Horror creature quiz

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  1. What Horror movie villain are you?

    Take this highly accurate internet quiz and find out!

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    Post results! Total WIN!

  2. Alright. Can't seem to get linking or posting to work. But I got Norman Bates. I feel so special now.
  3. You are Jack Goodman, from "American Werewolf in London." You tell it like it is, man.

  4. Damn it!

    I got Carrie...
  5. Severen, from Near Dark.
    So... a sociopathic vampire, I guess?
  6. 1064868564_ktoplaurie.jpg
    You are Laurie, from "Halloween." You are intelligent and strong.
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    You are Sadako, from "Ringu." You are beyond scary.

    HELL YEAH :D I'm coming out from your tv xD be afraid X)
  8. [​IMG]
    You are Severen, from "Near Dark." You're a blood-sucking freak.