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  1. I'd like a short roleplay where a group of friends break into a condemned mental asylum and then become trapped inside the building.

    My idea is that they have a history assignment to put together a presentation of what institutions were like in the early nineties; when the use of electro-shock therapy and lobotomies were often, and standards were lower than they are now. A group of friends decided that instead of printing pictures from the internet, they'd get that much better of a grade if they went to an institution and took pictures themselves. That is when they found themselves at the New Jersey State Hospital For the Criminally Insane. Once they enter though, they find that they can't leave. The doors have locked behind them, and the windows on the first and second floors have thick grates over them. If they can manage to survive until dawn, their parents will wake to them gone and call the police. Can they all survive that long?


    -Open to three people.
    -Please use proper grammar and spelling.
    -I won't put a post length requirement, just please be descriptive and try to avoid one liners. Give others something to respond to.
    -If you vanish for three days or more without alerting me, I'll assume you've lost interest in the roleplay and your character will become an unfortunate victim to the demons in the building.


    Pictures of the inside
  2. *Raises Hand* ME ME ME :D
  3. :D Awesome! The character template is


    I'll have mine posted in just a minute.
  4. Name: Christine (Chris)
    Age: 17
    Personality: Chris is a pretty laidback kind of girl and she spends more time in online gaming than anything else. School is very difficult for her, which is why she's so intent on getting a good grade on this project. If she doesn't, she won't pass the class. She actually finds information about this kind of thing very interesting, so she was glad that the project was over this material and not something like the cold war. She's read about these kind of institutions for awhile, so she's likely to spout off all kinds of information.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Wesker Rodsberg
    Age: 18
    Personality: Confident and cocky, Wesker was a party sorta guy with a past of weed and alcohol in his early high school years. A near death experience in his Junior year caused him to quit both, and instead went into MMA. He still enjoys small gathering and parties, but stays away from drugs and drinks. He is often full of himself and thinks he is a ladies magnet, be that true or not, he is a flirt.
    Side note: Afraid of Electricity ​
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  6. Oh, I like that you added that he's afraid of electricity, that's a good touch.
  7. Two more people, and we'll be ready to start!
  8. Name: Flynn “Flash” Matthews

    Age: 17

    Personality: Flynn is usually quiet and prefers gliding under the radar at school, not excelling or failing. Not popular or unpopular. Something he does excel in though, is photography. Everything always seems more interesting through a lens and when he heard a couple of his classmates wanting to visit the local insane asylum he couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to capture the old architecture.

    Look: Geek.png

    First try at this. Eager to hear a reply.
  9. First, welcome to Iwaku! I like your character, he looks good! If we can get one more person by four, we'll start. If not, we'll just go with the three characters. I'm eager to start this ting. >:D Cahill, are you new to roleplay? If you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll help out any way I can. :) I'd be more than happy to help teach you.
  10. Hey, and thanks. No I'm not exactly new to role play, but I haven't seriously done it. Meaning I'm pretty much a novice. That said I'm always willing to learn a thing or two from experienced players, whether it's grammar style or just a bit of insight into a genre. Experience is the best master after all. Just like to know about posting times for now.
  11. Well, I'll make the IC thread and we'll start when we get one more person, or at four. Whichever comes first.
  12. Pretty sure we don't live anywhere near each other so our times aren't the same. And I was meaning post order and stuff as well.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry. >.< I'm a blond sometimes. We'll start in about an hour if someone else doesn't show up. And as for post order, as long as one or two players aren't leaving the others in the dust there is no specified order.
  14. Very well
  15. Guys, I'm suddenly having some computer trouble, so I may be slow responding.
  16. Hey, just like to know if there are any restrictions and if you'd like the building in a specific condition?
  17. The building's been abandoned for awhile, so it's in a pretty decayed condition. And no, no restrictions. Let your imagination flow! As long as you're characters not upstaging the others, go ahead!
  18. Let's wait until Lone Wolf replies.
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