INTEREST CHECK Horror/Mystery RP anyone?

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  1. I decided to make an Interest Check to see how many would be willing to participate.
    Ok, here's the plot:

    The Emerson Motel was an average family motel up in the mountians, which had been owned by the Emerson's for a couple generations. It was built in 1943 and had beautiful sites and considering how old it was, it was still in pretty good condition and it actually looked fancy. In 1972, the daughter of the owner of the Emerson Hotel named Sarah, was held hostage for 2 days then was brutally murdered in one of the rooms of the motel on July 15. Devastated by the loss, the family behaved like she was still alive, leading to a strange presence lurking aroung the motel. The motel is soon caught up in a strange epidemic, where its residents and the employees are caught up in mysterious deaths, it is said that one person dies every 4 hours for 2 days the day Sarah died. Nobody has ever gotten any evedience about this case because the people that died there mysteriously go missing and the people who every knew anything about the incident lose their memories of the events that happened at this motel.

    So the residents currently staying at the newly renovated motel on July 15 2007, don't know anything about this, but when they soon find out that these deaths have something to do with the Sarah of 1972, it is up to everyone staying at the Emerson to discover the cause of these mysterious deaths and figure out how to stop it before it puts an end to them. Who will go crazy to find out the killer....or is there even a killer? What would you do to stay alive and to defend you innocence before it's too late??

    If you have any question's about this RP, Please ask. I wouldn't mind answering them :)

    *Your character may die, but you are welcomed to make a new one after.

  2. Just realized I left something out :P
    Ok so everyone is currently trying to find how these deaths are happening, but nobody is allowed to leave the area of the motel until they find out or untill the 2 days are up. A private investigator has been called to investigate the first death of the night but he currently has no leads. If someone tries to escape from the area of the motel they are either sent back to the motel by the police who are gaurding the area around the motel of a five mile radius and sent back as a suspect or are mysteriously killed. There will also be some characters that will probably turn on each other.

    If anybody is interested I will post up a character sheet.
    p.s if any more ideas pop into my head that I want to add in this story I'll most likely post it here.
  3. That sounds really cool :) Count me in.
  4. Ok we'll just wait for a couple more people to show interest then I'll make a character sheet. :)
  5. Thanks! I'll reply there later when I'm free.