Horror motel on the hill

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  1. The Emerson Motel was an average family motel up in the mountians, which had been owned by the Emerson's for a couple generations. It was built in 1943 and had beautiful sites and considering how old it was, it was still in pretty good condition and it actually looked fancy. In 1972, the daughter of the owner of the Emerson Hotel named Sarah, was held hostage for 2 days then was brutally murdered in one of the rooms of the motel on July 15. Devastated by the loss, the family behaved like she was still alive, leading to a strange presence lurking aroung the motel. The motel is soon caught up in a strange epidemic, where its residents and the employees are caught up in mysterious deaths, it is said that one person dies every 2 hours for 2 days the day Sarah died. Nobody has ever gotten any evedience about this case because the people that died there mysteriously go missing and the people who ever knew anything about the incident lose their memories of the events that happened at this motel. People who live in the town near by believe it's a curse, some say that there's a serial killer working as one of the employees, but these are just rumors.

    So the residents currently staying at the newly renovated motel on July 15 2007, don't know anything about this, but when they soon find out that these deaths have something to do with the Sarah of 1972, it is up to everyone staying at the Emerson to discover the cause of these mysterious deaths and figure out how to stop it before it puts an end to them. Who will go crazy to find out the killer....or is there even a killer? What would you do to stay alive and to defend you innocence before it's too late??

    Ok so everyone is currently trying to find how these deaths are happening, but nobody is allowed to leave the area of the motel until they find out or untill the 2 days are up if they are still alive. A private investigator has been called to investigate the first death of the night but he currently has no leads. If someone tries to escape from the area of the motel they are either sent back to the motel by the police who are gaurding the area around the motel of a five mile radius and sent back as a suspect or are mysteriously killed. There will also be some characters that will probably turn on each other.

    (Possible roles can be: an employee, someone checking into the motel, police officer, investigator, etc....whatever that comes to your mind)

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    Reason for being at the motel:
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    Name: Sky Emerson IIV
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Role: A loner, someone with mystery, quite, catches the main characters eye.
    Personlity: Sweet, Caring, Smart, Strong, Funny but doesn't talk much but rather gentle
    Reason for staying in the motel: On bussiness and lives their for temporary
    Appearance: 5"7', Muscular Build but not too muscular, Soft Eyes (light brown but Hazelish eyes), Short Medium brownish black hair.
    Bio: Sky is 20 years old, born January 30,1993, his parents died when he was 2 years old and was taken by his Gaurdian Parents where he learned how to protect himself, and learned about the history of his parents and family, he also his someone who doesn't take crap lightly, trained under his Gaurdian father, learned several and several fighting styles, was taught alot, at the age 8 he learned out to do a back flip and beat up his elementry school teacher for wanting to whoop him. Sky is a mysterious man with a past that shouldn't be reveiled, but knowing the journey he is about to take alot will unfold.
  3. Name: Bridget Davis
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Role: Part-time maid
    Personality: Annoyingly cute and loveable, a little clumsy and silly, naive, child-like.
    Reason for being at the motel: She's working there.
    Appearance: http://im28.gulfup.com/leQC2.jpg
    Biography: Brought up in an average family, Bridget works in the Emerson Motel to help pay her school fees. She has a naive and idealistic view of the world, believes the best in everyone, and doesn't let anything bring her down. People love her for her bright and cheery personality. She doesn't know how to protect herself, but the people around her generally take very good care of her.
  4. Name: Anders Wilt
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Role: Nay-sayer who happens to be living at the motel
    Reason for being at the motel: He had came to stay at this motel so as to attend a convention in the relatively near by town centre.

    Personality: A sceptic to all things supernatural, is convinced right off the bat that what's happening cannot be the work of a supernatural agent. Is kind of an asshole and gives everyone a hard time even before the beginning of the murders. Dim witted, he tries to explain away the supernatural with stupid contraptions and non existent magical machines.

    Appearance: A well kept man of 6"4, dons a suit and tie most of the time when he is in public. Holds himself in high regards, which carries over to his physical actions and speeches with its 'better than you' tone.

    Biography: Anders Wilt used to be a religious man before he suffered the loss of his job, money, and ultimately wife, in the economic downturn of 2001. From then on he scoffs at all things supernatural, whether it be God, ghosts, monsters, or otherwise. He adopts a cynical, but uneducated view of the world, not accepting anything outside of his understanding with regards to the supernatural, and yet blindly believing scientist's claims. He's the kind of person who would use a piece of technology that claims to promote good health because a man in a white suit said so.

    Anders' slow crawl back to financial stability has made him someone who did not appreciate nor respect the effort of others, a backstabber, and ultimately someone who would do anything to get ahead of the pack. He had came to stay at this motel so as to attend a convention in the relatively near by town centre.
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