INTEREST CHECK Horror-ish type rp? Or something just plain odd xD

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  1. Sometimes it's fun to get scared! xD
    I usually do at least on rp that is horror based or does have some horror type elements.
    I play as males only.
    But I do have some ideas though, if anyone is interested, I shall give them the ideas that I have.

    But with the odd thing, I was thinking of doing an rp based on the Addams Family. Of course will our own OCs xD
  2. *Raises hand*

    I'm interested.
  3. ok. which one are you interested in the horror one or the odd one about Addams family?
  4. They both sound interesting, but I'm leaning towards the Horror one. Do you mind giving me more details on the Horror one?
  5. Sure. Well this is at least one idea I have:
    What if a family moves into an old farm house that is at least over 100 years old. They were practically forced to move into the house. And they don't know the houses history, but some very bad things have happened on the land. A few days after they move in, some really odd things happen claw marks appear on one of the family members, disembodied footsteps can be heard roaming the upstairs, and screams of terror can be heard down stairs. As well as other odd things like disembodied voices screaming at them to get out. Even some of the members have seen shadowy figures running thought the house and also children's laughter. But they just think it's normal haunted house criteria and higher a paranormal group to invistage. They find through the evidence and research that something demonic is possessing the house. And before the family knows it, one of it's members is possessed...

    If not then how about this:
    When the female goes to visit her brother an asylum, she finds that he speaks in different accents and has paintings all over the walls. He has inverted crosses carved into his arms and bottom lip and just acts completely strange, like it's not even her brother any more. she has a feeling that her brother did not simply snap and kill their mother and father and other sister, instead she comes to the conclusion that he was made, that he is possessed by something evil. She takes this to the church and they say the only way they can approve any sort of exorcism is substantial evidence that he is indeed possessed.

    That is the ideas I have so far if these don't work i can come up with some more.
  6. I love both ideas. I'm leaning more towards the house one, I've always been a fan of haunted house kind of things.
  7. lol ok that settles it the haunted house one it is xD but how many family members to you want? I was gonna say at least three a mom dad and child, but since we are doing the rp together we both should decide. lol xD
  8. Hmm, I'm thinking about two parents and at the most two children :3 Nothing too crazy.
  9. ok that's fine with me. xD So If you don't mind, one of the children will be a boy, since I play males. And I would be playing the father too.
  10. Guess that kind of narrows me down, hm? :3
  11. lol i'll get the OC sheet up as ASAP.
  12. Alright :3 Take your time with it.
  13. I was thinking I should put this under the mature section because of all the violence and language. And I was thinking screw the OC sheet. xD
  14. Alright :3 Im fine with that.
  15. ok, as soon as I reply to some rps I have I will post the first post xD
  16. Alright C: Take your time.
  17. lol it's gonna take me a while to figure out how to set up the first post xD
  18. Any preference for the other child's gender and age?
  19. Gender no not at all. Jason is about 13 years old so you can either make the child older or younger it doesn't matter xD
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