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  1. Horoscope High, a new developing school that has taken in the students with powers of the Horoscope. Some could control thier elements, others had the physical characteristics of the animals, many had matching personalities.

    It's nearing the end of the school year and Senior Class B is having a field trip soon to a beach near a forest. This trip happens every year, a parting trip if you will. The students get to be on their own mostly, the teachers spending the week in the resort while the students camp on the beach.

    Sera Fitzgerald was a student of the Senior Class B, she had been a little nervous of this trip, but excited as well. She had all her bags packed, ready for a week by the ocean. She could barely contain her excitement, her long brown hair swayed in the breeze as she waited for the to make it's rounds to her house. The bus would be coming to pick up every student in Senior Class B, her's was the first in line.

    Her purple eyes studied the sunny scenery, she hoped that this trip would be a really fun one. The wheels on the bus could be heard from down the street, causing Sera to smile even more. She ran back to her room, grabbed her bags and walked over to the front door, just as the bus was about to pull up. She put her bags underneath the bus in the storage area, then made her way on it.

    "Good morning!" She greeted the bus driver and her teachers, waving to them before sitting down. It wouldn't be too long now, soon all the students would be picked up and they would be on their way.
  2. Max smiled from where she sat in the tree waiting for the bus to come. She was so excited to go even though she would be alienated at every turn for being spontaneous or overly imaginative with some ideas. She sat there in her swimsuit top and shorts thankful she didn't have a tail to go with her horn. They made her look weird.
    With one hand she was sketching the trees leaves hoping that Mason was on the trip as well. There was just something about that boy that struck her fancy. Maybe it was the eyes that for some reason she always found herself drawing.
    The bus than pulled up and she whispered to her little ferret that sat on her shoulder to stay quiet as she slipped him into her pencil case with some crackers.
    With one jump she was out of the tree, and hauling all her (two) bags of luggage with her.
    She smiled at the bus driver than sat in the very back starting to draw the bus interior even though it was weird. She waved at Serra with a faint smile knowing that she'd probably get ignored, but oh well. It was in her nature to be friendly.
  3. Mason just finished packing the rest of his bags and ate before heading downstairs. He was estatic about heading on the trip especially the fact that he'd be around water for the most part. Placing his backpack on that contained extra essentials he might need, he grabbed his bags and headed out his house and sat on the porch steps. It was warm so he wore a tank top and some loose cargo shorts and a backwards baseball cap on his head. The school had the same trip each year and now it was his time to enjoy the trip. He looked up when he heard and saw the bus and he picked up his bags and walked over to the bus and stepped inside once the bus driver opened the door. Once inside he looked around and saw two females, he nodded at both of them and then took his seat near the back.
  4. A big purple duffle bag laid on a nicely made bed. Clothes were neatly folded and placed in the bag. Other items like a laptop, phone charger, sketch pad, and a college ruled notbook were also packed in the bag. A vacation. Thats what she needed. Thats what they all needed. She zipped the duffel closed and hoisted on her shoulder. She looked at her phone and couldnt remember if it was set 5 minutes early or just the right time.

    Platinum blonde hair, which was close to white, waved rapidly in the wind. She wasn't sure if she was late, early, or even just in time. Her stupid cell was never any help to her. Her honey glazed orange eyes spotted a bus that had a few people she had seen within the school before. She slowed down and walked calmly to the bus. Her sun kissed skin didn't arch well with her hair. She could have easily stood out. Yet there were people who were well developed according to their horoscope.

    She saw a teacher who waited out side the bus. "Gemini present..."

    "You were almost late." she didnt hessiate in calling her out. The lady looked up at the grils eyes and instantly calmed. "but it's fine... Climb aboard."

    Kalydri began to board the bus but looked back. "Let the other pass with out pulling a fit" she spoke calmly as if it was a trance. The elder lady nodded and went back to her job. She smirked and got on. Kaly was very fond of her ability even though she rarely used it. She looked around the bus and saw two females and a male. She smiled at them all and sat in an empty seat in the very back. She always had hated the front of buses why would she let this day be any different. Kaly sat and watched out the window waiting for it to finally move after everyone boarded.
  5. Max sighed slightly twirling a chunk of brown curls around her finger. She was glancing every now and than at Mason, and simultaneously drawing him. The boy to faint over. Her ferret sat in the crook of her body as she slouched with her knees against the seat in front of her. 'A pathetic crush on a fish' Kurt (her ferret) squeaked looking at the drawing than the boy, but of course Max heard being a Taurus who could talk to animals.
    "Sh..." she muttered still dreamy eyed taking in every aspect of him.
    The blue black hair, those dreamy eyes, that kind smile. What wasn't to love?
    She sighed again but quickly ducked down when he looked over at her. She was certainly the class freak here.
  6. Mason looked out the window at the trees and cars that they were passing, he just wanted to reach the beach. When being away from water for long periods of time it made him sick and weak like. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he took it out and read the message and smirked as he replied back. He was mostly a calm person and relaxed when possible. He looked over at the female when the bus driver said "gemini". Trailing over her body he looked over at the other girl he caught glancing over at him and he smiled slightly before looking back out the window.
  7. Out the window, grew boring as it was just the normal people walking along the road. No one else zodiac wise had climbed into the bus. She even made it easy for the others. They disnt have to deal with the yelling of the teacher. She looked over at the male who was scanning her as she walked on the bus. He was attractive. She could agree to that but he seemed a bit distant. She looked in front of her at the girl who gave him googly eyes. Kaly couldn't help but giggle and want to be mean. It was the dark side of her that wanted to be slightly mean. She couldn't help but go ahead with it. Her body pushed her up and over to Mason. She picked up his bag and sat down placing it in her lap. Sadly, the Gemini ways described her completely. Some had few bit and pieces of the traits but hers was complete. She leaned in front of him with her hair grazing the seat in front of them. "Hi. I'm Kalydri." She gave a smile but not one that people could hardly resist. This one was soft and sweet. It was the good side again. She wasn't flirty or trying to tease only be friendly. "You okay?"
  8. (I filled out the thing in the discussion for this RP. ^^; Hope this is ok.)

    Leo stretched languidly as he rose from his chair, his tail curling in his pleasure. Today would be the trip, and it would awesome. He just knew it. On a whim, he had packed his winter sweatshirt instead of his summer one, but he doubted he'd need either. Cold didn't bother him. A meow took his attention and he looked down at the fat ginger tom lounging on the floor by his feet. "Don't worry, Esceri will be over every day to take care of you. Make sure you're nice to him," Leo added affectionately. Tau (the cat) licked a paw and rolled onto his back.

    'Better than Crystal,' he meowed, and Leo snickered to himself, rich brown eyes crinkling.

    "Watch out for Jasmine. I imagine she'll want to get away from Crystal as well," the Zodiac added playfully, before grabbing up his luggage - a single, though admittedly large, duffel bag. "See you when I get back!" Leo added, his ears twitching as he picked up the sound of the bus. Dashing out his door, he took the time to lock it behind him and then raced down the driveway to where the bus would pick him up. It was just around the corner now. He was slightly out of breath from his run, but he greeted the oncoming vehicle with a holler and a wave. This would be hella fun.
  9. The slender boy walked at a normal pace to the bus. He wasn't in a hurry nor was he really worried either. A breeze blew over the city causing his short light brown hair to wave a bit. His honey eyes caught sight of the teacher who stood there watching for everyone to board. He looked at her with no real expression on his face. Aiden pulled himself on the long yellow payless taxi. "Aquarius." The driver announced. He scanned over the the seat and the people and saw the figure who's zodiac was Gemini. He lifted his bag over his head to make it easier to navigate to a seat. He rolled his eyes and walked to the back grabbing her from Mason's seat. He set her down then proceeded to move her bag and his to the seat beside them. He pushed up his glasses so they wouldn't fall off his face.

    "Aiden~!!!" Kalydri complained instantly.

    He shook his head at her and covered her mouth. "Don't argue. You shouldn't be flirting with some boy to make others jealous." He picked her straight off of what she had began to do. "That poor girl. You could have crushed her heart."

    She huffed knowing it was ironic he may have not showed emotions much but he cared strongly for others. She nudged him and turned her head to the window. "I was only being friendly." They fell silent as thy waited for the bus to move. Her eyes caught the glimpse of another male. She smiled until Aiden poked her face. She grunted as her cousin royally aggravated her. They were alike yet so completely different.
  10. Max smiled sheepishly at everyone who smiled at her, and kept her head down when the Gemini was talking to Mason. Personally Max had a possession problem even though he wasn't hers. He had been kind to her during a class project. One of the few people who'd ever been kind. Just cause she was a Taurus didn't mean she was made from steel. She had feelings.
    Kurt squeaked again, 'I could go run up his pant leg to get his attention for you. That be hard to ignore.' That thought made her chuckle.
    "No, its okay. I'd rather be invisible than look like a fool." She said softly glancing up again at him than down at the drawing of him. Perfect match... again.
    'I'm surprised no ones caught you yet with those drawings of him.' Kurt squeaked sitting on her knee.
    "Me to actually. Or the fact that I'm talking to a ferret?"
    'Maxwell Frenzel. You're the one talking to me.' he squeaked at her trying to act viscous even though it wasn't working.
    "I just wish he'd talk to me again..." she said with a sigh sinking lower in her seat staring at the drawing.
  11. The bus's next stop was a quiet one, in front of the tidy little house of Hazel White.

    Hazel had been preparing all morning (and a great deal of the night) for this trip; she gave the solitary drawstring bag on her bed a long, hard look, trying to think of things she might have forgotten. Toothbrush? Check. Extra clothes? Check. Snacks? Check. And on the list went, until Hazel was sure that she had in fact packed everything she would need ... Still, the Virgo hesitated as she scooped up the bag in her tanned arms. This would be her first real camping experience, and she was a little nervous to be sharing it with the other students in her class. She'd known many of them since freshman year, but was always too shy to socialize much ... Would she make a fool of herself? Annoy them all? Biting her lip, Hazel did one final check and crept down the stairs from her room to the front door, making sure not to make any noise.

    The Virgo had recently been chewed out by her parents, and had to be sure not to irk them any further lest she receive a none-too-friendly goodbye, especially from her father. The girl shuddered at the very thought, absently fingering a large green-blue tinted bruise on her arm. They knew she'd be leaving soon, so she figured she didn't really need to 'bid them adieu' anyways. After a few minutes the bus rolled down her street, and Hazel was out of the door, closing it silently behind her wings.

    The Virgo strode towards the bus calmly, stepping onto it as she slung her drawstring bag over one shoulder. She allowed her teachers and classmates one shy smile before settling into the closest available seat, far away from most of her peers in the back. After arranging her wings, Hazel sighed a little and looked out the window, noting that this camping trip wasn't off to a very good start.
  12. Mason was intent on looking out the window until the girl he was looking at decided to take a seat next to him. His greenish blue eyes looked into her's as she leaned forward and introduced herself. He blinked twice and then nodded his head " um its nice to meet you the names mason". He looked at her and raised his eyebrow as his eyes roamed over her body for a breif second before looking away. He noticed the boy that walked on the bus as the driver said Aquarius and he watched as he moved Kalydri from the seat next to him to thr seat across from him and he smirked when he relized what she was trying to to. When the next female got on the bus and she was a virgo, he looked back out the window waiting to arrive at the place.
  13. Leo settled in the back of the bus, laying out comfortably over two seats just in front of the five-seater backseat. His duffel bag was in the overhang above his head, so he was free to stretch and relax, studying his busmates. He could spot several other Zodiac signs amongst them, and smiled to himself; This ought to be a lot more fun than even he had thought. He got along well with some signs, not so well with others. But as always, it would end up being alright after all was said and done.

    Raising himself, he leaned over the back of the seat in front of him to say hi to the girl sitting there, and was shocked to be greeted with the sight of a ferret. "Uh... H-hi, there... Ferret..." he stammered, blinking.
  14. Max jumped slightly at the hi but smiled looking up at the cat like boy. "Leo right?" she asked with a smile looking up at him.
    Kurt squeak, 'He's kinda cute.' up at Max.
    "This is Kurt my ferret buddy." she said with a smile.
  15. Leo grinned, chuckling. "Yeah, it's Leo. Maxwell? Your ferret is kinda adorable, you know that?" he asked, smiling as he relaxed over the back of the seat. His tail was flicking very slightly at the end; in him, a sign of contentment. "So are you," he added with a wink; though somehow, it wasn't flirty, he was just paying her a compliment.
  16. "Yep." Max said with a smile patting the seat next to her with a smile. She closed her sketch pad as the ferret went to sit on her head.
    "Kurt said your cute to." she said with a blush at that last comment. No body had told her she was cute. She started messing with her curls as she sat there. Horns poking out slightly.
    "Ever seen a Robin moth before?" she asked randomly pulling out her camera still balancing a ferret on her head.
  17. It had only been a few minutes since she'd climbed on the bus, and already Hazel was a nervous wreck. She rummaged through her drawstring bag once, twice- three times and counting, not looking for anything in particular but so that her hands were busy as she fretted to herself. The way she'd walked onto the bus ... Had she done it stupidly? Clumsily? The Virgo knew that the other kids were gossiping about her in the back, she just knew it ...

    One absent-minded slip of the hand, and half the contents of her bag were on the floor of the bus. Hazel jumped a little, but still managed to scoop up most of it, mentally scolding herself for being so careless; and as the Virgo watched, the small orchid she had picked that morning went sliding under her seat, down the bus, and into uncharted territory.

    Hazel didn't know why she had picked an orchid out of all the flowers in her garden that morning; orchids weren't associated with her zodiac sign, but Aquarius. Still, the Virgo thought the flower particularly beautiful, and had wanted a sort of good luck charm before she left- and just look how that had turned out. Some great luck I'm having. The winged girl bit her lip and leaned into the aisle, peeking back, her auburn hair hanging down to the floor as she did so. She just hoped no one would step on it.
  18. Gemini continued to pout mnowing Mason probably thought the worse of her. Of course thats what started it but oh well. She was a nice person. Why couldnt she just have fun once in awhile. The trip would be fantastic still. She was sure of it. Kalydri just had to get away from her cousin. She began plotting. Her thought was interrupted as a male plopped in the seat right infront of her. "Excuse me..." Her voice showed the annoyance in it. She rolled her eyes then stared out the window again.

    Watching little Virgo walk aboard the bus, he stood up instantly and headed where she was. Of course thanks to leo he had to step ove his legs to reach the girl in need. He bent over and helped pick up the contents of her bag. She may have scurried away but he pick up the left over things. His body picked up off the ground and walked of to the young girl. "Umm... Miss?" He was of course an Aquarius. His instincts elope her out and even kept a semi serious face. There were sometimes he smiled but again... Those occasions were rare. "Here's the rest of your stuff you had dropped." he spoke calmly. He pushed back the small rims infront of his honeyed eyes. "I thought you would like all the contents of your bag not just some."

    He must has forgot something. She hung out of the aisle staring at something. He looked back and picked up the flower. He stood there a few minutes with it in his hand. Aiden couldn't help but smile. He brought it back to Hazel. "Something with much beauty should be well taken care of" he was still smiling and couldn't help it. He opened her hand and placed the flower. "Take good care of the Orchid. It brings luck to some."
  19. Leo's ears perked up with interest at the name, his pupils large and relaxed in his eyes. "No, I never have - although, I like the sound of it...." He thought of something and chuckled to himself. "Tau would probably eat it, too," he sighed, grinning lazily. "My cat," he added, just to make sure he hadn't confused Max. "That fat animal will eat anything - but he'll deny it." Grinning, Leo leapt gracefully over the back of the seat, landing lightly next to Max. "I'd love to see a Robin moth."
  20. More cursing. More fretting. More worrying. Hazel stewed in her seat, face flushed, totally embarrassed over dropping her things despite doing so quietly. She tried to reason with herself; no one had probably seen her, and even if they had, no one would care. The girl bit her lip. Yes, no one noticed, no one cared, so there was nothing to be upset about. Nothing. To. Be. Upset. Abou-

    "Um... Miss?" Hazel's golden eyes widened as she turned slowly, eventually staring up into the face of a boy whose name was ... Ashton? Ian? Nerves prevented the girl from settling on a single name, but she stood gracefully despite the anxiety clawing out her insides. He had come bearing a handful of her things that she had somehow looked over; with a steady hand she received them and placed them on her seat, intending to put them away as soon as Aiden -Aiden, that's it- left. Which, as she knew, he most certainly would.

    "Thank you. I'm sorry," Hazel responded, her lips creeping up in a bashful, somewhat melancholy half-smile. The smile quickly faded as she watched Aiden reach behind him and pluck the orchid from the ground, keeping it in his hand for a second or two ... Shock filled her face. How did he know it was there-what was he thinking-oh lord he was an Aquarius, wasn't he? Hazel waited in silence, watching Aiden's face carefully, and was surprised to see a slight smile melt onto his features. She was not sure she had ever seen him smile before.

    The Virgo flinched back as he took her hand where a purple bruise was painted, but relaxed as he gently placed the orchid in her palm. "I- uh," She stuttered, and was immediately embarrassed- Hazel White was rarely inarticulate. She tried again. "I. I'm- thank you. I do hope it does, although I'm afraid I'm not very lucky." ‚ÄčThat tiny, sad smile crept onto her lips. "Aiden, right?"