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  1. Hello hello!

    It's been quite a while since I've made a partner request thread so I'll try to make this shirt and sweet and to the point.

    • I will continuously update this thread as I get new ideas, when an idea is taken, etc. The taken plots will state they are taken next to the spoiler tag. Please PM me if you are interested in a plot and we can hash out the details.

      • I do not do not do one liners. At a minimum I require a detailed paragraph (meaning 5-7 sentences) to two paragraphs. I prefer longer posts than that, but I can not work with one liners.
      • Intermediate to advanced writers. I know we all start somewhere, but I'm looking to enhance my writing. Therefore, I need someone on the same level as me if not better to help me grow.
      • I'm not too picky about posting speed. I'd prefer at least one to two posts a week, but I encourage open communication. If you have real life stuff going on no problem. I have that too. So just let me know that you need to put our RP on pause. I'm really laid back when it comes to this.
      • That being said, if you're just not feeling this role play let me know. We can maybe change things in the role play to make it exciting for you, or we can just call it, shake hands, and walk away from it. It takes an awful lot to offend me, so I promise letting me know you're not feeling our rp won't bother me whatsoever.
      • Because I am open, but not requiring romance, I'd prefer my partner to be 18+. I have nothing against teen members, it's just my comfort level.

    • I should mention that I like a lot of banter between my characters. I like to develop a relationship over time, and not just hop to the exciting parts or the climax of the story.

      • Farm Boy x Princess (open)
        A stubborn farm boy is surprised one day when his normal routine is disrupted as he catches a young feisty woman attempting to steal one of his horses. He is even more surprised when in the middle of their scuffle, the King's knights come to retrieve her and expose her as the Princess.
      • Alternate Universes (open)
        Two friends, acquaintances, whatever, come across an item that has the ability to transport them to a random alternate universe. The two of them are on a mission to get back home to their own reality. The universes can be anything your heart desires. The internet, a rainbow, candyland, video games, underwater, Disney, etc. What makes this one fun is that when one of us gets bored with the story we can just hop to another reality.
  2. Alternative universes seems cool to me! I wanna do that one hehe
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  3. @Hope I'm game for the farm boy x princess if you are still open with it, that is
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  4. I am. I'll pm you :)
  5. Awesome possum!
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