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  1. So. . . I want to get right into this without a cheesy intro or anything like that. . . (*whispers* as much as I'd love to)

    I am looking for a male roleplayer, as I have been in the mood to do a very descriptive and hopefully long term roleplay with. Now, I won't be choosy - if you're a female and are willing to play a male character, that would be wonderful! Before I lay down any plots/ideas I just want to put fourth some requirements that I have for you as a potential rp partner. . .

    • I'd like for you to be able to write properly and descriptively. . . meaning no text chat or anything of that sorts.
    • Also, description is key to my ideal roleplay so, by all means go crazy - I would be expecting at least 2 paragraphs per reply.
    • Consistent chats between us would be nice, if it's about the roleplay or each other's day, I don't mind, I just like keeping in check with my partner.
    • I like to go all out with gore and violence - depending on the type of roleplay will depict the amount of gore that will be necessary.
    • There may be some sexual themes and other nitty gritty things so, be prepared - we could always discuss a 'fade-to-black' scenario.
    • I won't be pestering you with daily check ups if you don't reply right away, so I'm hoping you won't do the same. A small little nudge every so often is completely fine however. I will try and post at least once a day, whenever you're available is certainly okay, I want this roleplay to be good, not rushed with illiteracy or just plain old bull shit.

    Below, I will have scenarios consisting of quick drabbles or, full on plot descriptions for what I want. . . if you are interested or, have concerns for anything, please reply and I'll be sure to get back to you. . .


    These are some pairings that I'd be interested in doing. . .

    Student x Teacher
    Student x Tutor
    Student x Student Tutor
    Step Siblings
    Best Friends
    Boss x Secretary
    Boss x Intern

    Now, as raunchy as some of these sound, I mostly want to do them for the plot and story development rather than the steamy parts. I have done some of these with other people and it just leads onto sex, sex, and more sex. That, I do not want. If we do one of the above ones, I'd like them to circle around the scandal, and romance rather than the lust and desire (as nice as that'd be).

    Here are some of the drabbles I came up with, these are just brief explanations on what I'd like in the roleplay. . we could totally build up on story and I think these may take a bit more planning before the actual roleplay. . .



    The outbreak happened only a mere three months ago and already, more than one half of the population is gone or has be succumb to the infection. I have been somehow blessed with the chance to survive. .
    I have been traveling for quite some time until I get caught in a sticky situation. . . [roleplay will pick up there]

    Out For The Kill:

    I am of royal blood, the princess to one of the most powerful kings in all of the land. You, (a notorious assassin) have just been granted the task to take me down. . . [we elaborate from there]

    //more will be added//

    Then. . finally. . we have our fandoms. . . these in which I'd like to just make an OC each and throw them into the plot, with little to slight change to the world/story - or we can take place of certain characters. . .


    Spirited Away
    The Last of Us
    Soul Eater
    Resident Evil
    The Walking Dead [following more of the comic book rather than the show]
    Orange Is The New Black [maybe I'd be an inmate and you'd be an officer]
    Kuroko No Basuke
    The Great Gatsby

    Again, if you're at all interested. . please. . reply below and let me know!!! I'm excited to see if anyone would like to do any of these!!!! :)
  2. Hmmmmmm survivors look really interesting, the last of us would be fun and bloodborne I would be up for any of those.
  3. Do you write in first or third person?
  4. Alright well. . . PM me and we can discuss this further!!!
  5. It depends on your preference - I can do both equally as well.
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