Horror roleplay, anyone?

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  1. I'm a bit of a horror junkie, so I'm always interested in plots where there are alot of odd, off-putting creatures and eeire settings. I'm thinking something with a Silent Hill feel to it, but really, I'm up for anything you can come up with.

    Let me know if you'd be interested!
  2. I'd be somewhat interested. How would the responsibilities of generating the setting and scares be split up?
  3. Well, I suppose that depends on the plot.
    There could either be one initial antagonist played by one person or if it works better, it could be alternatively played by either person in accordance to the progression of the story. (It could be circumstantial scaring that's pre-drawn up but that's predictable and boring, I prefer spontaneity without forewarning.)
  4. I was wondering, as it seemed to me that for a horror game you'd have one user as the GM who's thinking up the setting and scares and the other user is the player and experiencing all of it.

    Unless we throw plot out the window and just throw in anything that seems creepy and halfway symbolic and turn it into Yume Nikki: The Thread.
  5. Well, I don't want to think of it as a game- that seems a little like dumping the task of idea-producing onto one person and that feels more like work, less like fun. Unless the job of antagonist changed hands between the two of us, It may cause us both to lose interest quickly.

    Buuuuuut Yume Nikki.
    We could turn it into something like the dream concept, surreal dream horror may be interesting if we base it off something like .flow?
  6. What I meant was that one person is making the scares and the other is experiencing them. It seemed like the easiest way at the time to have a horror setting that would stay consistent and on the same themes. I'd have no problem being the one in charge of the scares.

    On the other hand I am a little curious now as to how a Yume Nikki style "Throw it in if it seems creepy and symbolic" deal would work.
  7. Do you think you would ever be willing to help me create and execute a Slenderman RP?
    That has been my current obsession as of late and while it may seem like it would not be that long of a role-play, just reading the mythos of the creature // with careful character development, back-stories, present problems, and etc. This could turn into a psychological/horror/action/thriller if done right!

    Sounds like an amazing adventure to me if you are willing to have a go at it?

    If interested, please shoot me a PM and I will gladly start working on the details with you.
  8. Horror roleplay I love it <3 I'm all ears if you have an idea already~ If not we could collaborate and discuss something :) (if you're still interested in it of haven't found a partner yet)

    <---massive silent hill fan ;-; I love Pyramid Head....
  9. I'd be willing to try