GROUP RP PLOTTING Horror based roleplay?

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  1. Anything you're read, heard about or possibly even feared yourself coming to life.

    Example: Cassie Hack from /HackSlash as well as Fiona Belli from Haunting Ground or perhaps Reggie Halloway from The Devouring series

    A little loose around the edges but I'm up for any ideas to be thrown my way.
  2. Have you heard of Dread? Best RPing I have ever done. Super fun but thats more pen and paper kind of RPing... But I seriously suggest you go check that out, it's almost all stories, no rules and a jenga tower... It's seriously epic...

    Otherwise I would love to do a horror RP. I'm writing one now about Wild West Gold Rush and Gold is turning people into Zombies. It's very fun... Also made for Dread... But I would love to do any kind of horror...

    I bet I know more lyrics to more disney songs than you do!
  3. Not going to lie, totally thought you were talking about the movie at first and got really excited xD But no, I haven't heard of Dread. It sounds interesting! I'll definitely check it out!

    That actually sounds pretty intense :O I like the concept! Very unique!

    Challenge accepted!
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  4. I've been thinking of horror rp that involves Hitori Kakurenbo, a game of hide and seek alone with a possessed doll. I don't think my idea belongs here though, but I'm sharing in case.