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    Hope's Heart Open Academy (also known as "Elpída Kardiá Anoiktí̱ Akadi̱mía") is an exclusive, government-sanctioned school located in Athens of Greece, accepting only students with exceptional abilities. Its stated goal is to harbor and develop the talent of the most skilled individuals in a set age limit range. It's a source of envy for average high school students, as it's common knowledge that one can gain great success in life just by being a Hope's Heart Open graduate. The graduates of this institute have 100% employment rated in high positions in every field of the professional world, so that statement is not an exaggeration. Hope's Heart Open Academy doesn't hold any standard entrance exams, as the academy insists that the things tested by these kind of exams are meaningless for its purposes. Instead, students are scouted for by the Hope's Peak Academy's faculty members.

    There are two requirements to becoming a Hope's Heart Open student:
    One must be to either currently be enrolled in a high school or about to enroll into one.
    The second is to super-excel at their field of expertise.
    Being somewhat fluent in Greek or English is recommended, but not required.
    Beyond that, anything else is moot to the scouting process. Doesn't matter, as long as you are a high school student talented beyond measure, you have a chance to be accepted, and once inside, you are guaranteed success in your life.

    The fortunate students, who are blessed with such a gift and are accepted into the academy are granted an honorary title - "Ultimate", after which follows the field of specialization.The title remains on the resume after graduation. It is the most prized piece of writing in the world.

    And here it is. Your wonderful school life begins, yet darkness lurks below the sparkling surface.

    "Hope’s Heart Open Academy" is loosely based on the game "Dangan Ronpa", however, none of the characters involved in the original games will be appearing here, and there will be many differences story-wise. Mechanically speaking though, it will be similar to the games, so it is recommended that you have some understanding as to how the games work.

    One twist to this game is that each character will have a "ghost" character, which is some sort of mythological spirit or ghost acting as their guardian. These characters can not be involved in the killing games (as they are dead), and have less control over the situation and their own action than human characters.
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  2. Hey Guess What We Have Rules For This RP

    • Please use common sense when interacting with other players. Don't be a jerk. I will remove you without mercy.
    • Please be at least semi-literate, unless it's a speaking or writing style of your character. This means that, when the character speaks or writes, it can be as weird and wonky as you want, but the rest of the post needs to be understandable.
    • No Godmodding; even in the killing game later, not everything is going to go as planned. If it did, the other side would have no chance, and it wouldn't be a fair game. This also means you can not use knowledge that your character could not have known.
    • There are only going to be 32 slots for characters (16 for human characters, 16 for ghost characters), not including myself. Once they're filled, I might save some profiles for reserve, in case an issue occurs with another player and I have to switch out someone very early, but don't expect to ever be in play otherwise.
    • As the tags say, when your character dies, they're dead. I might set up a dead thread for dead characters, but they can't really be involved anymore in the main IC thread.
    • If I look at your profile, and do not accept it, I will explain why, and I am happy to allow you to make the changes and resubmit that character, or even try with a new character as many times as you like. However, just whining to me about accepting your profile will guarantee that your profiles will never be accepted.
    • You get to have up to (You can have less than this) two human character and two ghost characters per user, but only one pairing. This means that you can have one of your ghost characters be in charge of one of your human characters, but the other two have to find other characters to create a pairing. You are also required to have a ghost character for every human character you create, to make sure that near the end it doesn't end up being only ghost characters left for people.
    • Every now and again I will be sending mass messages to all players asking about where their characters are currently and what they are doing. Please answer these as honestly as possible. The reason for this is that an event is occurring, but I am likely to do so to simply keep you on your toes.
    • Feel free to ask questions! No really, if you don't understand something, it's perfectly fine.
    • More rules will be added as necessary.
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  3. Hey, How Are Profiles Going To Work?
    Now, when joining this game, you will be submitting two profiles. The first one will be posted here. Not all of the information in the profile has to be completely accurate. You might even leave a blank (mark it with ??? so I know that this was not an accident) if you wish.

    If, and only if I accept you, I will ask you to submit another profile as a private message to me, and send you how the profile should look. This one must be correct, and contain all the information I ask for, preferably as detailed as possible. I will be using this information to my own discretion to make the game more interesting, but will not be available to other regular players.

    Here is what the first profile should look like for a human character:

    For a Ghost character, this is what it will look like:

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  4. Student Profiles

    1. Empty​
    2. Empty​
    3. Empty​
    4. Empty​
    5. Empty​
    6. Empty​
    7. Empty​
    8. Empty​
    9. Empty​
    10. Empty​
    11. Empty​
    12. Empty​
    13. Empty​
    14. Empty​

    Ghost Profiles
    1. Empty​
    2. Empty​
    3. Empty​
    4. Empty​
    5. Empty​
    6. Empty​
    7. Empty​
    8. Empty​
    9. Empty​
    10. Empty​
    11. Empty​
    12. Empty​
    13. Empty​
    14. Empty​
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  5. Hey, how are killers and victims chosen in this game?

    The killing mechanics that decide who is the killer and who is killed is mostly based on the actions of the player themselves. When a player is ready to kill someone, they will message to me that they wish to kill someone, and give me the information as to how their plan is going to go in-game. Based on this plan, they might be aiming for a specific person, or it might just be whoever falls into the trap, but in this way choosing the victim or the killer is not based on set game mechanics so much as a natural result of the story and roleplay, and the killer is actually a part of choosing who they kill.

    By the way, if someone as a part of their murder plan tries to break any rules, stated or otherwise, I'm gonna have to tell them that they can't do that and work with them to make a plan that doesn't break those rules. Also, as a part of that, since some rules in game might not be stated outright because the one setting this up is being a huge jerk, the killer isn't allowed to let others know in any capacity about any unstated rules that might be uncovered when plotting with me; I am not below killing characters if they really try to push this with me.

    Now unless the killer is really interested in killing someone right away I will have been, either before setting up my own events or just to keep players on their toes, sending mass messages asking where their character is and what they are doing. This will also happen right after I get the detailed plan from the killer about how they are going to murder someone. The randomness is to confuse players so they don't immediately know what's going on when it comes to killing. Yes, I might be sending a "check-in" message because a killing is about to occur, but it also might be my own event, or just because.

    A good way to look at this is to look at a sample plan. Let's say that a killer, as part of their plan, wants to slip a note to another character. I will, after finalizing the killer's plan, message to all characters about where they are currently. If any character (not necessary the one the killer is targeting) is around to see that part of the plan, I will give them some of the information of what's going on (as in, what they would be able to see.) Everyone who gets involved in this way is then asked what they will do next. When two characters who are involved in the murder scene wish to interact, I will set up a group conversation for them to play it out. If, for whatever reason, someone is spying on the interaction, I will filter the information to them in private messages. Of course, there's always a chance they can be spotted, based on what they do.

    I know it sounds kind of complicated, and it is, but it's worth it to protect the mystery to the murders. If people aren't aware of all the details, even at times the killer, it can lead to interesting results and will allow people to actually try to solve the mystery!
  6. Definitely trying out for this.

    EDIT: I just now figured that the Skype, Yahoo, AIM and so on was our personal information...Ops.
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  7. Username: Professor Objection
    Nickname: Professor

    Human Character 1
    Name: Iva Nelson
    Nickname: None
    Age: 16
    Birthday: August 25
    Blood Type: O+
    Physical Description: Ech.full.981256.jpg

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 129 lb.
    Home Country: America

    Likes: Difficult problems, victory, nectarines
    Dislikes: Arrogance, boredom, attention
    Ultimate: Mathlete–Iva has competed in multiple math competitions since she was a child, and she has proven her mettle nearly every time. In many cases, the prize is cash, leading to a surprisingly helpful income over the years. Her aunt, a college math professor, has allowed her to teach the class on many occasions.

    Human Character 2
    Name: Francis Caruso
    Nickname: None
    Age: 18
    Birthday: January 3
    Blood Type: A-
    Physical Description: Pixiv.Id.3675358.600.1187681.jpg

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 155 lb.
    Home Country: Ireland

    Likes: Traveling, Japanese, video games
    Dislikes: ???
    Ultimate: Polyglot–Francis lived in a house of many languages and is able to speak most of them fluently. His mother, a well-known singer, often calls upon his assistance when she goes on international tours. He's also been helpful to his father, a masterful diplomat, in conversations between foreign countries.

    Ghost Character (paired with Francis)
    Damon Clemens
    Nickname: Damocles
    Physical Description: Trinity.Blood.240.1666606.jpg
    Type of Spirit or Ghost: Poltergeist
    Powers the ghost/spirit possesses: Telekinesis, though heavier objects take him much longer to move (a knife could be lifted immediately, but a bookshelf would take about a minute), shape-shifting between two forms (main form is top picture; bottom form can move things faster, but is less logical about where to move them)

    Likes: Juggling, mysteries, Francis
    Dislikes: Waiting, indecision, bigotry

    Are these profiles okay?
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  8. @Professor Objection

    Perfectly fine! I'll be sending your private profiles in just a bit!


    I'm ready for profiles, are you ready to submit?
  9. Please, excuse my delay. I've been having a bit of a situation over in my personal corner. Here are my submissions:

    Username: Headphones
    Nickname: Phones

    Human characters

    Name: Haruto Graham
    Nickname: Harry
    Age: 17 years old
    Birthday: 5th August [ Leo ]
    Blood Type: B+
    Physical Description: A young man, standing at about 182 cm in height, one of Haruto's most basic of quirks is being a rather tall individual. Albeit he can not take pride in muscle sculptures on any of his bodily parts, his lung capacity makes up for it, giving him the upper hand when stamina is required. When speed is in question, he is not the fastest of the brood, yet that does not mean he falls below average. This youngster's legs have become rather flexible from the time he has spent on stage and the many times he has had to run around the streets or buildings, as well as his general height, have given him a longer gait, which allows him to cover more ground for a set period of time whilst walking or rushing compared to a normal person.

    Having been raised for a good portion of his life in Scotland and England, Haruto's skin has developed a paler hue and currently falls under Pantone 57-8 C. This creates a somewhat striking contrast between it and his short black hair, which has the occasional silver or blue sparkle under the sunlight, due to the several times in the past during which he dyed different bangs to create patterns. Although his fringe is longer than that of the regular boys', Harry's eyes are clearly visible. Having greyish-green coloured irises and long thick eyelashes, they give off the impression of a playful person.

    This gentleman has no bodily modifications, except the occasional nail job. He has a foot size of about 10 in American standards and slightly longer fingers on his hands when compared to his palms.

    Haruto (open)

    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Home Country: The United Kingdom

    1. People, who can take any joke
    2. Comedy
    3. Cute things
    4. A fun night out, wherever it may be
    5. Warm ginger tea with honey
    6. Knowledge
    7. Hokey, both on ice and on grass

    1. Bitter things
    2. Sour things
    3. Being called Haru-chan or Haru
    4. People, who don't want to achieve something great.
    5. Being forced to sleep, sit down, stay still and the like.
    6. Conservative people.
    7. Horror entertainment

    Ultimate: Trivia
    Albeit never being able to keep his attention long enough on one subject alone, Haruto is capable of remembering almost everything he reads, hears, sees or simply experiences. The result is a person with a great amount of knowledge about facts on innumerable subjects, yet that information is miscellaneous and can not be used in a specific field, simply because the amount in any particular one being little or just "trivial". This has closed many doors for him, yet opened one vital one. The one to the game show industry. Being both a co-director, question-writer and host, Haruto is in the big business of live entertainment.

    Name: Shiori Hibiki
    Nickname: None
    Age: 16 years old
    Birthday: 17th September [ Virgo ]
    Blood Type: AB-
    Physical Description: A young girl, reaching just about 159 cm, Shiori is only one centimeter away from what she believes to be the perfect female height. The long sleepless hours she spends at her desk, pacing back and forth in front of a board or shifting from one chair to another have shaped her out to be a thin little lady, however, unlike the other science girls, there is one factor that puts her a bit higher than the rest. Her body is sand-clock-shaped, which means that her chest is not the stereotypical plank. Still, they're not watermelons either.

    Shiori's DNA contains the dominant alleles for chocolate brown hair, which she has allowed to grow long and ofttimes ties in a lose ponytail. It matches nicely with her round hazel eyes and Pantone 51-6 C skin.

    Other than pierced ears for earrings, this young lady has no bodily modifications.

    Shiori (open)

    Height: 159 cm
    Weight: 55 kg
    Home Country: Japan

    1. Quiet nights
    2. A calm atmosphere
    3. Cocoa
    4. Anything with fruits
    5. Researching the human mind
    6. Cinnamon
    7. Salty snacks

    1. Uncooperative individuals
    2. Distracting individuals
    3. Unappreciative individuals
    4. Overly noisy places
    5. Individuals, who falsify information
    6. Individuals, who intentionally ignore information
    7. Meat

    Ultimate: Psychiatrist
    Growing up in the family of a violinist and a businesswoman, Shiori had become curious about the workings behind humans. How come her father could play so well, when others could not? How come her mother could be so frightening to others, yet so kind to her and her father? How could two people as different people as them come together? Those were the initial questions, which set her off on a journey through the human mind. It began as a mere child's curiosity and developed into a deep study, with an unquenchable desire to learn about the deformities and quirks behind the networking within each and every skull. Although her quest has secluded her from much of society, she would gladly pay the price again and again.

    Ghost characters

    Name: Masanori
    Nickname: Masanori
    Paired with: Shiori Hibiki
    Physical Description:

    This peculiar spirit has a total of three different forms: human-like, cat and tiger. The only similarities in appearance between them are the sharp amber eyes and the few flames, which usually float nearby.

    The first form is one, which Masanori ofttimes uses, yet is second-pick to his liking. In this shape, he become a human-like creature at about 135 cm in height, with messy long dark crimson hair and two tails in the same colour. Instead of being bare and proportionate, his upper limbs are composed of huge arms and long fingers, all of which are covered in dark crimson fur. Of course, he also has sharp curved non-retractable claws at his disposal. While in this form, Masanori will wear a black haori for a top and beige umanori for the bottom piece.
    Masanori (open)

    In his second form, which he loves the most, Masanori appears as a dark ginger tabby tom with white paws, ears, muzzle, chest and tips of both tails, which is the size of a regular house cat.

    In the third, and rarely used form, Masanori will appear as a Siberian tiger.

    Type of Spirit or Ghost: Nekomata
    Powers the ghost/spirit possesses:
    1. Shape-shifting between the aforementioned three forms.
    2. Fire-manipulation to the point of simply creating and controlling the fire under one's will. The flames themselves have nothing magical about them.
    3. Soothing voice. When singing, Masanori is able to directly transfer the emotion of the song to anyone, who is listening. However, he hates singing.
    4. Levitation, yet it is only possible in his human-like form because he feels short in it.
    5. Enhanced senses of hearing, sight and smell, from a human's perspective at least. Due to being a cat, he capable of detecting that, which humans can not. The downside of this is that the sense of taste is almost completely dulled out, just like a cat.

    1. Communication.
    2. Diligence.
    3. Loyalty.
    4. Freedom.
    5. Cooperation.
    6. Sparring.
    7. Cleaning himself when no one is looking.

    1. Being called a cat, kitty, feline, cute, fluffy or anything of that sort.
    2. Being petted without permission.
    3. Being ordered around by people he has not acknowledged as higher than him.
    4. Being nagged about him not having a sense of taste.
    5. Any remarks about his human-like appearance.
    6. Anyone stepping on, pulling or just touching his tails.
    7. Ambiguous things.

    Name: Bojana
    Nickname: Jana
    Paired with: Nobody, as of yet
    Physical Description:
    Jana (open)

    Type of Spirit or Ghost: A cursed vila, who has been bound to her bird form.
    Powers the ghost/spirit possesses:

    1. Speed of flight, despite her fat size.
    2. Can control the wind like a flutist and a snake, so long as she plays a song on one of her many flutes.

    Most of Jana's powers have been blocked by the curse that has bounded her to the bird form.

    1. Hot men
    2. Cute boys
    3. Shiny things
    4. Fashion
    5. Pastries
    6. Singing ( although it's painful for the listeners )

    1. Being called fat
    2. Being told she has no style
    3. Being told she can't break the curse
    4. Being told "you can't ____"
    5. Not having something delicious at least once per day
    6. Less sleep
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  10. @Professor Objection, I realized I need to change in how profiles work, which means I need to ask for an adjustment on your part. I'm worried about the possibility of only having spaces for ghost characters near the end, and those players wouldn't be able to really participate in the game. So, to prevent that, I was going to make a rule that for every human character you create, you need to have a ghost character.

    But, this means for you that you need to either create another ghost character (which, since the first ghost is paired with one of your human characters already, will need to pair up with another player's character), or remove one of your human characters in play. Once again, I'm really sorry about the inconvenience due to my mistake, and I hope it won't be too much trouble for you.

    @Headphones Your profile is accepted (although I would like you to change Bojana's name to a color that hurts my eyes less)! I will be sending the personal profiles in a bit!
  11. No problem at all. I'll be making a second ghost character soon.
  12. Ghost Character 2 (currently unpaired)
    Name: Ayano Goretti
    Nickname: Ayano
    Physical Description: Dhiea.Seville.240.16500.jpg
    Type of Spirit or Ghost: Guardian (a ghost that appears to warn a living being of danger, and is usually–but not always–a deceased relative or friend of the living being)
    Powers the ghost/spirit possesses: Can see impending doom as written in her book, but it will only appear if the event will be nearby–in the next room or closer–and will happen within the next ten to fifteen minutes

    Likes: Storytelling, safety, evening
    Dislikes: Danger, cruelty, quick change

    How is this character?
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  13. @Professor Objection could you go into more detail about what you mean when you say they're a "Guardian"? I'm sorry, I just don't know what kind of spirit that is.
  14. Oh, right. I probably should have thought about that. A guardian is a ghost that appears to warn a living being of danger, and is usually (but not always) a deceased relative or friend of the living being.
  15. Alright! If you can add that directly to your profile, I'll accept it!
  16. All right, it's been added.
  17. Thank you! It's accepted, and I'll be sending you one more message, and then we're good to go. :)
  18. Profile list has been updated!
  19. Username: Kigarra
    Nickname: Kiga

    Name: Melissa Flores
    Nickname: Lisa
    May 19. 1997
    Blood Type:
    Physical Description:

    Melissa (open)

    5 ft 5
    135 lbs
    Home Country:

    - People with energy to burn
    - Open-minded people
    - Exercising (via dancing)
    - Smoothies
    - Jewelry

    - Pessimists
    - Uptight people
    - Being restricted
    - Heights
    - Laziness
    - Indecisiveness

    Ultimate: Break dancer
    Living in Brazil, Melissa was exposed to a world of dance and music, not only that but her parents we're both dancers themselves so it came naturally to her. With her father being a Salsa dancer she tried that first but it didn't turn out well, then she gave Ballet with her mother a try and that also failed. She learned that those types of dances were too restrictive for her taste and decided to try her hand at something more....wild: Break dancing. Soon a hobby turned in to a lifestyle and she spent everyday training her body, climbing her way to the top, entering and winning contests on a local and even a national level. To her, Break dancing is her true way to live.
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