to town every sunder, the bartender has good liquor, hot food, clean beds and warm women and the gambler has a lot of luck, and no one has called him out for cheating and lived.


The general store along with it’s stock of used badges has everything you may need to make a life in Two Rivers as well as all the supplies you’ll need if you’re looking to leave, there’s also a blacksmith and the undertaker, both busy men, the latter mainly kept in business by Clyde and people trying to tell the gambler he doesn’t play fair.

Theres also rumors that an old woman lives in town, no one remembers her moving in or ever seeing her in full daylight but shes rumored to be a fortune teller and a constant wailing of cats comes from her house every night. Out of town near the confluence of the rivers and the small lake there, theres is an archeologist camping alone with his assistant, Barnaby.

Characters should be going for a gunslinger feel, though a weapon or history as a shooter is not required. The only requirement is a reason for coming to two rivers, and one of the characters must be looking to sell a small silver statue in town.

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