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  1. Hey guys ! Myself and 'RangerKay' are interested in starting up a horror.

    This is a first for the both of us and we wondered if anyone wants in.

    There is no idea yet so anyone can help us make it up.

    We will only accept people who proof check their posts and use acceptable grammar as much as possible.

    GodModding out of situations will ruin everybody's fun, so not allowed, keep it as realistic to the genre and setting as possible.

    Leave a message in here or by mail if you think you might be interested.

  2. Thanks for mentioning no GodModding! I hate that =.=
  3. Hallo,

    I'm interested. I will be keeping an eye on this.
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  4. As its becoming depressingly frequent for me I'm overcommitted as fuck for RPs.

    But I do love me some horror, so if you're needing someone to bounce ideas off for your game fire me a PM.

    EDIT: Jesus H Christ, mah grammar. D:
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  5. I will take you up on that grumpy !
  6. Right, I am going to try and come up with an idea. Will post a summary of what I come up with in here, opinions and idea's will be appreciated !
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  7. Lev wants to's actually what I've been craving
  8. I am generally not a big fan of horror, because when I hear that I normally think of 1) Saw-like over kill bullshit, 2) zombies, werewolves and vampires, or 3) supernatural-ish stuff.

    However, if that is not what you mean by horror, I think I might be interested in joining. Any ideas on the plot/world setting yet?
  9. I have been trying to come up with a character for an RP which is a lot more than I have done before,

    But I will have a basic plot or idea up in here by tonight. (BTW I am going by GMT)
  10. ...isnt it already night in GMT? or close to there abouts?

    Anyways, I can wait. just wanted to know if it isn't one of the three things I listed above.
  11. I was thinking of staying realistic for my first attempt, something like horror mystery ? its 8pm here, I will be working on it in a couple of hours.
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  12. Ahhh. Well, mystery could be fun, yes.

    And okays. Good luck with your character!
  13. sorry just to clarify, the charrie is for a different RP ! But i will come up with a plot or idea for this one !
  14. I know. You said the character was for...Mark? or...something along those lines. Its always important to finish up the rps you are in or want to join before you make a new one. And characters take time to make properly. I probably ought to go back to making my character, but ehhh...he can wait.
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  15. A stately home in the Roughs, its winter in England, the days are short and it is wet and cold. Your characters have received an invite to a high stakes poker game at Hawthorn Manor.

    The RP will start with your characters all arriving at the manor, you will be staying for a weekend of poker with a prize pool of 20 million Sterling.

    The RP is realistic set in modern day rural London, characters must be realistic in the sense that they have been invited to a high stakes poker game.... IE wealthy, famous......

    It will be a horror/mystery and I reserve the right to kill off your character should you leave the opportunity so keep that in mind !

    Remember to be realistic, I wont kill off characters in a way that doesn't make sense, you should to portray your characters throughout the RP with distress or panic fitting for the situation they are in.

    Let me know what you guys think about the idea? Bear in mind this is my first attempt.

    I will play both the role of the GM and the 'Bad guy' lets call it that for now....
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  16. This sounds cool, is there room for me?
  17. Ahhh...Sorry Closer, I do not think this RP is for me. I don't mind a little horror or mystery, but everyone trapped in a mansion with a killer is just...nah.
  18. No problem :)
  19. I might watch though. I am sort of bored.
  20. Well it seems like that idea didn't go down well ! Anyone is welcome to throw any Ideas in to the fray.....

    Also if you do not like the idea it is not a crime, if you have an interest in forming a horror group then lets discuss !