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  1. Outside the main building of the academy, hundreds of teenagers from a large range of ages all stood, bustling and talking with one another. Excitement rang through their voices. Many had a pair of white feathery wings. In front of them stood a large stage. An Angel and a man in his Mid-Fifties with quite the arm were both on the stage.

    "Welcome all my wonderful students, new and old to Horizon Academy. As you all know by now, this schools very existence is to eliminate the blight that plagues humanity. I am Head of House Aether, Samuel, and this Head of House Gaia,"
    Samuel (open)

    The Angel gestured to the man behind him, as he stood up from his seat and stepped forward

    "Luka Goodwin. Pleasure. Now, instead of going on some long tangent about trying our best and doing what we can, lets get to the important stuff. As of today, we are all a part of one mission, to take back what was once ours. However, you are all just kids still. Your safety is our top priority. I may be the best damn hunter in this school, but I don't have many more years on me. We loose you, then we loose the Earth, and the entire Human race. I'd rather keep casualties to a minimum, but know that some may very well happen. Now, those who are beginning to question whether or not you want to risk your life for the good of humanity, you may leave now. You will not be punished. Any who ridicule those who do leave..."

    "Will receive a very special punishment."

    Luka Goodwin (open)

    "Thank you Luka. Now I shall go over the rules of our school, real quick, and then you will all be assigned to your dorms"

    Samuel finished up his speech and the students were allowed to explore the campus for the remainder of the day.
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  2. Sheridan was basically beaming as she explored. She was so excited! She would finally be getting some proper training at a school! She could meet other hunters,maybe even an angel! Despite the stress of the past few days right now she was pretty damn sure nothing could bring her mood down! When she came across the mess hall she took off her headphones,paused her music,then headed inside.
  3. Once the speach was over Kia had put her headphones back on. She pressed play and turned up the volume. Her wings were tucked up on her back, she didn't know how to make her wings smaller like the other angels. But she liked having her wings at normal size.

    She bumped and shoved through the crowd of chaotic teens much of her age. Once she got in the open, she spread open her wings. They were large, at lease a 8 foot wingspan. And then she was off, with a quick jump and a thrust of her wings, she flew. But as soon as she was in the air, her stomach rumbled. "Time for lunch I guess...." She said turning her direction and fly towards the mess hall.

    She flew through the doors of the mess hall and screeched to a stop before shutting her wings and seeing what was on the menu.
  4. Janaz listen to the announcements and left like the rest of the students. He sighed when he saw a Angel or what he likes to call show offs. It was a girl he knew by Kia, Forgot last name the first year. Thy were both 3rd year students. All he knows about her is that she is quite and not very talkative. He watch her fly away and he proceeded on his own way. He had to go to the bathroom, He accidentally ate one of Horatrix failed attempt at french cooking last night when he came home. He dotted of the the nearest bathroom and went to relieve himself.
  5. Sheridan got some food on a tray and sat down at one of the empty tables. She then got a spiral notebook out of her bag and started writing down things with her right hand as she ate with her left. It was just some basic things like a name and description of the two headmaster people. On the first page of her notebook she started copying down a map of the school from a bigger version on the wall so she wouldn't ever get lost.
  6. Kia promptly sat down quietly and ate what she got. On her plate was rice, and a hamburger with cheese, ketchup and pickles. Weird combo for food plates. She placed down on empty table...well except there was one human sitting at the other end, using some notebooks and such.

    It didn't take long before she finished, her hunger was now tamed. She pulled her skateboard from her bag, and laid it on the table. She took out new barrings and wheels. Quickly switched the new hardware on the trucks, tightened them, and spun the wheels with her finger tips, checking if the wheels moved. Which they did, she quietly sang a tune to herself "little girl little girl, why are you crying....inside your restless soul you heart is dying..." She sang quietly. Everything looked in check.
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  7. Frey listened as the two house heads officially started the school year with a small speech. At least, he tried to listen. But the idle chit-chat in the background didn't really help. He was more annoyed at how the old students ran their mouths away like everything's fine and dandy, than he is excited for the school year. He was simply relieved when the announcement was over, because he can finally revisit his favorite spot: The Courtyard. With his electric violin in hand, he stormed off to the courtyard without so much as a single glance at any of the students, not even those he call friends.

    Despite how many people were in the courtyard at the moment, it was still soothingly quiet. There's just something about that place that makes one shut up for a minute and admire it. He started playing a random tune on his violin, which only he himself could hear through his headphones.
    At Nightfall

    Breakfast can come later. There's just too much noise in mess halls when it's crowded with people, so he usually eats late.
  8. Davin strode along with the crowd, watching the mass of students to see where the flow went. After standing for so long, his feet felt sore, but he refused to complain, even within the sanctity of his own mind. Unlike a number of the other angels, he kept his wings concealed since they would take up so much space, otherwise. With the speeches completed and the rules laid out, the students really had nothing else to do. But with this being his third year, Davin already knew what he would be doing. He followed the smallest flow of people towards the courtyard where he saw the familiar site of Frey playing his violin, the melody contained so that no one could hear what he played. Davin didn't wish to interrupt, so he gave the performing angel a wide berth and found his way to a space of grass where there were no students.

    With a snap of his fingers, dim light flowed out of his hands, and into the shapes of his favored weapon combo. His longsword forged with multiple strands of steel and iron banded together, and magically enchanted to resist breaking, formed in his right hand. A wide round shield with a jutting middle on the outside weighed his hand down for a moment. The worked leather over the surface hid the fact that the shield had been made from a combination of iron and wood, enchanted in much the same way as his sword. At the same time, his uniform took on drastic changes, as his armor appeared, and he stepped into a guarded stance, longsword held out in front of him, and touching his shield as he stared down an imaginary opponent. Davin tuned out the other students, his perception focusing down until he could practically see his enemy, and he set into a long series of rapid movements, swiping with his blade and striking with his shield in a simultaneous attack-defend motion, circling and strafing around, dodging, and parrying unseen blows. His blade seemed to blur from place to place, as if it didn't actually cross the intervening space, and hummed through the air. He would have preferred having an actual sparring partner, but most of the other students preferred to goof off on days like this. So he would have to make due.
  9. Sheridan soon finished her map and food so she headed out into the courtyard,pulling off her coat and putting it in her bag. She smiled when she saw some guy with some impressive weapons seeming to train on his own so she started gradually making her way towards him though she made sure not to silence her steps like usual so she wouldn't surprise him and get a sword through the chest. "Impressive speed." Sheridan said once she was within earshot of the other student. She actually was impressed by him though at the moment she wasn't aware of him being an angel so she just was thinking that he was impressive for a human.
  10. Kia grabbed her tray and threw the remaining food away before throwing her board down and riding it to through the courtyard. She used her wings and her legs to push the board forward avoiding some of the students. Once she had made it through the chaotic crowd of teens, she found herself in a more quiet area, all that was there was a angel statue ina Heroic pose. She sat below the statue and watched as people talked with one another. Her music to loud to hear what others were saying, but that was the power of headphones that she liked.
  11. Ariel
    The young angel stood in the crowd, completely ignoring the words of the Heads of House. It was the same as last year. Safety this, and uniforms that. Dorm rooms here. It made sense for the newbies to be listen to these speeches, but why her? She already understood the procedure, even if she wasn't keen on any procedure, really... Its just... SOOOOOOOOOO... Boring...............................................

    At last it was over. Ariel was rudely awakened by the now bustling kids, as they explore their new home for the next few years. The angel just smiled, as large feathery wings unfolded from behind her. As soon as the room allowed, they began to flap, creating a small gust. Leaves on the ground were blown away, as she lifted off the ground. Ariel wanted to find a place to just lull around, but instead she saw something even better. Frey practicing. Without making a sound, she gracefully descended behind him. She activated her powers to create mirrors of crystal, so that they would reflect her image completely surrounding him.

    "Hey, Frey! Whacha up to!"

    Alright, another year is underway. I will be sure to get us closer to cleansing the Earth. A loud rumble interrupted his "heroic" train of thought. "We should probably gets something to eat." He didn't notice the Freshman girl who was just standing beside him, whom he happened to be facing at that time... There was a long awkward silence for a while. "Heheh... N-No, wait that's not what I-aaaaaaaand she's gone... Welp that's another one that I've scared off..." With a sigh, Yosuke walked to the mess hall.

    Upon his arrival, he was shocked(Though he had no real reason to be. It was always like this.)
    "It's packed! I'd be luck if i even got a tray of carrots!... Ugh... Fine..." All the time that Yosuke was in line he didn't realize that he was in front of the girl before. After he ordered, she quickly faced him, and ran off, calling him a stalker. "No wait, I didn't mean i-of course. Oh, my luck is the worst..." Born with bad timing I suppose.

    Not really wanting to spend time in the crowded hall, Yosuke made his way outside. There was space, everywhere. He chose a nice spot behind a statue, to eat, unaware of the angel that happened to be on the opposite end of him. He ate his food blissfully ignorant of this fact.
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  12. Kia watched the teens talk, it gave her something to look at. She wasn't one to talk, but then again, she didn't try to have friends. It never occurred to her how lonely she was, she was perfectly sane being alone all the time, she never once thought of being social. Good thing her dorm, and the statue were a quiet place.

    She removed her head phones and the sound of her environment could be heard. The distant sound of the students, and the wind blowing through the air...then to be mutinied by the sound of crunching. She slowly peaked over the statue to see a man eating food, relaxing at her spot... HER SPOT. She teleported next to him, just standing to the right of him, just enough to be in his line of sight. "What are you doing here..." She asked pointing her skateboard at his face.
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  13. Although Davin could tune out background noise, he couldn't ignore the girl that spoke to him. He finished the last few motions of his current set, finishing with a forward lunge with his shield that would have knocked an identically-equipped enemy's shield inward, while also blocking a retaliating sword-strike, and slid his blade under the shield-arm, into an imaginary torso, through the ribs. He took a deep breath and stood up straight, turning to regard the girl. He didn't recognize her, so he could only assume her to be a first-year. He whirled his sword once and said, "Having to stand through the speeches has left my legs stiff. Now that I've got the blood flowing, I can move faster." He sunk the end of his sword into the ground so it stood and held out a hand towards the girl. "Davin. Welcome to the Academy. If you need any help in your training, I would be happy to help."
  14. "Thanks." she said smiling and shaking his hand. "I'm Sheridan. Nice sword by the way,can I see it?" she asked as her gaze shifted to his sword that he had stabbed into the ground. It really was something to marvel at. While some people were gun nuts,some were sports nuts,some were car nuts,she was a melee weapon nut. Her own weapons were always well taken care of and never in her life had she let one rust.
  15. "Sure," He pulled the blade from the ground, wiped the bits of dirt from the end, and offered it to her, hilt first, in one smooth motion. "Just be careful with the edge. It's very sharp." Davin likewise took good care of his equipment, although the magic nature of them meant he had to do very little. It mostly consisted of keeping them clean, since his blade stayed sharp, didn't rust, and were very difficult to break. Still, when fighting demons, he acted with caution. Having his longsword repaired tended to be especially difficult to fix, since the level of skill required to craft it and the time it took made it an arduous task. "The Academy commissioned it for me last year. I haven't used another sword since."

    He glanced at Sheridan's side and asked, "What sort of weapon do you use?"
  16. She was turning the heavy sword in her hands,looking at each detail. When he asked what she used he handed him his sword back before pulling her own weapon from it's sheath on her hip and holding it out to him. "Gator machete." she said smiling "I can't hold swords as big as yours,I move much faster with something like this."

  17. As Frey plays every single note correctly, he slips deeper into a trance where the movements of his hands come as naturally as a writer writing a story he's already laid out. Everything around him disappears, as if he's floating through his own galaxy. Nothing could possibly disturb the peaceful sanctuary he is in as the beautiful music he produces fills his mind and body with subtle energy that revitalizes his otherwise frail self...

    ...except maybe the bloodcurdling sound of metal scraping metal. And the image of a far-too-familiar angel. Maybe the sound of idle chit chat as it gets louder.

    "Wh-What the devil?!" Frey exclaimed as he dropped his violin bow.

    Ohohoh great. The very first person Frey has to interact with, and it'd be the ever-notorious Ariel Liber. He'd leave the scene, but that would just draw more attention to him and Ariel with the possibility of her chasing him down. He didn't want to risk having to show his wings in day one. He sighed as he picked up his bow and spoke in a calmer and more quiet tone than when Ariel startled him.

    "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy here?" he said, as he started retuning his violin.
  18. Sitting idly atop one of the benches in the courtyard, Irrius was quiet and thinking. This was out of the norm for him, but it didn't dissuade him from doing it. Wings wrapped around him like some great, feathered cloak, he stared off into space with s distant gaze, his spear resting against his leg with the tip in the dirt and the butt of it near his head. Rubbing his hand along the bone shaft of the weapon, he let himself take some small comfort in it. Everything would be fine, he'd be able to work through another year of the academy, and then move onto his last year. Speaking of new years...

    Looking about, he took note of all the new faces, and some of the old. Yosuke was eating near some newer girl, but there were no other 4th years he recognized. Sighing, he lets his eyes close, somehow able to sleep in the pandemonium.
  19. Yosuke
    "Aah! What, when did-how did... I, um... I didn't see you there. Um... Right beside me... Totally not making advances on you or anything." Moron! Of all the things to say, you have to say that! "No, thats not what I... You know I'll just leave you alone, before you think of me as more of a creep than you already do." As he stood up, he did not notice the low hanging arm of the statue.

    "Gah! Son of a!... Know what, I don't care. Either you think me a creep or not." He let out an exasperated sigh, and slumped back down to the ground. "Let me try again. My name is Yosuke. I am a fourth year. I came out here to eat, because the Mess Hall was pretty crowded. S-Sorry if I said anything weird. Just kinda a curse I have."


    Ariel just laughed. It was fun to mess with the fellow angel. "Maybe you're busy, but I'm sure not. Maybe I just wanted to hear you play. But I couldn't very well hear you, the way you play." Ariel plucked his headphones of. "Those lousy headphones ruin all the fun!" Laughing all the while, she flew up into the air, calling out to him. "Hey, come on! It's perfectly fine up here! No strong winds or anything like that!" Ariel always thought that Frey needed to loosen up a bit. Today, she figured a nice game of tag would work just fine.
  20. "W-Wai...! Ahh... Dammit..." Frey sighed heavily as he sees his headphones snatched right from his head. He wasn't gonna have any of this. After facepalming for quite a bit, he got up, replaced his violin back in its bag, and walked away.

    * * *

    Frey launched himself from a secluded place where nobody could see him release his wings. He flew fast enough so people could only see a blurred blob of blue green.

    Sure, keeping up appearances mattered to him quite a bit, and he didn't want people to start talking about him, but nothing's more important than his music. Those talks could be easily blocked by his precious headphones, which are in the hands of that insufferable imp of an angel. He moved swiftly through the air, ready to strike down Ariel with a small tune of his snare drum. He had a spare pair of wireless earphones for situations like this, but it wasn't enough to block the background noise, and it definitely wasn't powerful enough to knock someone out. He must recover his headphones at all costs.
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