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  1. Years had passed since the Earth had been abandoned. But the tenacious Humanity lived on and the Angelic race that took them into their care had placed a floating landmass in the sky. It was massive, and many had made a comfortable life there. However there were many who wished to one day return the the home they left behind. That dream resides in the generation that came far after those who originally lived on earth. In an academy in the center of the landmass suspended in the sky, Horizon, stands a mob student bustling and making a racket. It was now that first years would enter the academy, and veteran students stood beside them. At first glance they seemed to be human, but after a moment one would notice feathery wings on many of the students. From a stage set up in front of the Main building a voice rang out. An elegant and handsome man with big feathery wings began his address to the students.

    "Welcome all my wonderful students, new and old to Horizon Academy. As you all know by now, this schools very existence is to eliminate the blight that plagues humanity. I am Head of House Aether, Samuel, and this Head of House Gaia,"

    The Angel gestured to the man behind him. The man was scarred and his left arm had been replaced with a mechanical arm, with a gatling actually built in. He stood up from his seat and stepped forward

    "Lukas Goodwin."

    "Before I continue, Lukas has a few words that must first be said"

    Pleasure. Now, instead of going on some long tangent about trying our best and doing what we can, lets get to the important stuff. As of today, we are all a part of one mission, to take back what was once ours. However, you are all just kids still. Your safety is our top priority. I may be the best damn hunter in this school, but I don't have many more years on me. We lose you, then we loose the Earth, and the entire Human race. I'd rather keep casualties to a minimum, but know that there WILL be deaths. I have seen friends and students fall before me. It is not for the faint of heart. Now, those who are beginning to question whether or not you want to risk your life for the good of humanity, you may leave now. You will not be punished. You will not be disgraced. Any who ridicule those who do leave..."

    He paused and looked out toward the crowd. At once. The entire group fell silent. The atmosphere seemed to intensify and the air grew colder.

    "Will receive a very severe punishment."

    A group of students hesitantly walked out of the gates and back to the town. It was nothing new.

    "Thank you Lukas. Now I shall go over the rules of our school, real quick, and then you will all be assigned to your dorms"

    The Angel spoke for several minutes going over the rules and other important topics.

    "Thank you all for listening. In the upcoming week, all first years will be taken with our staff members to help develop your skills. Any Human will be required to obtain their first demon before they can partake in any missions."

    Samuel finished up his speech and the students were allowed to explore the campus for the remainder of the day.
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  2. Rolan, among the group of large gathered students took off towards the east, heading towards the campus grounds area where he could get away from most of the crowd. He typically despised being surrounded in all directions and this mentality stayed with him while he walked. Some other students had already gathered at the campus grounds, where even one of them was setting up a small stall for selling necessities or commodities that could be used in day to day life. Heading over to the shop, he bought a Pack of Tarot Cards, as a spare for his set in case he loses them. He'd much rather prefer smaller groups like this area than larger ones at the dorms.
  3. Monica watched and listend closely to what was being said to the group. Her mind was swimming with the unlimited possibilities that could occur at this very moment. She couldn't help but to laugh suddenly then caught herself. She glanced around and noticed no one bothered with her. She let out a sigh of relief. 'Being labeled as the insane one isn't that bad.' She thought to herself before they were all dismissed. She felt the stirring of Z'eklaz, Her capture Lord Greater Demon inside of her mind. 'Oi, What do you want now.' She asked it. Z'eklaz groaned 'Well, It has been awhile since you let me partially manifest.' it said into her mind. Monica groaned 'Because, You.. Like I know... I know you! You want me to let you manifest so you can try escaping.. Well it wont work becau- Oh, You wouldn't be able to anyway.' she said scatter mindfully to the Demon.

    Monica shook her head and looked around before sprinting out of the gates ahead of everyone else and into the courtyard. She stopped and gazed around as she observed and pinpointed all the new students in the group that remained. Her mind seemed to be going a mile a minute but it didn't give her a head ache. It actually made her feel better. She finished analyzing all the people in her mind and transferred it to Lord Z'eklaz 'Remember these people' she said to the demon. The demon groaned again 'If I must...' it said grudgingly accepting the command. She then went to the main tree in the court yard and rummaged around in her pocket before sitting down. The large key that hung at her waist jingled lightly. She held the book up and looked at it.
  4. Lunatic stood in the crowd with Empress and Seraph. As everyone left he noticed Nemesis had left his side, he begins looking around frantically. "Nemesis..." Empress and Seraph only watched with the best poker faces imaginable.

    Seraph tapped Lunatic's shoulder "Would you like us to tell you what happened?"

    Lunatic's brow raised to the question and he turned his body twitching. "This is you guys' doing? What kind of prank is this, you--"

    Seraph and Empress's faces slowly cracked wide smiles. "Go on." "Yes, do go on Lunatic."

    Lunatic began to speak, but was quickly surrounded by charged drones and two blades to his neck. "But, don't say anything stupid." Lunatic stared at Empress's "servants", as she called them, arms turn into blades. "You three truly are--" Just then Nemesis's drones could be seen forming a large machine gun. "Demons!"

    Nemesis stopped harassing another demon upon hearing Lunatic's voice. Seraph and Empress snickered to themselves as their sister came dashing at Lunatic with her hand held out. "Nemesis wai--" Nemesis came in full speed smacking him hard enough to send him a whole 6ft. "What did I tell you about talking 'bout me?!" "Did I ever tell you how much I didn't care?" Lunatic sat up on a knee and rubbed the side of his face staring at Nemesis. "A lot of spunk coming from someone who was just begging for my mercy." "Says the demon who got their ass handed to them by an angel." Nemesis and Lunatic growled at each other.

    Seraph and Empress looked to them "You wouldn't believe they were even on the same side." "Mhm." Lunatic and Nemesis snapped their gaze to Empress and Seraph. "Shut up!" "The kid serves his purpose!"
    They then shortly turned to each other bickering about every comment the other made, Lunatic taking several hits in the process. "Quit slappin' me!" "Then quit talking!" Nemesis went to slap Lunatic again, but was halted by Seraph's laser. "We're causing a scene Nemesis. Empress has already started going Tsundere over there."

    Seraph pointed to Empress who was barking at people staring. Lunatic, Seraph, and Nemesis all slumped looking at her. "I see why father named her..." "Like that?" Nemesis sluggishly turned her head to Lunatic. "Yeah." She then turned her head to Empress and in unison they all say; "Like that."

    Empress then turned her head and realized what she was doing. "At least I didn't kill them." "Let's just go before you three cause anymore trouble." Seraph quickly walked and Nemesis glared at her, following her to the courtyard. Lunatic and Empress stared at them, then each other, then looked forward and followed behind.
  5. From the campus grounds Rolan headed off towards the courtyard after summoning his mind's voice to his side, his gryphon that he still had yet to give a proper name, as it didn't give itself a name. Arriving at the courtyard he already saw a fairly sizable group of people and sighed lightly while traveling behind his gryphon's wings to hide himself from their view, preferring to not make eye contact at the moment. Finding a tree that only had one side taken, he rested against it with his gryphon and pulled out his new tarot deck to examine it.
  6. Claire

    "What're those?" A voice came down from the tree where a blonde boy sat holding a deck of cards, however she had never seen cards like that. They had funny pictures on them, and were numbered 1-22. A deck of 22 cards and only one of each card? What kind of game could you play with something like that? The one who asked the question finally revealed herself, as she swung upside-down on the branch she was resting on. "Hello. I've never seen cards like that before. Are they any fun? How do you play? Can I play with you?"

    She dropped from her perch in the tree and landed gracefully on her feet, her wings wrapping around her. She noticed that he had no wings of his own. "Oh, you just be a Human. I've never actually talked a Human before. What's it like? Not being able to fly, that is."

    Another year, another slap in the face. This was normal. It had been like that for a while now. At this point he has just accepted it, though he was definitely not happy about it. "Have a nice day..." The girl stormed off. He hadn't meant anything. In fact, Ambrosia was just playing around with insects buzzing around. Yosuke had said, "What are those, bees?" But his reputation had preceded him. A passer by took offense to his comment, not realising he wasn't talking about her.

    Ambrosia soon left her bees to their work and tackled hugged him, rubbing her head against him. "You know, more often or not, you are the reason why I get slapped. Sometimes I wonder if you are trying to do this?" Of course Ambrosia didn't respond. She has never spoken a word, and always had a strong attachment to Yosuke. When he first went out to receive his first demon, he was in the jungles near Kinich. Suddenly he was tackled by a demon. Everyone was horrified, afraid he was being attacked, however they soon discovered the demon to be happily hugging Yosuke. She had been with him since, and been a faithful and helpful companion. "Come on. Lets see if we can get something to eat." Yosuke headed off to the mess hall, Ambrosia right on his heels.
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  7. 'It gets rather bothersome not being able to fly on my own. But with my guiding voice-" he paused for a moment to point out the gryphon laying down behind him and watching the angel with curiosity. "I'm able to fly myself. Through gusts they whip up." He spoke calmly while answering her question. Not once making eye contact, instead keeping his eyes focused on the tarot cards in hand.

    "These cards are called tarot cards, and they are normally used for fortune telling. But, with a little magic, mine become an arcane powered weapon. It amuses me to see the wheel of fate turning in my favor thanks to these simple cards."
  8. Cassandra listened to the speech and a frown appeared on her face. It was essentially the same speech as last year, but that didn't mean that she didn't want to run away from fighting demons any less than her first year. She'd always known she wasn't as good a demon hunter as the rest of her family, and more importantly her family knew it too. She looked back to see her mother giving her a smile and two thumbs up in the back row. Cassandra forced her frown into a smile, and even though it looked more like a wince, Cassandra accepted it and looked back at the head of her house.

    Once they were dismissed, Cassandra stood and started to walk around, wondering if she should start trying to locate her classes. If she was late on the first day, she'd never live it down.

    "Cassaaaannnddrrrrrraaaaaa.... I'm so bored!" A voice said from behind Cassandra. A hooded girl with long sleeves appeared, exaggerating her movements and acting like a child. "Can we go talk to some other students? I wanna make the first years jump!"

    Cassandra sighed, "no, Nara. We're going to find our classrooms. That's the responsible thing to go do."

    "We did this last year and the year before! You're so dull, why don't we go find the classrooms after we talk to one person? Just one, then we can do boring class stuff." Nara begged, grabbing Cassandra's arm and pulling her a little.

    "If it'll shut you up while we find them, then fine. Just one person though, I've got a lot of review to do before class starts as well..."
  9. Monica saw many glances being shot her way by the first year students just arriving at the academy. She was a bit of a legend in the world of the academy and even in the world of humanity. She was the only girl that had successfully managed to get a hold of one of the few Lord Greater Demons out in existence. She harbored something with enough destructive power to level horizon without breaking a threat. Though, for everyone's sake it was seemingly happy with its current residence after several years of putting up with Monica. Monica felt the same way about Z'eklaz now. She kinda was annoyed by it as it whined to her constantly about it being boring. Now both seem to be existing in mutual disrespect. It was both funny and kind of disturbing to watch the arguments that erupt. Both their intelligence levels were ridiculous and the arguments are always around something having to do with a piece of technology.

    Monica look at the person who came to her tree and grumbled slightly. She glanced over again before closing her book and standing up. It was then that a angel descended from above and began to talk to the boy. She didn't pay any heed to the two of them but watched from the corner of her eye. Z'eklaz laughed 'I sense many of my former servants here... I wonder if they feel me. It will not be a surprise.. I know them all.. some were more useful than others.' it said into her mind. Monica saw an event unfolding between a boy and several Angels. 'They... I feel them.. Those Demons were once under my dominion. They were not the most stable of beings.' He said to her. Monica loved having Z'eklaz's nearly infinite reserves of information. It was then that her key rattled and she permitted the Demon to take a form. Z'eklaz formed into something horrendous. It was nothing as terrifying as his real form but it still did creep her out. It had no shape or definite form what so ever but poured knowledge and instilled a form of fear on to anyone who looked upon it. Monica was even affected by it but her mind no longer made it able for her to be afraid easily.

    Monica grinned as many of the people still coming from the academy began to pick up their pace. Z'eklaz's presence was easily felt about and she knew she couldn't have him out in this form for long. He would do anything but people were terrified. Even in the lesser shadow form he still towered over the tree she was in front of. The form stood nearly fifteen feet and was still not close to his real size. It looked down and a form began to take shape. It stopped once a face formed. It was just a dripping form of a face with teeth everywhere and several eyes darting out. She shook her head and began to laugh "Oh, that is priceless! Look at them all!" She cried out as many first years began to run screaming. "They.. have no idea." She said making Z'eklaz laugh. The laugh resonated loudly and made the ground below them reverberate for several feet in all directions. "My dear, they do not know a thing... Even you.. after all these years still do not know." Z'eklaz actually spoke out loud. Its voice was deep and it seemed almost all know. The rest of a torso began to form but stopped after a wispy bottom formed. "When will you allow me to take full form.." It asked Monica. Monica tilted her head "When.. the day comes that I need you to." She said to it.

    Z'eklaz gazed around at the people moving away or taking another route at seeing the wraith like form of the greater demon. Monica shook her head "Alright, Its time for you to either scale down or dissipate." She said to Z'eklaz. Z'eklaz sighed "Right... As you wish." It muttered grudgingly. It began to shrink down to about ten feet "I can not go any smaller." It said to preserve its dignity. Even after several years the demon has not lost its thought of power and size over others. She let it have its fun every now and then but also brought the chains back when needed.
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  10. A sea of fresh students and old came bustling into the schoolground of Horizon as two men stood in front of the crowd to explain the usual warnings and rules, etc,"Here it comes." Luseia thought already knowing the routine after being here for three years now. Watching as a group of students started to exit through the school gates they just came from, Luseia started to question why they even come to the school in the first place if they were gonna be sissies to leave in the end but then again after learning that they could die, it must have frighten the poor freshmen just thinking about it. Luseia had been through it but she had lived it through for three years, you couldn't say she was 'heartless' but more like it was natural now that she understood how Horizon worked. Sure, it was sad to see good friends die in front of you but there was no time to mope around, it was either save Earth or die to the hands of evil which Luseia did not want to happen to her.

    After the morning announcement, the freshmen were able to explore the campus and this being the perfect chance for Luseia to make some new friends - with a few fun 'games' to play with them - and as a fellow upperclassman, it was her duty to be a 'good' role model for the younger ones to follow. Stretching her wings out, she headed out to find someone to be her first victim. Staring down before at all the students, she noticed that girl from before that laughed during the morning announcement running off to the courtyard. There was also some kind of break-up going on at another place with a human boy being slapped in the face,"Wait... isn't that Yoyo?" Luseia thought - using the nickname she gave to him - trying to get a good view at who the boy was until she saw a little demon by his side,"It is! Yousuke!" Luseia called out but he had already went off and from where he was headed, Luseia would only guess the Cafeteria or 'mess hall'.

    Making a safe landing, Luseia ran off after Yousuke until she was close to partially tackled the boy from behind, her arms wrapping around his neck almost as if she was gonna choke him,"Hi Yousuke! I saw you got slapped in the face, are you okay?" Luseia asked releasing him and walking by his side.

    Time for some interaction.
  11. Claire

    "My weapon uses magic as well." A large leaf began to fall from behind her. Without even looking at it, she pulled her gun from its holster, and fired three shots through the leaf, each one causing it to flail wildly in the wind. Students passing "It tracks my targets so I don't have to focus so much on my aim. It makes it much easier to fight large crowds." She sat down beside him and leaned in closer to the cards. "What do the pictures on them mean?" She pointed to the Fool Card, completely fascinated that Humans would use these to predict the future. There was so much she never knew about them.


    At the sound of his name being called from above, Yosuke was prepared to break into a sprint for fear of his life. However it was too late. Without any warning, he found himself being glomped again. Luseia had her arms around his neck. A little too tight. He spoke as he struggled for air "No... Because I can't... Gaaaah! Breaath..." He slowly went limp until he slipped from her arms and onto the ground. He lied there face down for a bit before he sat upright panting heavily. "Gah... Huh... Whooh... Hey Lucy... Glad to see you're still as happy as ever. As for that slap. You know the usual. Wrong place, wrong words, wrong time." He may have just been about to run, but that was more for his life, not because he didn't like Luseia. In fact she was just about one of the few people who understood his predicament. "So, what have you been up to?"
  12. "Ah, that card is The Fool. The Fool is the cause behind all effects, the power behind all manifestations and the seeds of the end sown in every beginning, essentially, they're a spark that starts a fire, or the first step towards a journey. This card lets me get a headstart in fighting, with a nice boost in my own powers so i can start up the rest of the combo. It's essentially like the number zero, neither negative nor positive." He explained it all with a calm tone, slightly glad he could at least talk about something. The air around them grew tense though, when the Greater Demon was released, and it caught his attention. Not quite frightening him much, but definitely distressing him. Yet he didn't move either.
  13. Monica glanced over at the Angel and the human talking next to her then at Z'eklaz. She sighed slightly and shook her head "Well, Lets go home Zek." She said to the Demon who was busy staring at all the people moving by them. Z'eklaz refocused "Well, I take it we are going home.." It said to her. She nodded to him "Where else? It isnt like we get out much. My best friends are a screw driver and a welding arc." She said with a half laugh. She ran a hand through her eye and fixed the large key on her side. She took a deep breath and began at a slow walk away from the tree. Z'eklaz followed right behind and the two seemed to attract attention from the other lower class students still walking about.

    She reached edge of the Academy courtyard and put her hands out "Well... Its been awhile since I was home.. Well.. where home used to be before you killed my parents!" She turned and yelled at Z'eklaz before composing herself. She shook her head "Well, I guess I showed you." She said to the Demon. Z'eklaz didn't laugh but responded "Well, I am actually kinda feeling hungry.. What do you want to eat?" She asked Z'eklaz as he floated close by next to her. Z'eklaz raised a talon covered hand to its face "I am feeling... cheese steaks.." It said slowly. Monica nodded and laughed "Bingo! Lets go.. The Cafeteria should have something.. I dont feel like spending an arm and a leg.. Money inst an issue as they pay me to fix things all the time... still I am kinda stingy." She explained to Z'eklaz without really having to. She went to the Cafeteria and walked in with Z'eklaz towering form coming in behind her.
  14. Donovan sat far back in the crowd. He had no desire to listen to listen to the orientation, but came to the speech out of obligation. There was no real seating arrangement, so he sat among a sea of freshman. Here, he could relax in peace, Samuel's speech turning into a droning background noise. It was the same old song and dance. A greeting for the freshman; and a warning; some leave and then they go over rules. He didn't care for any of it.

    Eventually, the speech came to an end and the student body was dismissed. Donovan's eyes swept across the spacious hall. There was a large gathering of people; Angels, Demons, and their Human masters. Horizon Academy definitely had a large spectrum of characters. Humans walked around with their demons, some friendly, some menacing. Either way, humans did quite well to tame the very thing threatening their existence.

    Donovan had trouble pinpointing his "friends" and acquaintances among the wave of new freshman and towering demons. One demon in particular stood above the rest, quite literally. Donovan walked hurriedly to the behemoth of a demon and his master.

    "Z'eklaz." He greeted curtly. "And Monica." He shifted his eyes to the female. "Terrorizing the newbies, are we? Don't scare them too much. We might need them." He looked at Z'eklaz. He was a frightening demon whose capture gave Monica quite the reputation. She had only that demon, but he was quite powerful compared to those with multiple. The demon didn't frighten Donovan, but it was definitely unnerving. He's known Monica enough to know that he won't try anything.

    "You guys heading out to lunch? I'll join you, if you don't mind."
  15. Elise sat at attention with some of the other students of her year during the orientation speeches. Like many, she'd hard it all before, and lived through the very sort of life-or-death situations Lukas talked up. Some of the new kids, as always, left. Elise couldn't say they were making the wrong choice. They'll probably be happier in the long run, whatever they ended up doing. The rest, well, she's right there in the same boat with them, she's just had more practice. She let the rest of the speech wash over her, it was nothing new, but you still had to be there, even if you'd memorized the rules.

    Once the students were dismissed, Elise quickly moved to escort some of the first-years to their dorms and show them around campus. She felt it best to lead by example, and that meant getting a good impression started early. And, as their senior, it was her job to make sure nobody got lost or caught n the general chaos which always ensued with so many kids and demons wandering around. She had to stop and gather the herd again as one of the particularly impressive demons went on display on the grounds. A demon lord still even gave her pause, but she had to maintain her composure in front of the new kids. "It's just one of the students showing off," she calmly explained, trying to calm down the first years as she gathered them back into a more orderly group. "If we were in any real danger, you wouldn't be the only ones panicking, and by the end of the day, you'll see plenty more demons running around. Now, let's just go over this way and get you all settled in."

    She managed to maintain a semblance of control over enough of the students to lead them on towards their residence halls, pointing out notable buildings and useful shortcuts as they passed.
  16. Monica 'Gadget' Farez, SkyBlue

    Monica felt Z'eklaz pull her attention away even before Donovan showed up. She turned around suddenly on her heel and smiled "Oh, Z'eklaz told me you were approaching." She said as the demons head turned on its shoulders. The torso didn't move but the head rotated around both sickeningly and also amazingly like an owl. She glanced over at Z'eklaz "That is amazingly disgusting and you know it." She said to the Demon. Z'eklaz chuckled "All the more reason to do it... But, I understand." It said and its body turned to face the direction it was looking. Monica then raised herself up on her toes before going back down. "Well, I am going to get cheese steaks for myself and several for Z'eklaz." She said to him.

    She put a hand on the hilt of her large key "You are free to come with us if you want. It will be amusing to watch Zek eat. It always intrigues me.. Its like something trying to force its way into our world.. truly something everyone needs to see." She said before turning around and beginning to go up to one of the counters inside of the cafeteria. "The food is slightly cheaper here. I spent most of my money outfitting Zek's Demonic armor. I think I found a way to implement a wrist built Machine gun. Also, I am working on boosting his power.. He is already strong enough to push back another Greater Demons punch if I connect with it. But.. I want to know how far I can push it without letting him off the reigns to much." She said as she ordered two dozen Cheese Steaks. "Oh, also.. if you want one.. I can give you one. I only eat half of one.. I don't eat much but he does." She said and motioned towards Zek. She went to sit down and then took half a cheese steak before slowly pushing the rest towards Z'eklaz. She leaned back and watched closely as the demon picked up the first cheese steak.

    Z'eklaz seemed to study it for several seconds before peeling the wrapped off which was semi-Difficult with his talon's. She feel the frustration growing as well as his size as a sign of his annoyance. He eventually got it off and his size shrunk back down to the ten foot height he was at several seconds before. With the cheese steak now out in the open he raised it up towards his mouth and seemed to sniff it. "Yes, This will do." He said snugly before a large ethereal maw opened and consumed his entire hand in one large bite. The sound was slightly sickening but to watch it was awesome in the real meaning of the word. Z'eklaz looked at his now stub of a wrist before the hand reformed out of a large spark of electricity. Monica began to giggle "This will take abit.. He is really stuck up when it comes to food." She said before leaning back and slowly nibbling on her own cheese steak.
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  17. As Head of the Houses spoke, Castiel let out many yawns to show his boredom. This was already his fourth year here and these orientations were getting boring, especially when it was the same thing every year. He picked at the white strips of hair, rubbing them between his index finger and thumb. Just as he was about to let out another yawn, Serika, who was sitting beside him, placed her hand over his mouth to prevent the yawn from escaping. She was always one for politeness, but Castiel seemed to think the opposite. For a moment, the siblings exchanged playful glares before letting out small laughs.

    The speech soon came to an end, much to Castiel's relief. Immediately, he rose and immeditely stretched, towering over some of the younger and new students who ended up looking at him in awe for some reason. He returned their gazes with a smirk that quite clearly said, "Weak First years." Once again needing to put him back in his place, Serika lightly slapped Castiel. After a quick apology for her brothers behavior, Serika released Regnius, who had been begging to come out ever since the speech began. The white tiger manifested itself infront of her, blue flames sprouting from his body. This gained a few stares, especially since Regnius was quite big. He and Serika shared a brief moment of affection before beginning to take their leave.
  18. Giggling softly, Luseia gave him a bright smile to welcome a new year in Horizon. Her history with Yousuke was three years ago and it was an odd encounter but they somehow managed to become good friends with one another and it was nothing new to Luseia of Yousuke's way of getting into mess, especially with the girls. Feeling sympathy for Yousuke, Luseia just gave him a pat on the shoulder to comfort him at the least while she was asked how she had been,"Well, I've been doing fine so far though this year will be more fun now there are a lot of new playmates to play with me." Luseia grinned, her term of 'playmates' meaning victims for her silly games but Luseia couldn't forget about her other upperclassmen like Elise, the oldest among her other upperclassmen and the most protective/ strict one of them all but since this would be Elise's last year in Horizon, Luseia had tried to make less disruption to ease Elise's stress so she could leave without feeling any worry for them but then again, Luseia couldn't promise that she'll follow her promise.

    "Seems this year isn't going so great for a start but wanna grab some grub? Maybe that will cheer your stomach up at the least." Luseia said leading the way and already leaving Yousuke behind to the mess hall but stopped halfway,"Oh, and I forgot, last one has to pay." Luseia said already starting the day with Yousuke as her wallet.

    @St O'possum
  19. Bruce stood in attendance among the sea of excited freshmen and bored seniors. For one such as himself, this speech was nothing new and the young hunter was already itching to get out of the crowd to begin exploring. His demon friends, inside his necklace, were even more eager than he was. In fact the orb attach to the necklace was wavering attracting the attention of a blonde freshman. The freshman smirked and whispered something to her friend. Both of them began giggling as Samuel finished and as the angel finished Bruce decided it was a good time to let his friends out.

    As the crowd dispersed, Bruce muttered a word and the orb glowed for a second before releasing three different beams of light all materializing into different shapes. The first transformed into a young looking female human with white tails, the second was that of a wolf with black-night fur and red eyes, and the last was a towering robot with electricity shooting from it. The first two took in their surroundings while the robot demon stared at the two girls silently.

    "X-5, quit scaring those girls." Bruce elbowed the demon.

    The robot didn't relay as usual instead continuing to look at the girls who were taking nervous, baby steps away. Bruce only shook his head knowing that once X-5 started to do something then it was near impossible to get it out of it. The only immediate option was to call it back into the orb so Bruce took it. With another muttered word, the orb glowed and a beam of light struck the menacing demon transforming X-5 into bright energy that went back into the orb. Once the problem was taken care of, Bruce smiled at the girls who breathed a sigh of relief and left. Quickly after, the female demon, a kitsune called Alex, came over smiling.

    "X-5 causing trouble again?" Alex placed her hands on her hips.

    "Yep. Scared those two girls." Bruce pointed towards them." And I think they might have said something about it. You know how X-5 gets when someone insults it."

    The shadow wolf then appeared wearing a party hat that was awkwardly placed." Yea! Especially when you insult its powers."

    Alex and Bruce busted out laughing. The poor wolf called Thalus whimpered as he tried piecing together what made them laugh. A moment passed and then it dawned on him. It was the party hat!

    "What? You got a problem with my party hat?" Thalus growled.

    "No. It's just peculiar." Alex chuckled.

    "Well I should eat your tails!" The wolf snarled and as if on cue a rumbling was heard from his stomach." And it's lunch time isn't it?"
  20. Yosuke
    "Huh?... Hey! No fair!" Luseia already had a head start. However, if someone is going to challenge another person, make sure its not a race, and that person is not Yosuke. He actually let her go ahead even further, making giving her an even larger head start before actually sprinting. "Thunderbolt!" As he ran, the sound of his feet on the ground was drowned out by the stamping of hooves. He jumped on and kicked off speeding towards Luseia. As he gained on her, he slowed to her pace. "Hey! Need a lift?" Without really waiting for an answer, he pulled her on and sped off to the cafeteria. The beast began to slow itself down, as they approached the building. Yosuke jumped off his horse and looked at Luseia. "I didn't think it would even be fair if we did that. That said... Teeeeechnically you were behind me, which means... Teeeeechnically I got here first."
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