Horror. I don't see enough horror. And I mean Conjuring style WTF I can't sleep horror. Hehe.

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  1. At first I was going to post something about a thriller or suspense based RP, but then I got a sudden urge to really create something horrendous. I know sounds evil but I don't see many horror pieces around. And I want to make something really terrifying. So I was thinking of having a plot where it would either be study abroad students or professional tourists that would travel to Brazil, where they'd come across a nasty creature that is sure to bring terror and danger to them. I have said creature already planned out, but I don't want to spoil it as a surprise.

    I was thinking a small group of maybe 3-5 on this one, with of course them trying to dodge death type of thing. I was also thinking of implementing a choice based system for certain events that could transpire. Maybe in a GM post put multiple options to give the characters to avoid demise, while sticking with each other. I'll definitely use a ton of GIFs and creepy music too.

    Sound like something people would be into?

    DO NOT OPEN THIS (open)


    see? Now you're dead x0

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  2. me me me pick me
  3. I love creepy things. Count me in c:
  4. Mind if I jump in on this? I love a good horror roleplay (it's that time of year, after all).
  5. I am totally down for it.
  6. This sounds like something fantastic. I would love to be a part of this.
  7. Wow this got more interest than I thought! Lol. Inferring from everyone I recognize, we'd all have female characters? I'm totally open for you guys to make who you wish, but if itss the case of all girls I could change it to a sorority or a girls getaway or something lol. Again, do not let this dissuade you from making a male.
  8. I usually play men, but I'll adapt to whatever setting you have planned out c:
  9. I can play 2 male and female
  10. *me peaks out of the corner*
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  11. Come out now....you're safe :]
  12. I'm more afraid they'll be scared of me. Am your resident horror writer here. Been trying to get horror more into the mainstream. Was interested. But then I saw all girls and I......don't play female characters.
  13. Don't lie
  14. Play a male :]
    Then make a male silly :]
    Hehe....what do you mean?
  15. Fantastic. Then male it is. Would you be opposed to a "empath"?

    I actually do belong to a paranormal investigation group in my area. And am being kind of taught about empaths and stuff. So...I feel odd sensations and things. Now I sound totally crazy. *walks away*
  16. Sure that's fine, I can set it up to where our group gets to Brazil and comes across your character (or his paranormal team) and if anyone else wanted to be on the paranormal side that's fine too.
  17. That be cool. Yeah. Absolutely.
  18. @Shayla
    Thanks for the invite^^. Decided to post in The Interest Check lol.

    And @ch0sen1 and @Clyde I would love to play The Camera/Tech Guy on your Paranormal Team since I've watched movies with Paranormal Group and The Tech Guy is always my favorite for some odd reason. If you'll have me that is.

    Now that I have work and school under control I can fully invest into another group rp.
  19. I'm not in the paranormal group, but I'd be glad to have you!
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