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  1. Oh,hey!

    I'm super new here but not to role playing and I kind of want to jump into some one on one role play action.

    I was thinking of starting a horror or romance role play. Or possibly both.

    Currently, I've got this weird Beauty and the Beast spin-off floating around in my head where someone (male or female) has been saved from something, kidnapped and brought to this mysterious place. Slowly, the secrets begin to unravel and they realize that they aren't alone and that their kidnapper (male or female) has some of their own secrets...perhaps they are a bit more deceiving than they let on. Or perhaps not. It would be something that we could plot out together.
    It would be a romance role play but I would want it to be kind of... dark and eerie. I can do male/female or m/m or f/f, whichever.

    If anyone is interested, respond here or PM me. I'm down with either.

    I only ask that it be someone who can reply to the RP once a day or every other day and that the posts be a couple of paragraphs long and kind of descriptive.
  2. I would love to do this role! Can I message you?
  3. Someone already got to this role, but I would still love to RP with you sometime. :)
  4. Hey, Twisted_Mind! Of course you can!
    I would message you right now but,uh...I haven't figured out how. LOL!
    I'm such a newb. But I'm learning.

    And HollowEastWord, did you have anything in mind?
    I'm definitely down. :3
  5. Ooh~ would you be up to try that same eerie feel for another fairytale, perhaps?
    If not, I also offer myself as a potential partner, if you want.
  6. Hello, Witchless!

    Uhm. Yes!
    I love spins on fairytales!

    What fairytale did you have in mind?
  7. The first that comes to mind would be Little Red Riding Hood, but we could try it as a non-romance with Hansel and Gretel as well, if your would prefer.
  8. Hm. They both appeal to me!
    I've never done Hansel and Gretel before..
    I'll let you choose.

    I'm fine with either.
  9. I like both of them as well... hm... Red it shall be.
  10. :DD

    What kind of plot were you thinking of?
    Keeping the traditional girl in the woods, being followed by the big bad wolf, or a whole new twist?
  11. Maybe both the Hunter and the Big Bad Wolf would be different personalities of the same man?
  12. Ooh. Okay! I like it.
    Would the setting be modern day?
    And did you want to keep it M/F?
  13. I don't mind any pairing and gender,but I think keeping the fairytailish world and timeline would be good.
  14. Alright. Fairytale world it is.

    So maybe....There's this little town with a bunch of people. And they're all growing more and more terrified because this creature comes every night and rips the townspeople to shreds, preying primarily on young women. And so the hunter steps in with the intent to slay this creature, however, every time he seems to be close enough to catch it, he loses it. And can't figure out why. And perhaps as the story progresses, he can slowly start to realize that...maybe he's the wolf. Meanwhile, Little Red over here seems to have caught his eye. And being the persistent woman that she is, she intends to help the hunter-if not to help save the people from the town, then to get closer to the hunter, who she seems to have fallen so hard for. At first, the hunter is opposed to the idea of having the woman with him while he hunts for the wolf but then he realizes that if she's with him, then she's safe...right?

    Lemme know what you think. I just took it and ran.
    If it sucks, that's cool too. Haha.

    I'm also okay with any pairing! I just ended up writing it as M/F but whatever is fine.
  15. Mm, I had this picture of the Hunter/Wolf living in a cabin in the wood, and Red traversing that wood regularly as a messenger for the two villages.
  16. That'll work, too!
    Honestly, I'm down with anything. Haha

    Go on...