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  1. Years had passed since the Earth had been abandoned. But the tenacious Humanity lived on and the Angelic race that took them into their care had placed a floating landmass in the sky. It was massive, and many had made a comfortable life there. However there were many who wished to one day return the the home they left behind. That dream resides in the generation that came far after those who originally lived on earth. In an academy in the center of the landmass suspended in the sky, Horizon, stands a mob student bustling and making a racket. It was now that first years would enter the academy, and veteran students stood beside them. At first glance they seemed to be human, but after a moment one would notice feathery wings on many of the students. From a stage set up in front of the Main building a voice rang out. An elegant and handsome man with big feathery wings began his address to the students.

    "Welcome all my wonderful students, new and old to Horizon Academy. As you all know by now, this schools very existence is to eliminate the blight that plagues humanity. I am Head of House Aether, Samuel, and this Head of House Gaia,"

    The Angel gestured to the man behind him. The man was scarred and his left arm had been replaced with a mechanical arm, with a gatling actually built in. He stood up from his seat and stepped forward

    "Lukas Goodwin."

    "Before I continue, Lukas has a few words that must first be said"

    Pleasure. Now, instead of going on some long tangent about trying our best and doing what we can, lets get to the important stuff. As of today, we are all a part of one mission, to take back what was once ours. However, you are all just kids still. Your safety is our top priority. I may be the best damn hunter in this school, but I don't have many more years on me. We lose you, then we loose the Earth, and the entire Human race. I'd rather keep casualties to a minimum, but know that there WILL be deaths. I have seen friends and students fall before me. It is not for the faint of heart. Now, those who are beginning to question whether or not you want to risk your life for the good of humanity, you may leave now. You will not be punished. You will not be disgraced. Any who ridicule those who do leave..."

    He paused and looked out toward the crowd. At once. The entire group fell silent. The atmosphere seemed to intensify and the air grew colder.

    "Will receive a very severe punishment."

    A group of students hesitantly walked out of the gates and back to the town. It was nothing new.

    "Thank you Lukas. Now I shall go over the rules of our school, real quick, and then you will all be assigned to your dorms"

    The Angel spoke for several minutes going over the rules and other important topics.

    "Thank you all for listening. In the upcoming week, all first years will be taken with our staff members to help develop your skills. Any member of House Gaia will be required to obtain their first demon before they can partake in any missions."

    Samuel finished up his speech and the students were allowed to explore the campus for the remainder of the day.​

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Six Months Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    For the first year students, the first semester was mostly about training and learning about common demons. However, for the returning students, it was time to get their feet on the ground, and fight demons on Earth. It was the end of classes for the day, and so students were allowed their free time. Unless they had remedial lessons or of the like of course.
  2. With classes over for the day she began to make her way to the exit with a speed unlike any other action for her. She moved around everyone not caring for personal boundaries and knew that it was unlikely for any of them to make a move to mess with her. Finally getting around them all she moved towards the door and got through.

    Sliding around them all she popped out in front of the crowd and giggled before making her way down and out into the main area of the school. Finally coming to a stop she turned and everyone funneled out around her. She finally got herself into a good rhythm before Z'eklas shot into existence next to her. The daemon standing almost 10 foot in this form. The body itself almost ghostly but its form could be made out. The people around her began to stare not sure what was going to happen knowing the pair.. Z'eklaz just let out a crackling chuckle "Look at them. Why couldn't I of run into any of them? I had to run into you." The Greater Deamon complained making Monica smirk.

    "Well, because you are doomed to serve me." Monica continued on with a smile. Finally looking at Z'eklaz she groaned "Will you suppress your Ego for a short time you large bugger." She growled making Z'eklaz laugh "Do I annoy you.. Well, why dont you buy me something to eat and I will leave you alone for a considering minute or two. Or let me go so I can kill you." It continued on making Monica hold up her hand. The commotion the two created would be a normal sight for any other year student but for the first years it seemed like a horrible act was taking place as they had yet to see it unfold. "Well, why don't you just reform around me like before and shut the hell up." Monica fired back making Z'eklaz scoff "You would like that wouldn'-" It then realized that it was a command and let out a roar "Never." IT protested. Monica just shook her head "Fine, just stop causing a scene."
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  3. The soaking mop head hit the tile floor with a loud smack before it began to wipe the elaborate floors clean for the millionth time. The boy behind the stick stopped to catch his breath and survey his progress. Just a little more to go and Gabe Lane would finally be able to call it 'good enough' and get something to eat. A red bird with feathers like fire sat atop a little chair Gabe had set out in the hallway for him to perch on.

    Demon Anatomy wasn't an easy class for most students, so for Gabe, scoring a grade good enough to get by on would be a minor miracle. Especially when a little accident brought an expensive replica of a Mountain Demon's skeletal structure crashing down. While you can't put students in detention for an accident, you can have them mop the floor. It's not like Gabe wasn't used to remedial tasks, so he figured he'd give the hallway a quick once-over and be done with it. Turns out he wasn't mopping just any hallway but the hallway; as in the giant hallway in the middle of the building. A quick once over turned into Gabe simply running a wet mop along the ground so the hallway looked clean; but anyone who took a step into the hall would realize the floor was simply wet.

    Keguich, the bright red bird turned his head from side to side as he watched Gabe.

    "Would you hurry it up, kid? I'm starvin'."
    "I'm going, I'm going. I'm hungry too."

    The young man was in the process of finishing up and dumping the mop into its bucket as he spoke. He pushed the mop bucket into a supply closet with his foot and a small group of girls, mostly angels from second and third years, passed down the poorly mopped hallway talking and giggling, leaving shoe shaped prints in the moisture. The kind of prints that made his half-baked job obvious. Gabe and Keguich spent a few seconds staring at their poor handiwork before Keguich spoke.

    "Let's just pretend we didn't see that and grab a bite."
    "Yeah, let's do that."

    The duo left the hallway, with Keguich on Gabe's shoulder. Keguich started chatting, like he usually did. He was chatty for what he was.

    "Say, kid. You like girls?"
    "Yes, Gabe. Girls. You know, the things that smell nice and laugh at you sometimes? Girls."
    "I don't know, I guess."
    "No, 'I guess', kid. Yes or no, come on, it ain't rocket science."
    "Uh, yes? What does this have to do with getting lunch?"
    "Nothing, but since we're on the subject; lemme tell you about a nice gal I used to know, way back in the..."

    Keguich continued the one sided conversation until they got to a cafeteria. Classes had just ended and there were a lot of other students here as a result, eating, studying, or just hanging around. Gabe let Keguich go on and on. Once the bird starting talking, there was no stopping him. As they walked, they passed by a girl speaking to her own demon. They didn't seem to get along.

    "Hey Gabe, look. She's got one of those Electrical Demons. You know, I once knew an Electrical Demon. Bet me he could turn a pond into a hot bath by giving it a good zap. See, he wasn't too smart, so all he ended up doing was killing all the fish in it. I knew it wouldn't work. Being the connoisseur of comfort that I am, nobody knows more about living comfortably than me, I can tell you that..."

    And so on and so forth. There was really only one thing on Gabe's mind and Gabe had a one-track mind so it only focused on that one thing. And that thing was 'I'm hungry.'

    "And anyway, that's when I said, 'Ya can't just waltz in and do that, it takes a sophisticated guy to...'"

    Gabe walked into the food area with Keguich chatting away on his shoulder. He rubbed his hands together and licked his lips, the sweet siren song of cooking was nearby. Now this was Gabe Territory. At least it would be. If he wasn't broke. That realization didn't come until now. Gabe hadn't thought this through.

    "Um. Keg?"
    "So he thought he- huh? What?"

    Gabe raised his wallet for Keguich to see and opened it. He revealed nothing more than empty folds, a lucky trading card, and an expired coupon for a free drink at a cafe (with the purchase of at least one food item). Truly this was their darkest moment.

    "Aw, kid, you're killin' me here..."
  4. "Excuse me. Could you please move?"

    The voice of a white-haired girl, despite how softly it was spoken in the midst of the crowded, active cafeteria, could be heard by Gabe behind him. It was the voice of third year Beate Acker, who also went ahead and had the bright idea to go eat lunch with her demon like so many other students did, it seemed. Beate simply stood still behind him, and had been for a few moments, assuming that he was going to get his food... though apparently that didn't seem to be the case if he was simply standing there.

    If Gabe were to take a gander at Beate, he'd notice a cat-like demon on her as well.

    Zauberer. The demon that had made a pact with Beate.

    And like a cat, he laid on top of Beate's head, curled up quite comfortably. Thank goodness the young girl wasn't allergic to cats... or for that matter, whatever the hell Zauberer exactly was anyway. His tail wagged slowly, awaiting some good lunch.

    "Mmm... do you smell that, Beate? Smells like good food! Let us not waste time! Onward, my steed."

    "Haste makes waste," Beate simply replied to him, her dull red eyes still staring lifelessly at Gabe. Some could say she was pretty creepy, though who knows if Beate ever even thought about that? Then again, she had always been like that, even back to when she was a first year. She was the kind of girl that even most of the other isolated social outcasts avoided. The kind of girl that not even the bullies would pester, because they deemed her too creepy to bother. The kind of girl who kept to herself, and had everyone else keep to themselves as well, deliberately or not. Of course, there were some who would attempt to look past her exterior and attempt to befriend her, only to be rewarded with very little pay-off. Beate didn't have many friends, and there was little wonder why.

    But I digress.

    In any case, despite what she said to Zauberer, she complied anyway, wordlessly moving past Gabe and possibly cutting in front of him in whatever line might be formed at the area to get lunch, before going ahead and proceeding to get two whole trays, piling all sorts of hot food onto them without a word, all the while effortlessly balancing Zauberer on her head and paying for the food. She was quite a sight for sore eyes to say the least. And where did that money even come from anyway?

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  5. Sean sat at one end of the hall staring at the demon and his partner. A boy and a phoenix mopping the hall. Well, the boy was mopping the phoenix was just sitting there watching. Sean's demon sat next to him staring at the boy monitoring their work. In truth Sean's only business there was too train his soul sight and Edispu had no quarrel with it being lunch because he couldn't eat human food, he needed human food.

    "Sean, what do you see?"

    Sean released his sight and focused back on Edispu, a demon who mastered the ability to the point where he is constantly in it. He rubbed his eyes and spoke Edispu.

    "My eyes hurt still..."

    Edispu gave a low snarl in response. "Yes, yes. We've covered this both with me and your teacher. A being other than me with a soul trying to use soul sight, it's the same concept of soul fire.. your eyes are going to burn a little." Edispu climbed onto his skull and floated up to Sean's eye level turning his face back toward the wall. "But, I want you tell me what you can see."

    Sean blinded had no choice, but to allow Edispu to guide his face. Listening to his grumpy attitude he stopped rubbing his eyes and blinked. When he felt comfortable he activated the sight again to see the two walking this way.

    "They're walking this way." Sean said in a calm manner before disabling his soul sight, facing Edispu and rubbing his eyes again.

    Edispu looked to confirm the boy's work. He wanted more detail, but at least he got it right this time. "Yeah..."

    Hearing the tone in Edispu's voice Sean thought he answered wrong and asked. "Are they not?" He opened his eyes, but quickly closed them and tried squinting one while opening the other. Soon the sting went away and he opened his eyes wide looking at Edispu and stuffing a hand in his pocket with the off hand he picked up the Soul Reaper and slung it across his shoulders holding it there with one hand. Edispu turned, sighed and sat on his hind legs while dragging his face down with his forward arms/legs. He let go of the "skin's" elasticity and waved Sean off. Sean raised a brow and flicked him in the head. "Well?"

    Edispu didn't take kindly to the boy's response. His brow furrowed and he held a ball of soul fire in a balled up paw. The yellow flame began to seep from his mouth as he took deep breaths and his stare slowly lifted toward the boy. "Look, kid. I've saved your wimpy little ass from whatever too many times to be treated with disrespect! So, do me a favor and shut up! I'm getting real hungry, so we better kill something soon or I'm going ballistic!"

    Sean was used to this and simply nodded. Edispu was also used to the boy. "Don't you ignore me! If it weren't for this pact-" Sean suddenly tapped his head with the Soul Reaper. "W-What?"

    "When you get in a fuss random things oddly calm you down." Edispu held a claw up to object, but couldn't. Edispu began to contemplate all the times that it had occured.

    "It's from being around your calm behind. No matter what happens "Mr. Laidback" doesn't give a damn." Edispu hopped off his skull and began walking upright with his bony tail dragging behind him. He started hopping down the stairs as Sean followed behind (Edispu was up to Sean's hip upright and just above his knee while walking on all fours making it odd when he led Sean anywhere). All the way down the steps and to the main area of Horizon Edispu complained about teachers, training, and various other things. Then they reached outside seeing Z'eklaz and Monica bickering. The event silenced Edispu thinking about how much he despised seeing "scenes" and the one he was making.

    "Hey kid." Sean opened his eyes wide and returned them to their resting position as if he was just asleep. He looked over to Edispu who stared at him irritated, but then remembered his question. "Is that what it's like when I get mad?" Sean looked back at Monica and Z'eklaz.


    Sean kept walking toward the cafeteria and Edispu stopped with a confused look in his face speaking to himself with an irritated tone. "Du-Dunno?" Seeing Sean walk away he ran and clung onto his skull as it floated over next to Sean and he dropped walking by him with heavy arm swings and a hunchback. Sean looked over and then forward turning into the cafeteria. The lines were of epic proportions.

    Edispu cleared his throat and presented the situation before him with a hand. "Grab a ticket. Get in line. Die of starvation while waiting. I'm telling you this is why you guys have such a long free period."

    "It's not that bad." Sean walked over and stood in line waiting, Edispu following and complaining.

    "Not that bad? Nothing's bad to you. But, let me tell you!" Edispu stood on toes pointing toward Sean before looking into the palm of his hand and chopping downward into it to vent his frustration and make a point. "This is bad! Men need their food. When men get their food, us demons get our food and the world goes on living happy with this balance of death because then the angels hunted us... yada yada yada. You get the point. Food is a very serious matter."

    Sean shrugged. "Maybe you just think that, you are the demon meant to eat the souls of man in a day right? I bet you stay pretty hungry." Sean looked down to the demon with a puzzled look. "Am I repeating myself?" Edispu raised his index and opened his mouth before puffing smoke and waving Sean off again. "Was just asking." Sean faced forward and they both sat in line waiting.

    Edispu finally remembered something and asked Sean without looking toward him. "You got any money?" Sean looked toward Edispu out of the side of his eye and then forward feeling around for some cash. After confirming five bills he pulled his hand out with a thumbs up, Edispu caught the sign in his peripheral vision. "Just checking."

    "I'm not completely useless you know."

    "Shut up for a second please. I gave myself a headache."

    "You get headaches?"

    "No- I'll tell you later."

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  6. Erin
    "Keep the shot steady... Focus... Cool refreshing rain... and-SONUVA!..." Fiery orange bullets went flying in all directions. That wasn't what it was supposed to be. The target was still standing. That was not her fault at all! Some asshole bumped into her, and she lost focus! How the hell was she supposed to hit the target with her focus always being broken by someone like that!? In her fit of "rage" she picked up a rock beside her and hurled it. Angel of War had kicked in so, needless to say, that rock might as well have been shot from a cannon. And it had deadly accuracy as well, completely obliterating the paper target set up several hundred feet from her current location.

    "Gaaah! It's so hard to keep fo-Oh. haha! looks like I'm just as much of a sharpshooter when I'm angry! Haha! Anyway class is over. I'm outta here!" She took a few quick shots at some nearby targets before running off before her teacher could stop her. She didn't need coaching in marksmanship. She needed coaching in meditation. Her instructors knew it, but she didn't care. It was boring! Other people can keep their cool in the heat of battle. That wasn't what she was meant for! Besides, she had no time for that. If she didn't hurry the lines would be too long!


    And there she stood for several minutes, stomping her feet, a warm orange aura radiating around her. She received concerned glances from students, while other merely rolled there eyes. She was hardly a mature student, often resembling a young child when something doesn't go her way.

    After she cooled down a bit, she looked at the line and grumbled to herself and took her spot in line. The longer she waited the worse it would be. And so she waited...

    And waited...

    And waited...

    Was she going to die?

    She was certain this would be her end.



    Could it be?

    "Aw hell ya!" Erin had gotten her food. She looked for a place to sit, but everywhere was taken. Didn't matter. She liked eating outside anyway.
    And so it was everyday. Yosuke lied face first on the ground, bleeding. He hadn't even said anything! Why did he get punched that time! His demon partner Ambrosia sat beside him looking concerned. "...Ambrosia, next time I try to speak, please... Wrap my hea-Mpgph!" Can't... Breath! Now he was Suffocating. At least his partner was loyal.

    And so he thrashed about on the ground trying to tear the silk his partner had produced. Damn this stuff was strong! He finally managed to cut it a little. The rest of the cocoon surrounding his head soon followed.

    "Please! Don't take me seriously!... Huuuuh..." She's always been like this. And you know what? He loved that about her. She was a fine partner indeed.

    "So then, what is it you want to do?" The demon just smiled at him. She didn't talk much. She grabbed his arm, and began flying off, dragging him along.

    "H-Hey slow down!" She stopped in front of a tree, and she flew up to the top. A faint buzzing could be heard. She was playing with a swarm of bees. She would likely do that for a while. So the best thing to do is to just relax.​
  7. Roughly 7 minutes go by and Sean finally gets his food. Edispu on the other hand lay sprawled across his skull like roadkill. Sean walked off in line and Edispu's skull woke him up to the sight.

    "Really? Why I ought to kill the kid!" Edispu grumbled to himself as he slid off the skull and followed behind Sean.

    Sean looked around for a seat, but by the time he'd gotten out of the line there was no available indoor seat. Forced outdoors Sean looked for an available outdoor seat, with so many options he looked for the most interesting one. He saw many angels and as cool as their wings were it didn't suit his fancy, but when he kept searching he found a boy struggling with his demon and found much in common and an interesting friend to make. Sean stopped as he watched them run by and go sit underneath a tree.

    "Edispu who is that?" Sean glanced at the boy and then stared down at Edispu.

    Edispu looked over to where Sean was looking. "That kid... Yosuke, fourth year. He's got two demons... and one jacked up past. If I wasn't a demon I'd probably feel sorry for the guy, but glad to say I don't."

    Sean looked down to Edispu curious about the boy's past. Edispu was always vague when Sean inquired about a person. "Well?"

    "Well, what?"

    "What happened in his past?"

    "Reap his soul and you'll find out."

    Sean looked to the boy again. He blinked and began to hard stare.

    "Using the eyes again? What's with this kid and invading people's lives?"

    "I heard that." Sean's efforts were futile. He blinked and began rubbing his eyes before opening them again. "Let's go."

    "Wait, what? We're going to talk to them? But, he's got Ambrosia." Edispu's facial expression went from irritated to done with un-life.

    Sean stopped and looked to Edispu. "Who is Ambrosia?"

    "A robotic bug witch. Stone cold killer, but worst conversationalist to ever exist. I really don't like her. Like think about how much I hate being stuck with you and then multiply that by the amount of eons I've been alive."

    "A robot?"

    "No. It was a metaphor idiot. She is a demon who controls bugs. Our entire conversation has probably been broadcast to her via the insects around us. Now that I think about it let's go." Edispu walked ahead of Sean, but Sean stood still thinking to himself.

    What's with him?

    Looking up to see Edispu almost near the boy Sean dashed up to catch up to Edispu and stand before Yosuke. Edispu walked straight through Yosuke and climbed up the tree poking Ambrosia. "Yo."

    Sean watched Edispu run off and then looked to Yosuke doing the same. "Yo."

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  8. "I Still can't get this god damn goblin blood out of my jeans"

    The ashen haired teen sat on the edge of his bed looking down at his pant leg, the room was empty, his dorm mate was off doing something else entirely. His sword stood up against the wall, his pistols on the end table, and his jacket hanging off the bed post. And on the wall behind the teen was a shadow, now it didn't have the same figure as lyle, but instead was a lanky figure with white glowing eyes. "Maybe next time you won't charge in like a lunatic and let the squad leader do what he is suppose to do" The shadow spoke.

    "hey if it weren't for me we would've had more casualties" Lyle replied, pulling out a cigarette from behind his ear and holding it between his lips. "Its a sacrifice I'm willing to take" He finished lighting the end of the stick and inhaling the smoke, then taking it out holding it between his pointer and middle finger. Letting out smoke from his nostrils.

    "such a heroic sacrifice" The demon replied

    "you know it."

  9. Alas, poor Gabe. A broke and hungry existence is perhaps the cruelest punishment a soul can suffer.
    O' why hath thou forsaken him, cruel fates?

    When the strange ghostly haired girl walked past him and purchased an abundant amount of food, the cruelty of such a sight nearly dropped Gabe to his knees and would have sent his voice screaming towards the heavens; if Keguich didn't develop yet another brilliant plan at that very moment.

    "I know how we're gonna get some grub, Gabe!"

    A smarter person would have rolled their eyes and thought, 'Here we go again.' Gabe said, "Really? We are?"

    "Yes we are. You know I'm always lookin' out for you, kiddo!"
    "Aw Keg, you're the best! What's the plan?"

    The bird hunched down on Gabe's shoulder and jerked his beak in Beate's direction.

    "That girl that just walked past us? Look at all that grub she's got. No way someone her size can eat all that, even with her pint-sized buddy. We just gotta mosey on over and ask real nicely. But you have do it. Charm her, get her to share that tasty munch with ya. I could do it, but a guy like me's too much for her. I'd charm her into a coma."
    "Oh okay. Wait, are you sure it's not because you're a bird."
    "Uh, no. No, that's not it at all. You just don't wanna see the raw lady power of Keguich. It would destroy her! Just go, will ya? Smooth talkin' just I showed ya."
    "Ookay, Keg. If you say so."
    "I have complete confidence in ya, kid."

    Gabe wasn't entirely sure about this, but Keguich was a smart guy. He must know what he's talking about. The duo was aware that Gabe wasn't a very smart thinker, so planning usually fell on Keguich. The demon bird was pretty sure he had to be the cleverest, smoothest guy around; so what could go wrong?
    Then again, the two tended to get a little desperate when it came to being hungry.

    Gabe left the line and pushed his way though to the tables. Once he found where she was sitting, Gabe launched his heroic attempt at saving lunch and steeled himself to perform one of the hardest tasks in the known universe. Talking to a girl.

    The red headed boy slid up to her table and stood in front of her, realizing he hadn't thought of anything to say. He stood there staring at her, and being stared at in return; trying not to let his face betray his panic, without much success. His brain was as blank as it was during any test; and this was a particularly difficult test. His eyes were wide and blank with panic.

    "Uhm... Uh..."

    A tumbleweed might as well have rolled by.

    "Guh... YOU LOOK NICE."

    Keguich hung his head and muttered.

    "Aw jeez..."

    Gabe continued his crash landing of a conversation. He pointed at her food.

    "Can you share?"

    The conversation has finished crashing and has begun exploding. Causalities: No survivors.
    Beate may have had a variety of encounters, but this one was probably gonna go down in the books for one reason or another.

  10. Blink.


    For a moment, Beate did not reply, simply blankly staring at Gabe, possibly unintentionally making him uncomfortable in the process. Seemingly unaware of his nervousness, either that or she simply didn't care, she only tilted her head. One could only assume how she was processing Gabe's words, his misplaced compliment, his request to share food, and whatnot. Beate could almost be described like a robot, registering the words like a foreign program, before she would finally reply with a nod.

    As would Zauberer at the same time, it seemed.


    "No way."

    Beat. So close.

    Another awkward silence would follow as their two contradictory responses would be heard, before Beate would look at the cat-like demon on her head, and Zauberer would look back at the pale, ghostly girl. Before long, Beate would snatch Zauberer by what looked like his shirt like an eagle snatching its prey, holding him right in front of her face like some predator. A... really blank, unemotional predator. Like a Terminator, but... those movies probably don't exist anymore.

    "Oi, oi! Not so rough!" Zauberer exclaimed, flailing mildly in her grasp, "What was that for anyway, girl?! I hardly think I'll let you give away my food that easi--"

    "Let's go for a bath."



    Well, that was abrupt.

    The next awkward silence would be broken once Beate would stand up, and Zauberer would suddenly flail around in a panic.

    "No, no! No baths! Fine, let him have some of the damned food!"

    With a seemingly satisfied nod, Beate would sit back down, placing the small demon next to her, gently pushing the second tray over to the side of the table of which Gabe was standing at, as if to say he was free to eat all of that.

    And just to think that it was originally all for her demon alone.

    "Hmph, what a pain," Zauberer would complain, "You're awfully nice to other people today. But far be it from you to let some poor soul starve, eh?"

    "You have grown three pounds heavier since last week. It would do you some good to eat less anyway," Beate replied blankly, before taking a spoonful of mashed potatoes and gesturing it towards Zauberer like a mother would to her baby. "Now eat and remain silent."

    Well, what a pleasant duo.

    @Sir Pinkleton
  11. Having made the scene stop Monica looked over at Z'eklaz and put her hand out. "Care to agree to disagree surrounding this situation then? You bastard." Monica said plainly to the demon.

    Z'eklaz extended a black hand that seemed to come together out of air "Only if you feed me. I hunger you human.... Master." It groaned out at the end. Z'eklaz turned itself around and began to float away towards the cafeteria. Monica took a breath and let out a groan before sprinting to catch up.

    "Will you stop moving so fast! Will you desist with this annoying speeding and will you end this." Monica continued on complaining before Z'eklaz led head to the food area. Taking a deep breath Monica shook her head. The line itself was long but after several minutes they had passed through.

    With no where to eat Z'eklaz looked to Monica as they both carried several plates filled with cheese steaks "I am glad your parents left a lot of money. I think I will enjoy this morning than I enjoy eating them." Z'eklaz made Monica stop. She turned around and stared at Z'eklaz "Don't even start that. Please." Monica said making Z'eklaz stare. "So be it." Z'eklaz responded.

    Making their way outside Monica and Z'eklaz saw several people talking around a tree but decided to take a seat outside a short distance away. Turning to look at Z'eklaz Monica saw him raise a hand up and the demons mouth open. Z'eklaz dropped a cheese steak into his maw before lowering its hand and doing the same again.

    "Why do you continually harass me? I mean haven't you done enough to screw with me?" Monica asked and laid back against the floor. "To be honest I am wondering if having you around is worth it. You do nothing but torture me and it is starting to pull me down to the point where I am depressed all the time. That is not good considering I am a mental wreck all the time anyway." Monica said with a sigh.

    Z'eklaz stopped devouring the cheese steaks and looked down at her "Well, I find it hilarious to mess with you at all times of the day. But, I see that you cant handle my humor any longer." Z'eklaz said with a shake of his head.

    Monica sighed "You just need to tone it down. I am already enough of an emotional wreck so the more you mess with me the more I am going to snap out at you like I did earlier. I personally don't like getting mad and I would love to have a day where I can just sleep normally and enjoy myself like a teen is supposed to do. But, I am stuck with you so I always have someone sitting around... I cant even find a guy.. or girl to be with because of you making me look insane." Monica said and turned way from him. "Just, do your thing." She finished as Z'eklaz continued eating.

    After a few seconds Z'eklaz seemed to grow smaller as if Monica's emotional level adversely effected him. He let out a growl and began to shake his head as if trying to fight himself. "Fine, Im sorry you pitif- kind girl." Z'eklaz corrected himself. "It is hard to lower myself to this level.. once I was sent to destroy Fort Bismark.. Now I serve a young girl." Z'eklaz let out making Monica laugh. She sat up with a smirk "Pathetic! I knew I could get you to say it!"

    Z'eklaz stared at her "You worm! You made me lower myself because I thought I hurt your feeling-" Was all he could say before Monica raised a hand "Well, it did make me feel better. I was joking, I appreciate it more than you know so relax. I don't really think you are pathetic." She finished with a nod. ​
  12. Yosuke

    Yosuke had almost dozed off, as his partner still flew around enjoying herself. His solitude was not long lived, as a strange dog, walked right through. It didn't feel right. He shuddered as it passed through him. And then he saw it continue up the tree. That was the first time he had ever seen a dog climb a tree. It was quite the sight to behold. If he weren't too preoccupied by the fact that it just walked through him, he might have been mildly impressed.

    As to what the hell that thing was, the answer soon became obvious as a fellow student soon followed behind the strange boney dog. He didn't say much. Just started with a yo. Not much conversation to be had there. "Hi there. I've seen you around I think. Uh... Sean wasn't it? So hows it been so far? Maybe we'll be put into a team anytime soon?"

    ~Meanwhile at the top of the tree~

    Ambrosia was watching her little underlings. She had a nice conversation with the queen. Such nice helpers they are. They even gave her some honey! And so there she sat, munching on honey, as a strange demon came crawling up to her and began poking her. It was a cute demon. She smiled, and offered her honey to the small being. Of course... she also wanted to pet it. With her honey slick hands. And so now they were stuck. She didn't mind though she thought it was rather funny actually.

    Yosuke caught sight of her and the demon.

    "Hey, um... Things may get a little hectic soon. Ambrosia tends to get in mischief really often. I'd get ready for something very dangerous to happen very soon."

  13. William Hawk had stood with his other classmates that had been in the school for a number of years as the Deans talked about what was required of the students and what they stood for. When it got to the point of asking or some would say telling the students who didn't think they could make the cut that the school would require them to make he fell silent when he saw a large quantity of the new students walk away. He didn't blame them. This was a hard life to get used to. He was glad some of them left though. It was less people to shoot him evil looks and dark glares for his appearance. Even now he was receiving glares from the other students. But he would show them one day that he was just as much an enemy of the demons as they were.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Six months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Will had sighed in relief as he left one of his classes. He was glad to be done for the day. All he wanted now was to go get a bite to eat at the cafeteria and then go home for the night. However that plan wouldn't work out for him. He had barely reached the cafeteria before another Angel yelled across the courtyard at him "Hey!! Demon spawn!" Will stopped right in his tracks and looked down. He didn't want this today. He didn't want to get into another fight but that seemed like it wasn't going to happen.

    Three other students all three Angels crossed the courtyard and got right into Will's face. "where do you think your going Demon Spawn?" Will didn't even bother to answer instead he just stayed silent and stared straight ahead "Oh look! the Demon is keeping his mouth shut! is he finally learning his place?" "No way! This Demon must think he's better then us that's why he isn't talking to us" Will was starting to get fed up and opened his mouth to speak "guys..please not to-" He didn't get to finish before one of the Angels punched him in the face "We didn't give you permission to speak!" Will hit the ground hard and spit out a glob of blood and wiped his lip before he stood up. Which only made things worse for him.

    One of the other Angels punched him hard in the back of the head sending Will stumbling forward as his vision blurred. Another one kicked him in the back of the knee causing his legs to buckle and him to collapse to the ground. He wouldn't fight back. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of proving that he was evil or something. However as he took the beating a dark voice in the back of his head spoke to him "Why are you taking this Will? Your stronger then them. You could destroy them easily. Use your powers..make them pay for their insults." Will closed his eyes tightly as he tried to block out the voice that was talking to him. He didn't know where this voice was coming from or what it meant but he wanted nothing to do with it.

    Will somehow managed to push himself away from the three Angels and ran towards the cafeteria leaving them to chase after him calling out more curses of Demon Spawn and other things like it. Will had just gotten to the doors of the Cafeteria when one of the angels caught up to him and tackled him sending them through the door and sliding across one of the tables sending food flying everywhere across the faces of the other students that were sitting there eating. The two angels fell to the floor at the other end of the table with Will on the bottom. Meanwhile the other two angels had caught up with their companion and the three proceeded to punch, kick, and punish Will with every ounce of hate they could muster.
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  14. Yukino stared blankly at the teacher as the last few minutes of class ticked by. Her blue eyes flat her arms crossed as she sat perfectly straight in the chair. Her legs crossed so that her foot lightly tapped the air as if she couldn't sit still much longer. In truth she simply just had a habit of these things. A rather bored looking face and a tick that only fueled the stereo-type. Still she had yet to mind the whispers she would hear from time to time.

    When class was dismissed she stood abruptly before swiftly walking out the door, other classmate moving out of her way as she did so. Hungry, yes she was hungry and the feeling always made her uncomfortable as if she would be distracted if anything were to happen simply because her stomach would be churning in on its self. Her long sword sat strapped to her back she never took it off unless asleep. Yet, her body easily carried it's weight as if it were a small stick. Just as she was about to reach the cafeteria her blue eyes witnessed a chase one she was sure was not friendly judging by the boys beat up face. Her arms still crossed she watched them run into the very building she had her eyes set on.

    Once she approached the door she entered and stopped stunned. The boy she just watched slid across the table before landing on the ground. Yet, that wasn't the worst he was being beaten senseless. Her arms uncrossed as she stalked to the group of three the air turning chilly in the cafeteria some breaths could be seen in the air now. Her cold eyes landed on the three kids as she re-crossed her arms.
    "Leave." She said plainly. Her voice was cold and smooth yet seemed emotionless. Her eyes seemed to be able to kill with one look at the moment, the only part of her that showed any signs of emotion. She wouldn't say more and she wouldn't attack back she would simply stand here making sure they left.
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  15. Sean stood there and nodded his head in response to Yosuke's first question. "Mhm. I've been okay. Your name is Yosuke right? Where are your demons, Edispu mentioned you having two." Sean looked around Yosuke searching for his demons, Ambrosia in particular. Finally looking up at the tree he could see Ambrosia and Edispu interacting. Neither really spoke. He then turned to Yosuke. "That's one, but where is the other?" Sean was tempted to use his soul eyes, but he had enough of that today.

    "Hey, um... Things may get a little hectic soon. Ambrosia tends to get in mischief really often. I'd get ready for something very dangerous to happen very soon."

    "Yeah. Same here." Just then the tree erupted in blue flame and the Soul Reaper got hot. Sean looked up with an unsurprising, but irritable glare. "Oi, Edispu keep it down!" Sean called out with an uncaring voice. Edispu looked down clinging onto the tree and pointed to the hand stuck on his head.

    "Don't tell me to keep-" A leaf from the burning tree fell down onto his nose and turned to ash. "Ooh!" Edispu shook his head and slumped down as the flames went out and he turned to Ambrosia with a smirk and then looked forward with his normal irritated look. "Curse this dog's feeble mind." The tree now looked like an alien specimen with blue fault lines within it and what leaves were left burning with soul fire on their tips. A disturbance causing a huge source of negative energy pulled Edipsu's gaze toward an angel. "Well that's unexpected." A closer look at his soul and he could see the turmoil of his life. "Could he be fallen?" Edispu looked down to Sean to see if he heard, but the boy was back onto Yosuke.

    Sean observed the disturbance, but soon he had completely ignored his demon due to its actions and thus missed the comment that certainly would peak his interest. "So- Wait what was I saying?"

    An angel with black wings suddenly ran by Yosuke and Sean to the cafeteria. Soon after two more angels followed. Edispu then hopped down the tree and landed on his skull and stared at Sean with a wide grin. "It's a fight! What are you going to do hero?" Edispu hopped off his skull and pulled it on his head like a helmet. Sean gripped his bat and looked to Yosuke. He was an upperclassman so Sean looked to him for guidance. The sounds of the fight and people shouting in encouragement and disgust echoed out the now literal mess hall. He looked away from Yosuke to stare at the cafeteria and then glance out the corner of his eye to the grinning Edispu. Sean coughed and sat down like a mannequin in a meditative pose. "That's new." Edispu pranced over to his lap and climbed up getting in his face staring at his blank glare. "Oh! He figured it out! He's using Soul Eyes!" Sean then instantly shot up causing Edispu to tumble back. He grabbed his eyes feeling like they had been burned with flamethrowers, but the pain was short lived.

    "Why is it so intense?! Gah!"

    Edispu stared at him. "What a dumb question. It burns straight through to your soul, when I had my humanoid-ish body it was a slow, but effective tool at slaying humans and angels as I didn't need to pierce their armor, but just burn them alive. Of course some like the-"

    "Shut up and ball up! Those four could kill him!"

    "Don't yell at me! 'Bout time you got a little spine." Edispu jumped up into the air and curled into a ball of fire. Sean grabbed his bat and chanted six words in a demonic tongue; Life, Water, Heaven, Death, Fire, and Hell. "Soul Fire! Gaian Slam!" Sean swung his bat and Edispu flew into the cafeteria at great speeds landing right in the back of an angel. Sean turned and waved to Yosuke and Ambrosia before jumping up and kicking the air making flames shoot out of his back to keep propelling him forward. He landed before the cafeteria entrance and jumped up using the bat propulsion technique again to get above the angels and come down hard with the same six word chant. Edispu this time stood up and with his devilish smile erupted a pillar soul fire around the three as Sean landed before the angel with black wings.

    Sean looked back with a worried face. "Will right? Interesting life you've had." Sean chanted the six words again getting the Soul Fire ready on his bat. "Honestly, I believe this is your fault Edispu."

    "Your being here? Not entirely. I'd blame it on your pitiful reason for even attending this school, to be a hero!" Edispu laughed as the pillar burned out. "If they do attack careful not to hit them with too much soul fire... you might reap their souls!"

    Sean clenched his teeth and looked forward holding the bat with one hand. He's right, Edispu's weapon is meant to steal souls quickly. I can't attack them with much more soul fire.

    "Of course I don't mind!"

    Where is a teacher when you need one?

    Edispu calmed down when he thought about the angel with black wings named Will. "I've never seen one before..." His face got more serious. He had developed his own intentions for protecting Will. A girl then tried to stop the fight, but Edispu wanted to see Will's power. His voice dropped as well his stance in addition to it becoming more primal. "... Hey, you dumb angels. I thought you were going to kill 'em? But it's not fair with four on one... so we've joined the party. Sean?" Sean looked over to Edispu. "Let's go!" Edipsu lunged soul fire balled in his fists and tail as he propelled himself into an angel sending her back. "Don't underestimate demons you insolent pure breeds! Soul Gattling Gun!" Edispu puffed up his chest and began firing rapidly on the angel he slammed into meanwhile Sean had gotten into a sword fight with two others combating their swordsmanship with his swing's and bat's defensive and offensive capabilities.
  16. There was a god of grace and charity among mankind, and that god was whoever this white-haired girl was. Gabe thanked her loudly and gratefully before sitting across from her and devouring whatever happened to be on the plate. Keguich seemed to be stuck in a frozen state of "holy crap, that actually worked," before realizing there was only so much to eat on the platter. He flapped his wings and nabbed a few pieces of bread from the plate.

    "Hey come on, kid, give me a little, it was my idea!"

    Gabe remembered his manners about as quickly as he remembers to wear his school uniform's tie (which is to say a little bit late) and stopped eating to introduce himself.

    "Oh um, I'm Gabe and this is Keguich, but it's easier to just call him Keg." he gestured to the bird pecking away at a loaf of bread, "just Gabe works fine for me, hehe. We came from Remus. What's your name?"
  17. Wesley had hear some noises he fuckin hated to hear. he had some old hip hop playing in his ears. He bobbed his head and walked over to see some poor kid just after he had the snot beat out of him. He walked over to the poor kid. he was a mess. on the ground without a seeming sense of what the hell happened to him. "Morning Yukino." Wesley had a small crush on her, but not enough to make him talk like and idiot in front of her. He looked at the kid on the ground then at the three who just finished wetting their knuckles with his blood and saliva. Nasty. Some other kid decided he'd have his turn at kicking the shit out the offenders. Wesley smiled and grabbed the kids hand. he pulled him up onto his feet and dusted him off. "Next time... use your wings." he gave him a sarcastic wink and a smile. "By the way, I'm Wesley. let me know if someone ever tries to fuck with you again." Wesley walked over to where the three angles were fighting a losing battle. he walked right in between the human and the three. he was smiling and clapping. For some reason the entire cafeteria went silent. Wesley had little to no power at this school, but for once the other people here were doing what he wanted them to...

    "Now before we slice a limb off... let's calm down and grab a bite to eat... You're just making things worse by bullying the bullies." he addressed Sean and his demon. His demon was intriguing to him, but Wesley wasn't here for that. He quickly turned to the three angels. Yukino had probably already scared the ever living shit out of them, but Wesley was about to go a step further. "So. You plan to fight demons with your fuckin words? If only... Too bad you guys can't see that Will here, is not a demon!" He had his hand on two separate angels shoulders and he was tightening his grip to the point where it would cause bruising. His eyes were full of rage and the red aura started at his feet. But he let them go and the aura faded. "Now... Fuck off." he pushed the tow he had his hands on so that they stumbled and walked over to Will. "I know your name, yes... I know things man. How about we go outside for lunch kid? There's a lot less pricks out there." he smiled and started to walk towards the door. he turned around immediately. "You, Sean. Yukino perhaps? Join us." He smiled again. he was cryptic, but enjoyed every second of it.
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  18. Initially, Beate said nothing in response, taking one lone French fry in her mouth and eating it. She had actually expected Zauberer to do the talking for her like he always did, but it seemed like he was too moody to do so at the moment, silently helping himself to half of a what appeared to be a ham and turkey sandwich. Glancing down at the creature, then back at Gabe, Beate only blinked once.

    Well, she'd have to do the talking, eh? What a pain. Oh, well. She could do this. She could do introductions... Right?

    "Beate. Beate Acker. Third year," she simply said, popping another fry into her mouth, "I'm from Loxdon, and this is Zauberer," she would continue, gesturing at the little demon beside her, Zauberer himself barely visible above the table if it weren't for his ears sticking out.

    Well, there was no "Nice to meet you" or anything like that, but overall, B. Maybe a B+.

    Before long, however, it would appear that a commotion would arise at the entrance to the cafeteria, causing the teenaged girl to shift her attention over to the scene for a brief moment. Some four or so odd ruffians ganging up on an angel classmate, it seemed. How annoying. They were going to disrupt lunchtime if they kept that up. Normally, Beate wasn't that interested in meddling with the... affairs of others, but if they kept it up...

    ... Well, no matter. It appeared that others had come to help anyway. Crisis averted. Right?

    "Heh, would ya look at that," Zauberer would finally speak up, "Like a typical high school story, complete with bullies. How tragic to suffer a fate like that."


    Well, Beate had no comment, it seemed.

    "Do you guys suppose we should go with 'em? Make sure the kid's not hurt too bad? It's not our business, but hey, if we get more lunchmates, the more the merrier!"

    Beate shrugged. A girl of few words. Yes, yes.

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  19. Yukino noticed that more and more people sorted around the boy causing her to insticivly take a step back. She nodded at the boy who spoke to her recognizing him from some of her classes.

    "It seems he has plenty of help if you all may excuse me."

    She took a few more steps back away from the group I crossing her arms she swiftly turned her long white hair trailing behind her. She quickly go in line her stomach growling yet again. She secretly wished for the line to move faster yet it still to sometime before she could order her steak salad. Her next problem came to the fact that now one table was ruined and the others were full. She almost showed the aggravation she felt on her face. She turned to quickly head outside where again more people sat. She looked around the area before noticing one girl alone. It was better then groups of three to six. She sighed before heading towards the girl and small demon that seemed to be shrinking.

    She sat down infront of the girl with out a word before preparing to eat her food. What should she say? She didn't know. People normally just ask if they can sit here right? She didn't look up but her lips opened to speak.

    "Do you mind?"
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  20. ...Red...


    It flowed like water...




    The color red...


    It hurt...

    There was more it had to offer...






    Why did this happen?




    A savage roar shook the campus. Perhaps it shook the entire island of Horizon. No doubt the demons on Earth heard it. It could strike fear in the most savage of demons. Whatever caused it, it was angry. And hungry... So very hungry. It would stop at nothing for food... And right now... it was put for blood...



    Find them...

    Who's to blame...





    The beast had sensed them. A large group of meatlings. To it, they were food. It began baring down on them. They are the reason for this happening. It lept into the air, and landed hard into the center. Dust flew everywhere, blocking the view of everything around. The only thing visible was an orange glow silhouetting the beast before them. It's eyes were that of fire.

    It's breath was hot. It rose from the dust, and as it settled, its terrifying form was reve-

    "Hi there! Sorry to break you guys up. Normally, I'd fire a warning shot from this here rifle. Unfortunately, I'm trying VERY hard to NOT let my FURY take control. But I don't have enough faith in my abilities to keep this here rifle from becoming a spread shot and killing everyone in this gathering."

    She had lost it. She had a very large grin on her face, but her anger was very apparent. If you looked at her clothing, one could see a mass of pickles, mustard and ketchup all over her.

    "Okay, you three!"

    She walked up to the three hooligans who had been chasing Will.

    "While you were chasing this guy claiming him to be a demon, you inadvertently awoke a FAR more terrifying demon. So if you guys would like to NOT see your own ENTRAILS line the floors, then why don't you guys leave..."

    They fled immediately.

    She turned to Will

    "Hey, buddy! I'm gonna need you to buy me lunch. Hahaha"

    She stopped laughing

    "Or I'll eat your head."
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