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    Cassandra Jones

    Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes, good people end up with the bad end of the stick. At least that's what Cassandra Jones had to tell herself as she walked into the new apartment building she would now be living in. She had never actually believed the saying; in fact, she believed the opposite. She thought that because she ended up with the bad end of the stick, she deserved it. But somehow her parents had forced it into her mind that she didn't deserve it. She hadn't done anything wrong. That, she believed.

    The last thing that Cass had asked for was this. But then again, who would really ask for cancer? If it had to take so many people, she did have to admit that she was happy it was her rather than the people she loved. But sometimes when the pain got so unbareable, she caught herself wishing, praying that whatever God was out there, would just take her and get it over with. But just like everyone in her life, it was like this 'God' whom everyone believed in didn't want her. She had spent most of the younger years of her life switching between an abusive dad and a depressed grandmother. Finally she got adopted when she was fifteen, the same year she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now instead of her parents, schools, and Foster programs not wanting her, it was like the gods were playing games to pick and choose where she ended up at.

    She had ended up near death a few times, but she had always came back. But the experience was what counted right? Still to this day, nightmares caused Cass to lay awake at night as her mind scanned the way it had felt being that close to death. That was an experience she would never forget. Although the gods still hadn't decided where they wanted her at, Cass decided to take the down time to her advantage.

    Aside from all of the hospital visits and painful needles, Cassandra had always loved coming to the city. she grew up in a smaller town where basically everyone knew everything. That meant that Cassandra's 'story' was known to everyone in town. But now that she was starting her first real year in the university and trying to get a job, the city was a great place to start over. No one knee her, and she knew no one.

    The apartment building was small, but cozy. It was the perfect size for the young girl. Thankfully, Cass had came the night before with her overly worried parents and unpacked everything, so she didn't need to worry about that. In fact, she tried not to worry about anything. The night before had been the first night she had slept in the apartment, and now the sun shining through her kitchen window signaled that it was time for her daily run and breakfast.

    She had came into the town many times, but never really had time to explore it. That was what today was all about. But first, she would start off every morning the same. Her jogging clothes for the day, a run down the sidewalk to a cafe a few blocks away, breakfast, and then back to the apartment to shower and get ready for the day. The morning jog went rather well for Cass, and as she walked through the cafe entrance, she couldn't wait to taste the omelet that she was thrilled to order.

    Cassandra sat down at a corner booth, sipping a cup of warm tea as she read the newspaper and awaited for the friendly waitress to bring her the Bacon and cheese omelet she had ordered a fee minutes before.
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    Orion Davis

    Orion woke to his alarm. It was 8 am. He had to go to work at 11 am. Dressing himself into his Body Armour Short Sleeve Shirt and some long black workout pants and throwing on some deodorant and cologne, he fed the dog. After feeding the dog, he gathered up his workout gear and headed out the door to the cafe down the street. He liked to go there sometimes, if he could afford it. They had really excellent Omelettes and he liked to hang out there to take in the scenery.

    Orion took a look at the buildings and streets that surrounded him. He remembered the first day he moved here. It was right after he graduated from High School. He had a habit of getting into trouble around town, playing pranks on people and every now and then going out and getting drunk with his friends. However, his parents being the religious type, were fed up with his behavior and sent him away for college as soon as they were legally able to.

    Arriving at the cafe, he took a seat near the corner, however, his normal corner seat was taken by a beautiful woman. He quickly did a once over on her, impressed at what he saw. A waitress came over to him.

    "Good to see you again Mr. Davis. Your regular morning breakfast for you?"

    He nodded.

    "Yes please"

    "Coming right up!" she headed off to get him his cup of coffee and his favorite omelette. Occasionally, he'd glance over at the girl in the corner, his eyes unable to stay off of her sometimes.
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    Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra was never the one to pay attention to her surroundings. She didn't notice the baby sitting across the room crying, the old couple walking through the door, or even the children jumping on the seats beside her. But she could tell when eyes were on here. Especially unfamiliar eyes. The brown headed girl slowly lifted her gaze off of the newspaper she was reading as she sipped some of her warm tea and glanced around the room, taking in all of her surroundings again.

    The baby who was crying had a beautiful blue ounsie on, the couple walking through the door looked more in love than most young couples, and the children behind her had more energy than she probably every would. Her thoughts made her chuckled softly to herself before her eyes slowly met with another pair. They were unfamiliar, though they looked so familiar at the same time.

    For the next second or two, her eyes stayed connected to the other pair before they drifted up and down to look at the connected body. She had to admit that the body and face with the mesmerizing eyes did match them quite well. If she didn't say it out loud, her cheeks showed it. Thankfully though, Cassandra was able to look away as she noticed a woman step in between her and him.

    Cass looked up and smiling widely at the waitress as she greeted her. "Hi! Yes, thank you! Have a nice day,"Cassandra's words came out quicker than she had expected, though she didn't stop as the delicious looking plate of omelet was sat in front of her. Casey quickly out her book away and took the first bite of her omelet, soon taking another after letting out a soft moan of deliciousness. She had to admit, although she had made and ate several different omelets, this one had to definitely be the best tasting one!

    The next little bit was spent with Cass reading her book from her crossed legs and half paying attention to the omelet sitting in front of her. Due to the treatment she had gone through, she grew use to not eating breakfast, so now it was hard to eat much of anything. Fortunately she had grown a little more custom to eating a little recently, though she knew it wouldn't last long.

    Casey finished the first half of her omelet before she finally called it quits and asked for a to- go - box. Once she had the remaining omelet in her small box, she pushed it aside and decided to sit and finish the rest of her chapter and the rest of her tea before heading home.

    Cassandra was engulfed in her story when she felt the same eyes staring her down. Slowly, she shifted her eyes away from the words on her pages and glanced in the direction of the stares. The same male she had noticed earlier was still there watching her. She felt her nerves get the best of her as her foot began tapping against the wall and she swallowed slowly. She gave the male a small smile before turning her attention back to the cup of tea in front of her.

    Why is he staring at me?!? Do I have food on my cheek?!?
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    Orion Davis
    He realized just now that he was staring at the girl in the corner. He stopped, even he knew that was rude. He wasn't one to stir up trouble anymore. He still got into trouble sometimes, but for the most part, his job kept him busy enough to keep him out of trouble most of the time. However, he glanced up at her every now and then and even once, their eyes caught each other. From then on, he found it hard to not look at her again. If he didn't stop now, he'd surely be arrested as being a creeper. He had to either make a move or leave the restaurant and he wasn't planning on leaving the restaurant just yet.

    He gratefully took the omelette, finishing it off quite quickly. Taking his coffee, he got up from his seat and walked over to the booth that the girl was sitting in. He waved as he approached.

    "I'm sorry. I'm not really a creeper, honest. I didn't mean to stare. I just couldn't help but appreciate your beauty...Here, as an apology..." he took her tab that the waitress brought her and gave the waitress a 20 dollar bill. He whispered for the waitress to keep the change. He then took a seat across from her, hoping he wasn't scaring her away or embarrassing her. He paid for his meal too when the waitress came looking for him again for his tab. Sipping on his coffee, he looked to the girl again.

    "I'm Orion, but you can just call me Ryan if that's easier to say. I just live down the street so I came here on my way to work. I haven't seen you here before...do you come here often?"​
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    Cassandra Jones
    The blush that had appeared on the young girls face only darkened as she took a drink of her tea and heard a voice to her left. She glanced up and immediately she saw the same male who she had seen before. Slowly, she watched as he took a seat across from her and paid for her meal. Cassandra loomed St him without saying a word and slowly felt the blush on her cheeks go away as he told her his name.

    "I'm Cassandra but people usually call me Casey or Cass. Whatever is fine. I, uhm, I use to come with family for dinner all the time. Their chicken and gravy basket was my favorite, but I just moved here this weekend so it's really my first time."

    The girl slowly tucked a strand of her loose, dark hair behind her ear as she bit her lower lip. She glanced around the small dinner and wondered if it was normal for extremely cute guys to come and sit with the shy, pale girl and pay for their breakfast. Which speaking of, Cass realized she still had not thanked him for it.

    "Thank you for the breakfast. I didn't think you we're a creep. I was just wondering if it was normal for a guy to stare at a girl and then at pay for her breakfast around here. But I appreciate it. I can pay you back, its not a big deal. Really."

    Cassandra took another drink of her cup of tea as she looked at the male in front of her. She slowly looked over him, analyzing every inch of him she could visibly see. He had a slight Stubble on his cheeks and jaw line, his hair stood up in a messy kind of way, though it looked rather organized. His eyes were dark and mysterious, though they looked soft and kind, unlike most eyes of men she had seen. He looked tall and fit, so obviously he worked out and kept himself in shape, though he didn't look like he tried hard.

    Slowly, Casey's eyes shifted so that she could look back up at his as their conversation drifted on.
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    Orion Davis
    "Cassandra huh? That's a really nice name. You just moved here? Well, if you need to know where anything is, I'd be happy to help. I've been living here since I was 18 years old. I kind of know my way around this place better than anyone. I even know the backalleys, through some less than desirable connections that I had when I first moved here. However, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf...Can't say I'm perfect though..."

    Taking another sip of coffee, he shrugged.

    "It's no big deal. However, if you'd really like to pay me back, I'd like to get to know you more...meet up with you or call you more...if your ok with that"

    He could see her face go a little red and he smirked. Dare he say her shy red face even added to her beauty even more. It got his heart racing in a whole other way other than exercise ever could. But what was more beautiful than her shy face was her eyes. Her eyes alone had the power to make his heart rate race even faster than before.

    "What do you say, Cassandra?"
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    Cassandra Jones
    The girl slowly turned her full as attention back to the guy sitting in front of her. Her hands traced over the edges of her book in her lap as she took in every word that exited his mouth and came out to swallow her up. Cass found herself biting her lip before quickly switching to finishing up the last of her tea. She could smell the coffee from the males cup from here, though she lover the smell, she hated the taste. But he seemed to like it very much.

    "Thank you, I'll be sure to remember that. Erm..."

    As the small gestures and small talk turned into an invitation to more hanging out and talking, Casey's cheeks again turned to the light red shade it was once before. Slowly she shifted her arm up to tuck the strand of hair that had fallen away, back behind her small ear before letting her thoughts sink in to reality and eventually form words.

    "Um, yeah. I guess I can give you my number. Maybe you can show me around. I've been looking for a library , but I can't seem to find it. Um, you can call me if you'd like."

    Slightly fidgeting with the pen to her right, she took a napkin and switched the pen to her left hand as she wrote down the ten digest number of her cell phone, and then adding her home phone in case she forgot to pay the bill, which was likely to happen with the forgetful girl.

    "The top is my cell, and the bottom is my home phone. Um, maybe I'll talk to you later... I need to head to work though, I'll.. uhm.. bye."

    The last of Cassandra's words we're stumbled upon and shaky as she saw a glimpse of the time. She had ran much, much later than she had planned. She had probably been talking with the male who called himself Ryan for a whole thirty minutes or more, but thankfully she would still have time to go home, shower, and make it back to her job interview by eleven.

    Quickly as standing up, the shorter girl waved a small goodbye to the male and rushed off to the front door where she walked out and took a sprint home, forgetting her favorite book on the table. By the time Cassandra got home, she realized her mistake, but didn't have time to go back. She would just have to look for another copy. Slowly, Cass hopped into the shower and started her day.
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    Orion Davis
    Taking the number she gave him, he put it in his phone right away. He let the girl go. He could clearly see the red on her cheeks. He chuckled a bit. He enjoyed seeing people embarrassed. It amused him a bit. It also drew him closer to this girl he had met in the diner out if pure curiosity.

    As she walked out, he watched her. Turning around and chuckling he then saw the book she was clinging onto when he first came to sit with her. Seems she had forgot it when she rushed out. Taking the book and putting it in his work bag, he left a tip and left the diner, heading to work.

    On his way, he pulled out his phone and shot her a text.

    "Hey, it's Orion, the guy you met this morning at the cafe. You left your book at the diner and I just happened to pick it up for you. Meet me at the diner tomorrow and I can give it back. And, if you aren't busy, I can show you where the library is"

    Sending the message, he arrived to work right on time.
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    Cassandra Jones
    Finally arriving to the cafe she had been to earlier, Cassandra walked in and looked around. Not only was her book gone, but the male she had sat with before was gone. Kind of like it never even happened, and it was all some kind of strange dream that Cass would wake up to in a few minutes. But as her phone vibrated and a message lit up on the screen, it was obvious that her 'Dream' was still going on.

    Hey, it's Orion, the guy you met this morning at the cafe. You left your book at the diner and I just happened to pick it up for you. Meet me as to the diner tomorrow and I can give it back. And, if you aren't busy, I can show you where the library is.

    One quick glance at the message made the girl sigh in relief to know that her book was safe. Although most people diner read anymore, it was one of her favorite things. When spending numerous months in and out of the hospital half of her life, Cassandra learned to deal with soap operas and mystery shows. That was until she finally had enough of it and she turned to reading. Ever since her nurse brought her a book from the hospital library, Cass had been reading. She hadn't went a day without reading at least a page or two.

    Thank you so much! It's my favorite book. I am actually busy first thing tomorrow morning, but I'll probably come to the cafe later tonight and then tomorrow for lunch. I'd love to see the library tomorrow, but only if you're sure you're free.

    Cassandra pressed send and watched the message deliver before talking yo the owner of the restaurant and asking for a job application. After filling it out and talking with the manager for a bit, Cass was surprised to find that she was hired as a waitress and would be starting on Thursday of next week. After thanking the owner again, Cassandra waved and walked back out of the cafe doors, willing to take this time to explore the city a little more.
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    Orion Davis.
    He recieved the return text, however, since he was in the middle of a coaching session with some clients, he couldn't pick it up right now. After helping all his clients in that 2 hour period, he sat down for his break. Munching on an apple, he finally had time to respond to her text. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and went to the unread message.

    "Thank you so much! It's my favorite book. I am actually busy first thing tomorrow morning, but I'll probably come to the cafe later tonight and then tomorrow for lunch. I'd love to see the library tomorrow, but only if you're sure you're free."

    He smirked and took another bite of his apple. Then then replied to the text.

    "Oh, I'm sure. Trust me. It is my day off. I don't get many days off so I know when those are. And I can definitely meet you in the afternoon at the diner for lunch. I'd love to get to know you more"

    Hitting the send button, he finished up his apple and then headed back off to work again. Helping a couple more clients, he had a free hour to help anyone that asked for it. He went around, offering pointers to those that needed them and then he headed off to lunch, which consisted of carrots and peas as veggies and some chicken breast covered in a lite marinade as his protien. He hadn't heard his phone go off since his first break, however, he waited. He was sure she'd text him at least one more time. ​
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    Cassandra Jones
    The brown headed girl walked down the sidewalk when she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. Sliding it out and glancing over the message, she thought to herself before deciding not to respond, at least not yet. To be completely honest, the girl wasn't sure how to take the male in. The way he acted earlier in the morning was definitely in a way that seemed he was interested in her, but she had never had a real relationship since she found out she had cancer.

    With being in and out of hospital after hospital, she never had much time. And when she was going through chemotherapy and radiation, she lost all of her hair and Most of her courage. She was no longer the happy, brave, and outgoing girl everyone knew her for. Of course she was still able to put her opinions out there too and there we're several different parts of her that was brave, but she personally didn't feel brave. She felt scared and weak and fragile.

    Everywhere she use to walk, she hung her head down low and people would whisper right in front of her like she couldn't hear. She had cancer, she wasn't deaf. It was humiliating walking through school without any hair, and watching every other girl have a boyfriend except you.

    She partly knew that it was her fault that she didn't ever have a good boyfriend after that. She was scared. Her life was always 'what ifs'. Her life wasn't a 'for sure' thing. The doctors first said it would be a miracle if she made it to homecoming sophomore year. Then it was a miracle that she mad it to junior year prom. Then finally she made it to graduation day. Every day for Cass was a 'what if', especially now.

    Now that the young girl was off on her own and no longer seeking cancer treatment with her nearly impossible to beat cancer, there was a small chance that she would even make it to the end of Christmas in four months. But, she didn't care. It wasn't like she was suicidal or anything, don't get the wrong idea, it was just that she was tired of it. She was tired of all the needles and pins and pain. She was tired of not having hair and not being able to walk around without an oxygen tank. She missed being normal. Thats why when she started her second year of college, technically her fourth, she decided to quit chemo. She was old enough to make the decision by herself, despite her parent efforts to change her mind, and she was glad she did. Yes, it was hard. Very hard. Nearly impossible. But she wasn't sure she could have gone another day with all the pain she had before.

    Now she still had pain, though this time she at least got to enjoy some things she didn't before. She got to go outside, run (sometimes), breathe fresh air, eat normal foods, read her books in a real library, watch all the movies she wanted, and get a job! She finally got to be normal.

    Normal was having a boyfriend right? Or being with someone you care about? Right... But not for Cass. Not when she barely had four months left, at least that's what she doctors said. They had been wrong before, but this time, they were confident that no miracle could save her while she was off chemo.

    I'll meet you at noon tomorrow then. I'll see you then.

    Although Cass knew that they could be nothing more than friends, she was taking advantage of the moment and living in the present, not the future nor the past.
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    Orion Davis
    His phone vibrated again. It was Cassandra, saying she'd meet him at the diner around noon. He smirked. Score. She was quite the looker for a woman and he was excited to meet up with her again. However, something about her seemed off. She didn't seem, what was the word he was looking for...healthy...? Was that the word? Even for a girl, she barely had any meat on her bones. By that he didn't mean that she was terribly thin and frail, not at all. It's just that, she barely looked like she carried any muscle on her. Also, he could see that her complexion was more pale than most he'd ever seen.

    Being in the exercise and soon to be nutrition world, he could tell when someone was underweight and when someone was overweight. She wasn't underweight, per say, more like, she had weight to her, but it didn't seem to be muscle weight. He went throughout the rest of his time at work kind of worrying a bit about Cassandra. Was there something going on with her? He hated to pry into someone's personal life, especially with someone he just met, however, he couldn't help but worry about her.

    Getting off of work, Orion shot Cassandra a text. He couldn't wait till tomorrow to ask her. He felt that waiting to ask her this couldn't wait.

    "Cassandra,I'm off work and headed back to the diner. I need to talk with you. I have your book so I'll return it and I'll still show you where the library is tomorrow, however, I'd like to talk with you before I head home. If your free that is...Text me back if your willing to meet up tonight for a few minutes"

    He hit the send button and prayed in his mind that she'd want to meet with him tonight. He just had to find out. Find out what was going on with Cassandra.​
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    Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra spent the majority of her free day walking around town. She visited a few of the a more popular parks in the city, and even made time to explore a few museums before heading back to her small apartment building. As she walked through the door, her small puppy, Princess, ran up to her puppy and jumped into her arms as she caught her. Smiling, Cass looked down at her baby before sitting her down so she could take her shoes off and make herself a grilled cheese sandwich for a late lunch.

    The next few hours, Cass spend watching tv or reading in various other books, though it was no denying that she missed her other book so much more. Eventually, Cassandra have up on the movie she was currently watching, and flipped the TV off so that she could check her phone and look through her messages.

    Realizing she had a missed message from Ryan, Cass opened it up and quickly replied, thankful it had just been sent a little before.

    I have nothing else to do. I'm bored out of my mind without my book. I'll meet you there at the cafe! Thanks!

    Cassandra slid her phone into her front pockets of her jeans and then stood up to slip her tennis shoes back on. After grabbing her jacket and her keys, Cass walked out of her apartment and slowly hopped into her car. The drive to the cafe was short and simple, allowing her to arrive before the clock his seven-thirty.

    Sliding into the same booth she was sitting in earlier in the morning, Cassandra picked up a menu and waited for Ryan to arrive.
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    Orion Davis

    Making his way down the street, he was able to quickly make it to the diner. Stepping into the diner, he looked around to see if he could spot Cassandra. As he thought, he saw her hair color peek out from behind a menu. She was in the same seat that she had been in this morning. He thought she might be there.

    Walking over to the seat, he sat down.

    "Cassandra...I'm glad you could make it. There are a few things I want to talk to you about, if your willing to talk"

    Even now, as he looked at the hands that held that menu in front of him, they looked as pale as he remembered them this morning.
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    Cassandra Jones
    Everyday of her entire life, Cassandra had been the shy girl. Even before she got sick and before she got put into a foster home and before her parents started treating her like crap. she had always been shy; it had always been in her nature. She was never noticed. She was the girl, despite how beautiful she was, who was always picked last. She was the girl that dreaded getting called on in class, and the girl who barely left her house.

    But ever since everything in her life began falling apart, it all got worse. When her parents started treating her badly, her grades dropped and she lost friends. When she got put into foster care, she moved around and she couldn't make friends, so she stayed inside more and more every day. When she got adopted and was diagnosed with cancer, she was too sick to talk to people, or she was embarrassed to tell them that she was sick. As if they didn't know, many people asked. She eventually got to telling them that she was just naturally pale. With wasn't a lie, but she definitely was not as pale as she was with the cancer eating away at her.

    Despite that, Cassandra had agreed to meet the male at the cafe that night. And now, as she sat in the corner booth and sipped at some hot chocolate, she couldn't help but notice the difference in the male who now sat in front of her. He was not longer smiling, flirting, and happy, but instead he seemed distant and worried. Smiling at him despite his different attitude, her mind shifted to what he needed to so desperately talk about.

    "Sure, what do you need to talk about? I have time. I think I'm free for the rest of the night, but what's wrong?"

    Cassandra chuckled and ran a hand through her loose, dark hair, and smiled before shifting so her eyes could meet the top of the table as she listened to his words and sipped her hot cocoa.
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    Orion Davis

    Orion looked at Cassandra a bit longer and then he remembered. He had been trying to figure out where he had seen someone as her and he did. He knew he did. He had worked with a lot of clients that were sickly, however, one client from all his clients had cancer. It wasn't so bad as to take away the things she loved to do. Despite being sickly and frail, she wanted to become stronger. Orion would never forget this client as long as he lived. The client had a stage 2 cancer. It wasn't so bad when she started to work with him, but over time, it got worse and made her more and more sick by the day. Still she soldiered on. However, one day, she didn't come into her appointment. That was when her family had told him that she had passed away, happy that she had the chance to work with him.

    Remembering her, she looked almost the same as Cassandra does at this moment. Pale skin, but not terribly noticable. A small yet sturdy frame. Orion didn't like where this was going, but he just had to know. He opened his mouth to talk.

    "In my line of work, I meet many different people. One person, however, changed my life more than any of my clients ever had. Not that I had any romantic relations with this person, I just came to be good friends with her. Seeing your skin color and body build reminded me of when I was working with her....and she had cancer....Now, I know you don't know me very well, but talking as someone who'd like to get to know you better, please tell me, do you have cancer? Please don't lie to hurt my feelings because I know it will hurt more if you do lie to me...Again, I know you barely even know me, but would you do me the favor of answering me that?"
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    Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra signed as she listened to his story. She knew by the time that he mentioned a sick friend, he could tell that she was sick. She had become so good at hiding it though, it confused her. She was pale, but only to an extent, and most people didn't notice her frail body. Either way, the short girl sighed as his question finally hit her.

    Slowly, Cassandra tucked a loose hair behind her ear.
    "I do in fact have cancer. I'm surprised you noticed, no one else has. I'm actually quite impressed. I'm sorry about your friend, I can tell you cared about her dearly. As for me, I probably would not have told you about it. Its just easier. So don't treat me different, I'm still the same person I was earlier and the same person I'll be tomorrow. "

    Cass took a drink of her hot chocolate And the waitress walked over to bring Cass a plate of grilled cheese and tomato soup, along with her receipt. Cass pushed her food to the side though as she took another sip of her hot chocolate and looked across the table at Ryan.

    She could definitely tell the difference in the man she met this morning and the one sitting in front of her now. Just his actions showed him to be different a little. He didn't seem happy and excited and bright as before. He definitely seemed more down, and it upset Cass. This was why she didn't want to Tell anyone, especially her first friend in the new city.

    Everyone always acted different. Even after months, they still showed little differences, and she noticed it. Like how when she got out of breath, they offered to carry her bags when they didn't before. Or when they would make sure you ate at every meal instead of normal. But the thing with Ryan was that she didn't know how he'd act before he knew she had cancer, so she didn't know what to expect.

    Sighing, she finished her hot chocolate.
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    Orion Davis

    Orion sighed as the waitress brought him a coffee. Taking a sip, he smiled.

    "I just wanted to know. I won't treat you any different because you have cancer. Your still the beautiful you that you are. Cancer doesn't make the person, the person makes the person and you seem like a nice girl...in fact..."

    Getting up from his seat, he walked over to where she was sitting. Putting one knee on the bench where she was sitting, he bent forward, gently grabbing her chin and placing a quick, yet gentle kiss on her lips. Pulling away, he smirked.

    "The fact that you have cancer, alone, isn't enough to convince me to leave you alone...you are much too beautiful for any man other than me to steal your heart away!"

    He winked and walked back over to his seat, taking more sips of his coffee.

    "Oh and here is your book" he reached into his workout back and pulled it out, setting it on the table in front of her.
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    Cassandra Jones
    Cassandra chuckles a little as she heard Ryan's voice lighten again. Although she could tell he acted and seemed a little awkward, she knew, or at least hoped that he wouldn't act different. Slowly, the girl smiled and listened to his soft words before she saw him shift and stand up.

    She watched as he slowly shifted and bent down beside her. As she felt him lean down, she didn't even comprehend what he was going to do until he already had done it. The feeling of his lips against hers, shocked her, making her pull away and a deep blush to cover her entire face, much more deeper than any other shade before.

    As he slowly sat back down without even phasing, Cassandra pushed her thoughts away and thought about when his lips we're against hers. Once he shifted and reach her book across to her, Cass took it and smiled, pulling it back to her aide thankfully. "Thank you. I've missed it.. I know.. that's weird.. But I have!"

    After a minute of silent, Cass watched as the waitress brought a to go box for her. "Well, as much as this talk has been amusing and... interesting, it's getting late, so I should probably start walking home before the streetlights turn off on me too. But, thank you for bringing My book back. We will still meet tomorrow for the library?"

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