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  1. So I'm craving a really dark survival horror story.
  2. Let me guess, two people and a creature of some sort, why not turn the story from the average, they survive, to they know their going to die so they live their lives for three days then die on the forth... I think that's pretty demented... The creature toys with them, gives them blood written messages, horrible hallucinations, chases them and forces them to barricade thereselves in an abandoned military facility, then it activates traps, they can live for three days then either die by traps or become its dinner
  3. Well the idea I have is about an abandoned research facility. Your character and his team vs the facility and what lies inside.
  4. Shit bubba I'm not good at controlling multiple characters... Hmm... I guess I can go for that but the big question is there sex and is it strictly straight?

    @Pendulum Ghost
  5. I wasn't actually going to control the NPS and yes sex.
  6. ok awesome, what would you like to know?
  7. Nothing really, just get me your character sheet, gimme a run down on the creature, and get a starter going
  8. I could actually make a prologue to the story if you wish. I'm actually really hurting from real life shit right now.
  9. *hugs you* hey if you need someone to talk to I'm here, if your not up for rp don't worry I'll be here when you are
  10. I am I have a couple of thoughts on the r.p
  11. Have you played, f.e.a.r. dead space, Alice, brutal legend, silent hill?
  12. Silent hill.... Yes
  13. Awesome then I think your like this,
  14. Alright gimme a rundown sis
  15. Well the premise is an abandoned facility as stated before, the facility having several different divisions and located deep underground. When quarantine was established, the facility was sealed. Locking all personnel inside. Anyone with knowledge that was outside would have "disappeared effectively burying the dirty secrets of what was being researched there. Now close to a hundred years later they will reopen it thinking that everything has long since died. They won't be expecting least of all "her" :)
  16. Alright sounds good
  17. @Pendulum Ghost So we doing this in pm, or in a thread, and is there a possibility of me being repetedly sexual with "her"? and being allowed to leave because i was good or some shit like that?
  18. Sorry for the delay had been helping family move. It will be pm and its possible in regards to what your asking.
  19. Ok pm me a charcter sheet, I'll control 3 teammates and myself
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Not open for further replies.