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  1. Horizon's Last Stand
    Squadron 6414
    Yosuke Kirigawa
    Valori Adonaia
    Xalines Raseana Xavusesa
    Savaniel Volduriaz

    These four individuals have been trained for five year. While their training is not yet complete, the need for soldiers calls them to action. However, they are not the ones to fight in the front line. Often times Squadrons are called upon for simple extermination from within the Safe Zones, though they have been known to be dangerous at times.

    Now this particular group had been assigned a few younger students to shadow them on this mission in particular. Mostly as it was nothing too dangerous this time around. In the southern regions of Loxdon, a band of Goblins had set up camp not far from major farmland for the Safe Zone. No one had been injured yet, but crops had been raided, and livestock stolen. It was quite the nuisance. And so, Squadron 6414 was assigned to the task, and the third-years

    Sean Grant
    Minerva Josephine Adrigal
    Beate Acker

    These three individuals have been told to shadow Squadron 6414 on their recent mission. Things seem as though they will be going well, as they sit and wait.

    Hidden in the darkness of the night sky, Yosuke was perched in a tree at the edge of the fields, knowing that these demons tend to strike at night. Goblins. Rather pesky beings, too cowardly to act alone, they always form groups. Rarely would you see a goblin try to attack on it's own. Well this particular group has been stealing cattle and crops for almost a month now, and it's been getting on everybody's nerves. So here he was now, perched in a tree, rifle at his side, a bug demon above him, and perhaps one of the most arrogant girls he has ever had the displeasure of having to mentor. But alas, he was really the only one on the team best to help her. Valori being an angel had no real idea how to forge pacts. Savaniel would never even pay attention to her, even if he wasn't an angel, the prick. And Xali... Well once the thing was stunned, she would be more than likely to cut it open, and study it on a molecular level.

    "So things fall onto me then... Listen Minerva, you're hanging up here with me because I've got the most experience with forming Pacts. And you desperately need one. If I were making the rules you wouldn't be allowed to advance to the next year without one. Goblins really aren't an ideal companion, but given the circum-..."

    Rustling in the bushes a few feet from them. Yosuke waved his hand, signalling to Minerva not to make a sound. He turned to the butterfly winged creature above him, whispering to her Lights on. The creature, while silent, seemed to giggle as she raised her hand out. A few moments of nothing at all. In fact, nothing really seemed to be happening at all. But as small statured creatures made their way into the fields, fireflies began to fill the area, all seeming to gather around each individual. Judging by the groups of fireflies, there were at least 40 of them. He pressed his finger against his ear, and whispered to the rest of his group, all of whom were hidden somewhere else nearby.

    "Alright, their marked. They don't seem to know any better, though they are obviously rather irritated by them... Everyone ready yourselves to engage... Valori, on my mark, light the skies..."

    He repositioned himself for a nice shot, aiming for one of the annoying creatures in the head. It's features were heavily shrouded in the darkness, but thanks to the light the fireflies provided, he had just enough to see them.

    So far things were going just as planned. Take these forces out, keep one and have him lead them to the camp. Hopefully get this other one to make a pact with Minerva. Then, clear out the camp.​
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  2. This was beneath him.

    Scowling within the darkness that the cowardly human hunter pleaded Squadron 6414 to hide in, Savaniel felt no pleasure in partaking the task at hand. Goblins? Was that the only thing the administration of Horizon thought that someone of his standing was worth? Just goblins goblins goblins until they graduated as goblin slayers instead of demon slayers? A total waste of time and energy. These midget thieves didn’t even deserve to become rust on his ethereal sword.

    And please, there were only forty of those disgusting, half-naked pests. Even two hundred wouldn’t be enough to demonstrate his awe-inspiring skill.

    As their self-proclaimed leader began to initiate a plan that Savaniel had never actually approved, the angel sighed with discontentment. Abruptly, he rose from behind the bushes and flicked away a few fallen leaves from his silver hair. Gleaming in moonlight, the swordsman almost looking like a knight in shining armor…before he stated, glaring at Yosuke, “This really was a waste of time, you Satanist.”

    A few goblins looked up at the sudden movement, their bulbous eyes taking an instant to register what stood before them.

    An instant too long.

    With a blaze of sunfire, Savaniel appeared in the center of the group, a violent gale trailing his presence. Resplenara sang a saga in a single line, becoming a divine blur as the goblins were dragged into the hurricane of blows. Those who retreated were pierced. Those who retaliated were pierced. Those who cowered were pierced. Those who were planning on retiring from a life of crime were pierced. Those with three kids to feed and a sickly wife to take care of were pierced.

    Death came swiftly for all demons. There was no discrimination, as Savaniel danced through the mob, cutting out their very souls with the phantom blade. Resplenara hummed a bewitching requiem, until the field laid silent, ten seconds later.

    A feeble wail sounded from the bloodbath, as Savaniel disdainfully kicked a runt of a goblin, its leg tendons severed, towards Yosuke.

    “See? No plan needed after all, amateurs.”
  3. Sean and his demon Edispu hid in the bushes. Based on the plan given to them they’d set the field on fire to lessen the numbers and then let the group handle what remained. However, no one expected that a single man would decide to take on all the demons by himself. So, instead both Edispu and Sean studied him.

    “That man is ridiculous.” Edispu’s skull echoed.

    Edispu, due to unknown circumstances, is trapped in the body of a dog, but with the help of demonic magic he was able to manipulate its body to his liking. However, because he is in this dog’s body he relies on a magical skull that relays his thoughts into speech. The skull hovered around his head and had hypnotizing eyes. It still makes Sean shiver to look at it.

    “He’s cocky.” Sean replied. “He also has that sword…”

    “You noticed as well?” Edispu’s voice sounded surprised.

    “Don’t know, but it was like it was invisible.” Sean answered.

    “Nevermind then. Reap those souls and let’s move on.” Edispu commanded.

    “Don’t boss me around.” Sean fired back, shoving Edispu, and picking up his bat.

    Sean walked slowly onto the field with his bat over his shoulder and held his hand out above the dead bodies. He then balled his hand into a fist and pulled it to his chest. As he did this the souls of the demons entered his own body. Sean then pointed to Edispu with a finger gun and fired. Instantly the souls transferred from Sean to Edispu.

    “Oh, that hit the spot!” Edispu snickered rubbing his belly.

    “We’re going.” Sean called.

    “Right, right.” Edispu replied annoyed.

    Edispu ran like a dog over to Sean who started walking farther into the safe zone to find something to do.
  4. "Wheeww! Another exciting, glamourous day of goblin hunting, eh? Or is it them hunting us? I can never be sure," the demon known as Zauberer idly said with a laid-back expression, the cat-like figure with a deep voice laying comfortably on top of Beate Acker's head as though it were a pillow, the girl herself hiding behind a nearby tree reticently.

    A lack of response was something that Zauberer was used to, having known Beate for quite some time now. She was usually not one to talk that much, only speaking when spoken to with a question or so, and even then, the answer would be curt and brief. Still, he'd get her to react more to things yet! After all, having a companion who didn't act like a companion at all could be boring, and though Zauberer was easy to please, claiming to be the kind of individual who would be fine so long as food would always be with him, he figured Beate would be much more interesting to be around if she were to emote more.

    Like a normal person.

    Of course, every time he'd use that phrase, "normal person," Beate would react to that in of itself. And by that, she would raise an eyebrow quizzically, as though either mystified that she wasn't considered a normal person, or wondering why Zauberer was even talking to her about "normalcy" in this not-normal world, where this little cat-like creature who occasionally quoted Shakespeare asked her to be more normal.

    She never did see the irony in it, much to the demon's chagrin.

    That said, with her back against the back of the tree, her own arms hugging her spear against her body as though she were cradling a child, Beate waited robotically for the signal to be given to attack the goblins. She was ready for battle, even if Zauberer wasn't, though he was good at catching up, right?

    "... It's almost time," she murmured.

    "Oi oi, you actually expect me to fight alongside you? You know the agreement that comes with that, right?"

    "I will provide you with as much food as you would need. Any extra, and you may put on excess weight."

    "How dare you?!" Zauberer exclaimed, as though offended, "Putting on weight is something I could not be able to possibly do, as I am--"

    "Please be quiet."

    "... Good talk," he sighed.​
  5. It was a bit of a nuisance at times to have Xalis position as it was. And she was going by Xalis. Nothing shorter and certainly nothing longer. She had made sure to make that abundantly clear to her associates. Bother new and old.

    While it was true her high positioned station in the 'Academy' as a student had afforded her certain luxuries such as more in depth research into demonology, along with certain materials and tools, it did not come without it's price. She did have to attend other classes that she found useless although she had manged to avoid wearing the...uniforms. Even so, she was still bothered with other things, such as being asked to assist other students who didn't have a grasp on certain lessons of demonology. Granted she was able to push such tasks onto Yosuke most of the times. Even so, there were certain things she apparently couldn't escape. No matter how hard she tried.

    Which brought her to where she was now. Sitting on a cut down log, surrounded in a very dim lit camp fire with three others. Well, it went down from three to two and now currently to one. The only one she really cared for company if only because she didn't say much. She sighed, hearing a few muttered words of her only other 'team mate', before glancing to the side from the book she was reading before sticking a hand out toward said only other team mate.

    "Beate, go on without me."

    Which, when translated, meant, just copying her powers and taking care of it while she sat here and continued to read.

    "Big sips."

    Taking her time copying Xalis' powers would allow Beate to use it for a longer duration and perhaps all the way to the goblins main base of operations, though that sounded a bit too generous of a word for goblins. Regardless, it would allow Xalis to stay where she currently was during the entire mission.

    Wouldn't that be nice?
  6. A clear shot at the leader of this rag-tag team of pests. Ideally, this is the one to capture. Yosuke prepared an ensnarement, but right before releasing, a familiar voice called out, and just as Yosuke was going to grapple the Goblin with his vines, the creature was cut down, slain before being of any use. The goblins stood in confusion for a moment before finally doing of of three things: Run, Hide, or Fight. Of course, this blur was none other than the masterful Savaniel.

    "What! God Dammit! Minerva! get down and try to secure one!"

    Yosuke meanwhile, stayed in his perch, firing at any Goblin that managed to make it to the edge of the forest. There was only one. And that is why he hated this man. It wasn't long until the sounds of the slaughter, died down. The silence was soon broken by the howls of agony one of the creatures let out as Savaniel sliced his tendons. Was he expecting praise!? Yosuke jumped from his perch, angrily making his way toward the Angel.

    "The Hell are you doing! This isn't about how easy the fight is. Hell, the most difficult thing about these guys is making sure they don't get away! And the thing is, I don't think you realize how many could have made their escape."

    His mind wandered back to the singular Goblin that managed to make it only so far. The very fact that only one made it through his defenses made him even more frustrated. He shouldn't be allowed to think the way he does, but the world only seems to support him. The meek sounds of the crippled Goblin caught his attention. The thing was trying to crawl away. Even when rendered immobile, these guys still try to run. He pulled his sidearm from its holster, pointing it at the Goblin's misshapen, melon sized head.

    "Oh no buddy. I may be pissed at this guy, but we do need you. You're gonna be helping us from now on. Minerva, get talking to this guy. Give him his life, and he should easily submit to you."

    He handed his sidearm to the girl, and made his way to the edge of the forest, where the butterfly-winged girl, Sylvia flew over to him, seemingly trying to cheer him up. Boy was she a weird one... But they still had a job to do. They needed to get going, and clear out the camp. This was a rather large operation they had here. Must be a big group of these guys not far from here...​
  7. Minerva came out from her hiding spot behind a tree, scythe out and ready to cut things down. She accepted Yosuke's pistol without a word and kneeled down in front of the goblin that was supposed to contract with her. "Well," she said. "It seems you're out of luck, little goblin." The goblin didn't say a word, instead quivering in fear at the sight of Minerva's scythe. "Tell me your name, little goblin, and I'll give you this pistol." She turned the pistol around in her hand and held it out, grip first. "I'll give you the pistol, if you form a pact with me."

    The goblin quickly realizes that this is pretty much his only chance of living, so he takes the pistol and says "Stronk accepts, milady."

    Minerva and Stronk go through the motions of the pact, and at the end of it all, Stronk has a new gun and Minerva has her own demon.
  8. It wasn't long after they got to their destination for their current mission and assessed the situation before Valori knew what she was going to do: nothing. A few score of goblins? For fifth years? For her? Were they serious? It was insulting, not to mention the fact that she was now presumed to be the underling of a human with demons. She raised an eyebrow before turning her gaze to the male issuing her orders. It remained for only a moment before she stood to her feet to dust off, waving her hand to unsummon her sword she had been preparing to use for something worth the little amount of effort it would take too complete. Savaniel could take care of this, Valori on the other hand chose to walk off without a thought of the possibility of wasting her time on something so miniscule.

    And it was handled quickly, as predicted, by Savaniel, though also with little and presumably unwanted help. If she hadn't already been on her way in the opposite direction of the group, she would have been after knowing what their mission truly seemed to be. To get another weak human to submit themselves to begging a demon to form a pact with them so they didn't have to train or learn to fight on their own. Demons I infuriated and disgusted Valori, and by extension, almost equally so the humans that formed relationships with the vile creatures. The thought of assisting one of these satanic rituals sent Valori into a mix of emotions, and none of them were good. She simply chose to stay out of the way until the mission was complete, with a few choice words for the heads back at the academy that she'd likely never express.
  9. Savaniel smirked as the gunman angrily approached him. Flicking a few strands of hair from his face, the angle chuckled and said, “You speak much about Hell for someone who aids Heaven, amateur. Sure that the demons you fraternize with haven’t began eating away at your soul yet?”

    There wasn’t a hint of irritation at all in Savaniel’s tone, only the bemusement of someone who clearly thought that Yosuke’s complaints were hilarious. His finger curled around one of his long braids as he turned to see Valori leave. She must have thought that this mission was equally pointless, especially the time-consuming process they had to go through simply setting up an ‘ambush’ and all that. As if he needed the element of surprise to mop up these vermin. “Honestly, I don’t think you realize who I am. I’m Savaniel Volduriaz, not a third-rate washout like you.”

    With that, he flicked the blood off his sword and sheathed it once more, watching what their ‘great’ leader was going to do with a crippled demon.

    So that was what he was going to do.

    And that was what she was going to accept.

    “Ah, disappointing.”

    The smirk faded from his lips, replaced with merely disgust as the red-haired aristocrat took up a pact with such a pathetic, worthless miserable creature. He had heard of her before, a human who took so much pride in her bloodline that she went through three years in Horizon using only her God-given skills and her effort.

    But now she was yet another newborn desperately craving power, sucking on the teats of Satan’s spawn.


    “Well, let’s get this pest extermination over with. Lead the way, Mr. Leader.”
  10. "Okay."

    It was all Beate said in response to Xalis, and it was the only thing that she needed to say. Quickly huddling over next to her, the pale girl would place her hand on Xalis's, and take a deep breath as the copying process began. If Beate knew anything about her upperclasswoman at this point, it was that she was always generally bored-looking (Beate personally never understood it when people would say the two of them looked a little alike in that regard) and preferred to not be disturbed in her activities, even if it meant letting others pick up her slack.

    Not that Beate really minded. She didn't want to be a bother to Xalis, so she did as requested. After all, Xalis never bothered her, so there was no need to start anything now. And more than that, that just meant more time on the field for Beate herself. The so-called "thrill" of battle was always something that she found refreshing in a strange sense, like a spring breeze. It reminded her that she was alive. And it also reminded her just how close she often came to death. Like she was walking the tight-rope of life, and if she were to fall, she'd fall into the abyss. The abyss of death, with no way to come back up.

    The process of copying one's power wasn't all that complicated. One could go on about the specific details of Beate linking with someone, reaching in on something of a spiritual level, and being lent the person's ability willingly, but Beate never cared for redundant specifics like that. While the person she would borrow from generally didn't feel that much during the process, other than a slight tingling sensation, it was Beate that would do all the feeling, as a sensation of foreign power, power that her body would miraculously accept (as these kinds of things probably defied the understanding of modern science in one way or another), would fill her up, and her body would even almost seem to glow for a moment. Once the process was done as abruptly as it had begun, Beate would open her eyes again, her pupils shining ever so slightly as she was imbued with new power.

    "Excuse me, then."

    With that, Beate would spring into action, as it seemed that everyone else had already sprung in. Wasting no time in tapping into her borrowed power, Beate would take a deep breath as she'd land before the enemy, taking a look at them all in order to gauge their stances, positions, and weapons.


    A blinding blade of pure, almost beautiful fire would appear, held harmlessly by Beate. With one straight swing of her arm, the girl would inflict fiery wrath upon the first goblin who moved to attack her, the blade of flames moving out of Beate's hand like a snake and engulfing the demon in its own matter, the little bugger letting out agonized screams as he struggled to fight the flames. This presumably gave the other goblins nearby pause, before all collectively charging towards Beate with battle cries, intending to overpower her through numbers.

    What a costly mistake.

    Ultimate Shield.

    Tapping in to Xalis's power once again, it would almost feel like the air would shake for a moment when giant black spikes would materialize out of thin air, assaulting every goblin that would dare to approach the long-haired girl. Most were impaled and dispatched with right on the spot, sickening shlick sounds ringing out as they'd down the enemy easily enough, and then in the end of that, there was one more remaining, standing rather cowardly in front of Beate, mumbling and grunting to himself, as if thinking a way out of this situation, or some strategy to fend off Beate.

    He then made a bad choice.

    With a savage roar, he would charge towards Beate like all the others had before. However, deciding that he wasn't even worth exerting her abilities over, she waited for him to come, timing it just right, before...


    Having balled her left hand (that is, her only real hand), she performed a quick, yet effective backfist, slamming it into the goblin's face with superhuman strength. The force of it alone was enough to stun and disorientate him, but she wasn't done, evident with how he was still standing on his feet. Bringing her hand over to the other side, Beate would then swing her fist forward, performing a devastating hook right into the back of the goblin's head, the impact of the punch strong enough to send him flying facefirst straight into the dirt below.

    And with that, Beate would take a casual breath, brushing aside some of her stray hair that flowed in the wind. Not bad for a day's work. Even though the job was probably far from done.​
  11. Yosuke just watched as Valori kept her distance from Minerva and the newly inducted Stronk as they made their pact. Xalis was more concerned with looking at the ones others had killed, Savaniel was arrogant, and despised him because of his demons, and it was evident that Valori had a similar sentiment. And here Yosuke was, trying his best to keep this team together

    "Huuh... You know Sylvia, I try. I honestly try, but I don't think this rag-tag group of misfits, myself included, can actually make an effective team. Ever since we were placed together, things have always been this way..."

    She was too busy playing with some of the fireflies she called. Honestly, often times he has to wonder how in the world they could see something so harmless as her as evil. But he had other things he needed to attend to, as he walked back from his post near the edge.

    Yosuke liked to to think that Samuel and Lukas knew that these two needed some guidance on the subject of Demons and pacts. After all, it was a minority sentiment. But even then prejudice is a hard thing to cure. Once everything had been dealt with, he headed toward Valori (leaving Sylvia behind for now). Of course, he didn't get any closer than a few meters from her.

    "Hey Valori. I don't have much to say to you, but I feel this is something that needs to be said. That, and you're more reasonable than Niel. We're not here to kill. I'm not here to kill. We are here to protect. Protect the civilians in Loxdon, protect the Earth, and protect our team. And I will do whatever needs to be done to keep them safe. To keep you safe. This team was formed almost 4 months ago, and during that time, it's clear to see that no one on it really trusts the other... I'm guilty of that as well... I'll try to fix that. But all I can ask of you is to trust me. Trust the team. The whole team."

    Jumping off his figurative soapbox with no further words, Yosuke made his way to the goblin, and they began their line of questioning relating to the site that the goblins were held up. It didn't take too long. But the problem of transporting the immobile goblin was strikingly evident. If only Savaniel was not so... enthusiastic to put it lightly.

    He had Sylvia wrap his wounds, and called Deviento to carry the goblin for them. The four-legged, drake cooed and nuzzled the neck of it's master. It was obvious it enjoyed serving Yosuke. Of course, it was also a little off-put to have such a creature ride it. Nevertheless, it listened to him without falter. Now with their guide mobile, they were to proceed into the forest, and stamp out the last of the vermin.​
  12. "Sean, they're going deeper into the woods. Aren't you going to turn around?"

    Sean ignored Edipsu as he kept walking to Loxdon. This was his home town he was aware of the issue of goblins, but what Sean was after was not a goblin at the moment. He was after a hog. Sean marched through the forest and Edispu followed behind, using his skull like a camel, groaning in boredom. The demon's groans irritated Sean slightly, but not enough for him to use energy and tell him to be quiet.

    "Isn't this place infested... why are we walking here... kid!"

    Sean continued to ignore Edispu as they started to walk on the road leading to the farms. Eventually, the pair was so far away from the group there was no way he wasn't going to be reprimanded. Sean really did not care. He walked up to a barn and threw its doors open and smirked. Edispu looked around the boy and groaned even louder. Before them was Sean's motorcycle and equipment he used from other missions he took to Loxdon.

    "We came all that way for this?! I hope you die today!"

    "Get in line."

    Sean hopped on the bike and started to burn rubber, sending dirt flying behind him, when he stopped he smiled. Letting go of the brake he set out of the barn and down the road to catch up with the team. Edispu flew as fast as he could on his skull to keep up.
  13. The group walked for a while through the forest, the goblin leading their way. Yosuke kept alert at all times. Things other than goblins could be lurking in the forest. As they continued on, they soon spotted a fire in the distance. Stronk had warned them the camp was larger than they would expect. But he was only a gatherer, his commander did not tell him of anything other than how much food to gather. Sean soon followed them. He took his bike, but it would only take him so far until the ground became far too untame a motorcycle to be able to traverse. Thanks to Edispu's soul sensing ablilities, they still found their group. Yosuke gave a hushed, but sharp "Stick with the group."

    This singular fire was rather large at the time. As they approached, they could see a fair sized horde of goblins, perhaps 60 of the pukish things all arguing and fighting over what little food they had left. One goblin, notable larger than the others (though still stunted) walked out from a large tent nearby. He slammed two of his men's heads together. The two fell to the ground stunned. Stonk referred to him as his former leader Kankar

    "Listen up ya' lil shits! There isn't enough food for you for now, so just sit your asses down and shuddap! Giving me a migraine!"

    The tiny beings all grumbled and moaned, but after a smack or two from their abusive commander, they all went their own ways to their tents. The bigger one made his way back into his tent, a light still on inside. Yosuke looked around. It was best to wait a while for them to fall asleep before taking them out.

    "Well, this won't be too difficult it seems."
  14. "Heh, I'll say! Won't even have to bash their heads in together if we're gonna march in while they're sleeping," Zauberer would comment, perched atop Beate's head like a miniature gargoyle, though the girl would give a less than amused face (less so than she usually looked) in response to her demon familiar.

    "Please be quiet," she simply said, grabbing the cat-like demon by the back of his neck and practically stuffing him in the large pocket of her skirt, where at least he'd be hidden and (hopefully) comfortable. Once Zauberer had stopped struggling, hopefully not because he'd passed out, Beate would settle next to Yosuke, continuing to observe the area with red eyes, before speaking, composed as she always was.

    "Which tent shall we assault first? Or would the plan be to spread out and disable them all by ourselves?"
  15. "Each of you get a different tent. I'll head in first, just to make sure the coast is clear."

    Yosuke slowly crept from the brush, closing in on the center of the camp. The fire had died down by now, so it was sufficiently dark currently. Yosuke gave a quick survey, checking the entire perimeter of the camp. Everything seemed just fine. He signaled to the group, telling them to hit one of the tents. Quietly, of course. Deviento was still carrying Stronk. Yes, the goblin's obnoxious endurance and slight ability to regenerate would help a lot here, but Niel did a number on that guy. Once they were back at the Horizon, he should be fixed right up.

    As he stepped towards the tent, one of the disfigured, green-skinned creatures came flying out of the tent, screaming in fear, as it was evident he was used against his will. The goblin hit him with such incredible force, that he knocking him to the ground. Yosuke looked at the thing that was thrown at him, picking it up by the scruff of his neck. He was struggling to get his arms free, bound up completely... *Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock*

    "Oh no... Deviento!!"

    The beast was more concerned with the safety of his master right now, that he sped away. Stronk would have to hold on for dear life, or probably hurt himself falling. But, this was none of the small dragon's concern. He flew toward Yosuke at blinding speed, grabbing the bound goblin from his hands. He flew up high, and threw the goblin further up into the sky, as a large blast light the sky.

    Torches began lighting all around them. But there was too much coordination to the lighting. This wasn't a group of goblins hearing the commotion, and clamouring to see what's happening. No... They-

    "Well well well... Seems our source was correct. Sorry kiddies, I ain't got much patience for people who make me haffa go hungry. Alright boys, light 'em up!"

    More lights were lit, and Yosuke could see what was meant by, "larger than you would expect." There where hundreds, maybe thousands. Yosuke stepped back in worry, and surprise. This was way more than they were prepared for.

    "Everyone, run! Head back to Horizon!"
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  16. Nodding in compliance, Beate, as suggested by Yosuke, would stay put along with the others for the moment, waiting for him to give the okay to act. However, nothing ever went as planned, did it? What was the saying again? Expect the unexpected. How amusingly paradoxical, but now wasn't the time to think about things like that, was it? An army (debatable if it could even be called a "small" army) would suddenly appear before Yosuke, the young man being put in immediate danger. And then, as expected of any normal, sane person, he did the logical thing in the face of hundreds of enemies; call back his allies to run.

    However, Beate wasn't normal or sane, nor did she do logical things.

    Still empowered by the abilities she'd borrowed from Xalis, Beate would leap forward, skidding beside Yosuke, weapon ready to fight, going against the squad leader's order for whatever reason.

    "Go. I will hold them off and give you time to escape," Beate said calmly, with no fear or anxiety in her expression. There wasn't even any indication that she was surprised by the sudden appearance of the army, but hey, things changed. Opportunities arose at the blink of an eye.​
  17. "Yo..."

    Xalis finally sounded for the first time during the mission over the coms. Her voice casual and possibly a little bored as she kept reading her book. "Saw some lights and heard some noise over the com." Just a statement. "Everything alright?" Beate was there, so regardless of the problem, everything should be under control if not at least manageable. Better just to ask someone she knew would be able to explain best.

    "Beate..." Anything to update her about? It had been pleasantly quiet up until now. She wouldn't mind at all if it continued to stay that way but she also wouldn't mind to leave this place. After all, she'd end up finishing her book eventually.
  18. Before the surprise of the many goblins had reached the captain of their group, Yosuke, Sean and Edispu had already noticed the minute they arrived. Sean had assumed Yosuke only meant to damage them and didn’t speak up, but Edispu knew both what Yosuke didn’t know and of the goblins. Edispu just decided to give into his roots and watch the team suffer.

    As the explosion went off in the air Edispu smirked and watched as the camp lit up. Sean was somewhere between Yosuke and Edispu in terms of how he felt about the situation, but was quick to draw his bat. That was when he heard Yosuke’s order.

    “I have a plan.” Sean said as he walked forward with the bat over his shoulder. "We are supposed to protect the people. And that's what we're going to do. Not run like cowards from a bunch of green runts."

    Edispu was laughing wickedly in the background, rolling around on his back, licking his lips and constantly shooting Soul Fire with each “gasp of air” he took, before he stood up and let his tongue hang out. Sean was more focused on Beate who stepped forward to fight as well making Yosuke seem even more like a coward to Sean than when the issue first started.

    “I’m a little hungry myself. Don’t you humans have a saying… something about a snake.” Edispu snickered. “Oh, nevermind. Let’s get the fat one!”

    “Aye.” Sean said in response to Edispu.

    “I’ll torch ‘em. Defend me.” Edispu said as he took a stance as if he was struggling against gale force winds.

    Sean pushed passed the dog as he got in a defensive fighting stance with his bat.

    "How long do you need?" Sean asked.

    "That depends... how many do you want to roast?" Edispu replied.

    "You got five minutes." Sean said plainly glancing at Edispu.

    Edispu didn't reply and instead started to form a fireball in his mouth.
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