GROUP RP PLOTTING Horror/Alternate Universe RP?

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  1. I was thinking it could be a jump-in:

    Pretty much, what's going on, is that several people are somehow transported to a different universe where the inhabitants are all things from nightmares. All sorts of creepy things, like Slenderman and other things that psycho murder people. So, aside from trying to find a way home, they also have to survive getting killed.

    Though, that's all I really have right now. I figure I should get some more plot/story before starting though ^^
  2. I'd be up for that :)
  3. This idea has the potential to be a very Lovecraftian type of horror. If you're interested in going that route, I'd be happy to hop on board to assist.
  4. Great! I'd love to have some assistance with this ^^ I'm dry on ideas right now
  5. Interesteddd
  6. Alright~ Anybody have ideas for this? So far, all I have is what I wrote. I don't have much else for it >.<