Horror Hide and Seek RP? Hitori Kakurenbo

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  1. There is a game in Japan [and Korea] called Hitori Kakurenbo.

    It's basically playing hide and seek with a possessed doll. You absolutely have to play it alone because anyone who walks in on the game could get "found" by accident in your place! When it's the doll's turn to be it, after you've done the pre-rituals, you gotta hide for your life because the doll will go around looking for you. It's imperative to keep the game within an hour only. Beyond that and the spirit in the doll gets harder to remove.

    In Japan, some people try this together in their separate houses while texting each other what's happening to them.

    So, I wanted to do this rp where the game goes horribly wrong for all the players...in other words, they lose. Who's interested?

    Play the game here.

    Here's info on how to play in case the other thread isn't enough.

    Check out the comments for a descriptive true story account by harsej.
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  2. Dear god.

    /burns all stuffed animals and hides under the bed
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  3. Ooh, interesting! Sign me up!
  4. I'm interested, to say the least. I just have to wonder though, how would this work? Would we each roleplay things happening to our own characters/their own houses and our characters essentially texting each other about it, or would someone else roleplay what's actually happening at the other's place, or...?
  5. Something like that. Since I thought this up, the idea of the game would come from me, maybe if none of you are all "Hey let's play a scary game or something!" then I could be the one suggesting it too.

    So, we all start playing individually. Keeping tabs on each other with our phones. Perhaps someone's phone isn't on silent and the doll catches them. Someone forgets to salt the doorway to their parents room so the parents get killed. Or something! Either way, one by one we die! Or maybe one could live. Become insane. And their doll haunts them because the spirit is stuck...

    Okay, I freaked myself out.
  6. XD Hey, freaking one's self out with that kind of stuff takes talent!

    It sounds interesting, still debating whether or not to join but if you get more people I think I'd be all for it c: would be very different, to say the least.
  7. That's the problem, I couldn't get more people to join somehow. Ugh. I'm all set too. maybe I should post in the Jump In forums instead?
  8. I don't know just what happened to the spoiler. it became triple layered. Click the last one for the instructions.
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  9. ok Im gointo join but you need a warren that says

    trow all doys stuff animals and run to a near by church then pray to god you dont die then come back to the computer (phone whatere your using) and play e game cuze that what im going to do

    andstupid thing someone can do is bring a phone the spirt can trace elezy things thayt why there all ways thengs like light flick on and off and tvs turning on and off and making weird sounds and

    -.- ok i just scared myself as well but i want to go insane becusi reath be insane then die
  10. I want to join!
  11. Click the link "Click here to play the game" :D Be the first poster in the IC!
  12. I'll check it out more tomorrow because I don't have enough time today. Can we have more then one character so when they die we can keep playing?
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  13. Yeah, I was thinking of having a survivor who lives to tell the tale. You can take that up.
  14. i want to go insane though i am not dieing oh and why cant it be two people playing hiding go seek with the ghost together lke they bouth are it they are both going to hide
  15. I don't need to be the survivor.
  16. Okay. Go ahead and post in the IC thread. :D
  17. I'd have to think of a character first.
  18. Just sayin'.
    I popped in, read all the details.
    I love you. <3
    I love this.
    I'm gonna lurk.
    But I'm gonna lurk in anticipation.
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  19. Thanks. I'm glad you love me :D I mean, I'm glad you love my idea. I'm watching in anticipation too. Wanna join?