Horror Roleplay Search! Jasper's Asylum.

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    This is a plot I've been craving for months, but couldn't find partners on the other site I am on. So, I am trying here.

    This will be high-casual + to advance. I like a mix. Give when needed, draw back when required.
    I am searching for a male partner, not a female playing male. Sorry, too many bad experiences.
    18 or older due to possible sexual content and gore.
    Through PMs or e-mails.
    Be able to contribute to the plot and play other characters as necessary.

    Moving on to the plot...

    Jasper's Asylum; Horror

    Your Main Character: Journalist/reporter looking to make his big break.

    My Main Character: Doctor turned patient.

    Other characters as needed: Insane patients, doctors, etc.

    Plot: When a journalist/reporter is trying to find his next bring break to bring him out of the hell hole he thinks he's living, he notices an e-mail pop up on his rival's laptop when he isn't near. A few years ago, his rival did a report on a psychotic patient at a place known as Jasper's Asylum and hit it big. The e-mail is from a doctor at that very Asylum, stating that there is a new story for him to cover. Doctor's have been performing tests and experiments on the patients and the injustice must be revealed. Desperate to make it big, he prints the e-mail and deletes it from the computer to take the job for himself.

    When he arrives one late night at the Asylum, the doors are locked and no one seems to be around, not even at the guard station outside. Just as he's about to leave, he notices a broken window and sneaks his way inside, where things seem amiss, but not in a way that concerns him too greatly. As he works his way upstairs, things become darker as blood begins to line the halls and walls. Then he is attacked by a patient and forced to flee further into the asylum. He takes shelter in an office where he finds another survivor.

    Although dressed as a patient, she tells him that she is a doctor who was forced into the 'project' because she didn't agree with it and planned to expose it... What she doesn't tell him is that she sent the e-mail as a last ditch effort for help... With recorder in hand, he assists the woman in attempting to find an escape, diving them deeper into the mystery behind the asylum and the 'project'.

    If interested, PM me.

    Post here with questions and I'll answer them when I see them!
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