Horologists Unite!

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  1. Today, the Horologists of Iwaku was born!

    Come one, come all, if you're interested in watches, clocks and all manner of time pieces and keepers, this is the club for you! Come and join us in showing off your favorites or sharing your knowledge. Level of experience is totally irrelevant. You can be just interested in what horology is all about or you can be a seasoned, scholarly collector with eyes on collecting Harrison oddities. Everyone is welcome.

    All normal fees apply. Membership is free however the gradual cost of sanity may be levied occasionally. The Horologists of Iwaku takes no responsibility for overly frivolous spending on items of historical value that would otherwise be considered junk by the layman. HoI is a non-profit organization organized under section 1337 of the Iwaku Incorporation Laws of 2069. All contributions made to HoI and it's Agenda (DUN-DUN-DUN) may or may not be used to brainwash fellow members into forfeiting their sanity. Joining HoI may or may not cause headaches, dry eyes, salivation, depression, aggression, extreme feelings of want, obsession, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, sudden bouts of crying, random breaks outs of cackling, or designs to rule the world by taking over the Atomic Clock. Do not stop immediately if you experience of these symptoms as withdrawal might make the symptoms worse. Speak to your doctor before joining HoI to see if you're physically fit enough to take the shear awesomeness of Horology. Talk to your local pharmacist or chemist about HoI brand TimeCaps(TM) for those moments where you simply cannot stare long enough at a watch or clock. TimeCaps: We Stop Time So You Don't Have To.