Hoping back for a lot longer....

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  1. This year has been one of the worst for me with losing both my houses, almost losing my job, losing my last grandfather, my car and now my fiance and i are apart until he comes back from the national guard. So i haven't had the time or sanity to do the things i love. But now that i hopefully will have a tad more time (though no internet) to myself i want to try and rejoin and become active at Iwaku. I loved it and the friendliness last time i was able to be around and if anything i need some good people to talk with and roleplay with right now ^^. Sooo for those of you who remember me i want to try and restart my Roleplays. And those who don't i hope i can prove that i can be a kewl person again. I missed you Iwaku! And i'm excited to finally hopefully be coming back!! Wish me luck XD
  2. Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back to Iwaku! I hope you will stay for much longer and I hope to see a lot of creative works from you!