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  1. Hello there, my name is AsarielNight, but feel free to call me Night. I'm looking for some specific pairings and plot ideas, but I'm always open to new suggestions.

    While I know some of these are clique and over-done, I can't help but want to try my hand at them. Listed first is the character I'd like to play but it's negotiable. Thank you.

    Note I am able to play any character in the selected verse to accompany your interest.

    Elsa x Jack Frost
    Elsa x Hans
    OC x Draco

    Sense8 themed RP! PLEASE OH GOD!

    I'm sure I have a ton more to add, but these are the intense cravings I'm having.
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  2. [​IMG]
    I can be your Jack Frost. I love him!
  3. You may be my new best friend! I was thinking of this cute story I read, where Jack and Elsa met when she was young and she could see him and touch him and the like, something to do with her ice power. Maybe we could start writing when she's young for a short time and then write as they get older and shippy?
  4. Haha. Maybe when she was born Jack was pulled to her by some mysterious forces. He watched her growing up until Elsa finds him and wants to be friends. Then he has to go away for a bit. After many years, (when she turns 21) they meet again. I don't know though. :)
  5. That sounds good. Perhaps he returns at the coronation? Or something?It'd be interesting to play out. I can make a thread if you'd like.
  6. Yeah, that sounds good. Could you please Male the thread?
  7. I'm not sure what you're asking? D:
  8. Sorry, lol. make the thread.
  9. Absolutely. Also, in this verse is there any other pairing you'd like me to play counter to?
  10. No, not any I can think of right now. :)
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