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  1. Keshigomu Gēmu
    (Eraser Game)

    [O.O]: "have u gotten the link"

    [Eje]: "No, but even if I did, there's no way in hell I'd click it."

    [O.O]: "wut why its a game"

    [Eje]: "A game I have no intention of risking my life to play."

    *What is the game?*

    KG is a game that has mysteriously sprung up throughout the internet. It appears as a simple link that when clicked supposedly routes a download to your cellphone or another mobile device. The game's title screen is said to be littered in Japanese gibberish, though the 'Play' button is in plain as day English. What happens after pressing the sole title screen option is still unknown by the general public.

    *Why all the secrecy?*
    If the contents of the game went public; the creators, players, and everyone else involved in its inner cycles would be arrested, or worse.

    *How do you play?*
    Simply get a link from a viable resource and find out for yourself. I'm sure that if you're minutely skilled at browsing the web you'll be able to find someone who can point you in the direction of one.

    *Why do you know so much?*
    As a veteran player of KG, I find it my responsibility to educate potential newbees on the game. Speaking of... If you're interested. *Y/N*

    Loading . . .


    Thank you for participating in KG. Your mobile device has now been synced with the KG Network and will frequently update us with your current location. Do not worry, fellow players will not have access to this information and will not be able to receive it through any means. We will now brief you on the details of the game, sorry for the wait... This message is being sent to you live, and it's my first day on the job as an operator so don't be too hard on me.

    Keshigomu Gēmu is more of an experiment than a game, it was funded by some wealthy gents whom enjoy seeing the human species progress rather than rolling in the dough and having multiple estates around the world. The creators are a joint-effort of progressive game designers and scientists who put their heads together to make this possible. Geneticists, Biologists, and Hardcore Programmers later... Here we are.

    Now, the Rules:

    - You can only talk to Operators like myself between 6:00 a.m - 6 p.m via Text or Phone Call.
    - You may only attack enemies between 7 p.m - 12 a.m, this 5 hour period enables PvP.
    - PvP enacted outside of those hours will result in a Death Level Infraction.
    - Weapons other than those obtained from your "Present" are strictly prohibited.
    - Attacking another player with a prohibited weapon will result in Intermediate Infraction.
    - Informing outsiders about details about KG is prohibited.
    - Sending outsiders invites to KG is prohibited, that's an Operator's job.

    The Risks, should be obvious by now.

    - Yes, you may be injured or die by the hand of another player or by the scope of an Operator.
    - No, you will not be able to live a normal life after joining KG.
    - No, we will not secure the safety of your family or loved ones.
    - You will walk through trials of fire, ice, and other dangerous elements before your journey is through.

    The Benefits?

    If you make it out of this alive, you'll be rewarded financially. Not to mention the praise you'll receive from the scientific community as a whole for the betterment of mankind, and the world as a whole.

    The "Present" you receive once you start the game will permanently be your own, even after the game is completed, what you do with it is completely up to you.


    Now I'm sure you're curious about this present thing you keep hearing about. Think of it as your 'Welcoming Gift' or as a bribe from us to you, either way it's your incentive to win and the way you win the game. A present is like your "Signature Weapon" in a FPS, "Finishing Move" in a fighting game, your best skill in an RPG, or your best spell or ability in an MMO. Everyone only gets one, and while it is only 'one' thing, whose to say it wont branch and blossom into a tree of lavish bloodied fun. I think I got a little ahead of myself, let me check with my supervisor to make sure I didn't say too much...

    Okay we're good.

    Things To Know:


    Every player receives a Keshi along with their present, it is a futuristic looking gun that looks like it'd be more suitable for laser tag than actual combat. Though, the Keshi's purpose is not for combat at all but rather to erase. The Keshi is used as as a protective device for players to reinforce their anonymity, being able to erase almost any evidence they leave behind. Leave the corpse of an enemy behind? Do the final disrespect by literally deleting their body.

    -Present Types-

    There are 4 recorded types of presents.

    There's the 'Item' present which gives the player an item unique to them, this item may be capable of doing things such as shooting a fireball or turning concrete into water. Sometimes these presents can be a pair of items, or a set, this usually doesn't work for 'uniquely separate' items but rather for ones that belong together. Sword & Shield, Suit of Armor, etc.

    There's the 'Evolve' present which will cause some sort of metamorphosis within the player changing something about their body, allowing them to sprout wings out of their back or suck the blood out of their enemies for nourishment.

    There's the "Knowledge" present which will gift the player with information that was once thought to be fantasy. For example, a player might be granted the names and incantations of spells from Arthurian Legends, or the instructions on a Ritual to summon a large menacing creature.

    And Finally there's the "Mystery" present which grant the player a present at random. The players who are chosen for this type of present are picked out of a list of names within a hat, those unfortunate 'or fortunate' souls are usually picked off first. However, there are rare occasions when these lottery contestants will get substantial outcomes, like two presents!


    These are your main objectives in KG. Think, long term goals that you'll gradually build towards throughout your time playing.

    [*] Killscore: This is a recorded number of kills you are known to have succeeded in enacting upon enemies and fellow players. After every 10 kills you'll gain a Title case sensitive to your most notable kill.

    [*] Truth Meter: This is a small meter that'll show you how far along in total progress you've gotten throughout the game. No one's ever maxed it out yet.

    [*] Accolades: Below your Killscore is an extendable list of notable achievements you've earned while playing. Some are listed, while others are hidden until earned.

    [*] Enemy Headlist: Enemies are not necessarily players, but they are part of KG. Where they came from and who they are is undisclosed, but the fact remains that they will identify in the game's interface for rewards on meeting their bounty.

    [*] Player Headlist: Players who excessively use their ability to PvP land their name on this list. Full of actual players, these are known PvPers whom have made a name for themselves in a negative way. Bounty on these players usually have higher rewards than Enemies, however the risk is greatly higher.


    Operators are the people that keep the game up and running. They're in charge of assisting you when you're eligible for it, keeping you informed on everything going on, and babysitting you at all hours of the day. Most players are assigned a single, personal operator to monitor them, though there are special individuals who need several.

    * Players *

    Taking part in KG is a lot more simple than you'd think. While you won't be living a normal life, that's not so say you won't be able to continue it on as normal. You'll be able to attend your day job, or high school classes without an operator telling you not to. You will however be required to live a double life if you do, scheduling at least an hour of your day minimum to the game.

    There are participants in almost every major city, while the most populated countries with players are the U.K, U.S.A, and Japan. If you are enlisted as a player and live in a remote location, your Operator will advise you to relocate to a populated metropolitan area due to the risk of inactivity. The Operator will take care of the living arrangements, daily income, and other details if you are not capable of them on your own.
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  3. This looks SUPER interesting. If you'll have me, count me in.
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  4. Glad to have your interest!
  5. Updating the OP little by little, still getting the hang of formatting on this site.
  6. Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing! Totally interested.
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  7. If this gets up, count me in.
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  9. Imagine you're on the page with the play button, and you're mouse glitches out and accidentally clicks it.
  10. 1-2 more people and then I'll throw up the OOC with the character skeleton and whatnot.
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  12. This sounds excellent. Count me in.
  13. Ooc will be up soon, I'll put the character skeleton here so those sticking around have something to do. Don't post the finished products here, save it for the first page of the new thread.

    Appearance: Anime\Artwork
    Traits: What can you do?

    Present Name:
    Description: What does it look Iike?
    Abilities: What does it do, or make you do?
    Weaknesses: Everything has one.
  14. Is it mandatory to include a picture, or are we good with just text?
  15. If you're that agaimst it, sure. Just make sure it's a paragraph or longer.
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  16. Can an arm mounted multi-tool device be an item? I'm thinking that it would have a large amount of functions, but can only use so many per day.

    My character will have to choose what functions he thinks will be useful, then upon activating them, they are locked until the combat hours are over.
  17. Sure, doesn't sound too broken.
  18. I have accidentally clicked the various emoticon rating things a few times.

    Pay no mind to them.

    So... Is everyone waiting for someone else to post a sheet or something?
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