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    毒占欲 .

    Hello, I'm mono. Welcome to my search! I'm a giant utaite/vocaloid weeb and I will shove them down your throat given the chance.

    All I absolutely need from my partners are a decent grasp of English, honesty and pro-activeness. I do not get along with people who are wishy-washy and only know how to say yes. I really enjoy it when someone has a different opinion or perspective from me and we work together to reach a compromise. In lieu with that, I expect frequent OOC interaction from my partners. I simply can't do 1x1's with people who have no intention of talking OOC. :x

    That said, some added specifics would be a willingness to play more than one character, use anime fc's and preferably writes more than 250 words on average. However, these are the more flexible criterion and I'm willing to compromise when it comes to these points.

    You can expect more or less the same from me! I'm extremely talkative in chat and tend to say everything as it enters my brain, so please don't hesitate to do the same.
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    I'm not a person without limits, unfortunately. I tend to get squeamish with gore and horror, and I get a bit lost when it comes to things like hardcore science fiction. I can do SF when someone explains to me everything, but the two former subject matters are simply things I can't do. Sex and similar matters would be highly dependent on how comfortable I am with you, and how needed I feel it needs. I'm a firm believer that a sex scene can help enhance a story, but it's extremely easy to derail and become smut along the way. I'm open to fandom-based roleplays, but I'm very picky with playing canon characters and expect samples from you playing said characters. I prefer taking settings and using original characters.

    I have other matters to attend to, both online and IRL. I have very strange hours for work, and am a moderator on a different site in addition to other roleplays. Please don't take offense if I don't reply to you immediately. You can expect at least a post a week from me, and I will notify you if I am too busy or simply lose interest in it. In the same vein, please don't force yourself to write and burn yourself out; just tell me if you'd like to move on.
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    The plot revolves around people whose phones call/message each other, and neither side claims to have done it themselves. There's supposedly nothing wrong with their devices or their service providers. Someone's trying to play matchmaker with their cellphones!

    A cute fluffy idea, heavily biased towards romance but I'm perfectly fine with friendship. They slowly understand that someone's been setting up them up, and investigate together. I like the idea of several ongoing connections on this one, with at least one being romance and the other being more around friendship. One can even be an attempt at fixing a family feud. o:

    Another fluff idea based around the concept of idols and fame. Possibly something ala サリシノハラ, wherein one character is an established idol, the other not an idol but may have aspirations for it? I'd really like someone who's willing to create multiple characters so we can give and breathe their world some life.

    Was thinking of a slice of life type of thing, focusing on a pastry/sweet shop's or maybe a cafe's employees. Think Working!! Would prefer a small group for this not exceeding four people, but a 1x1 is just fine as well! Name of shop's temporarily Der Traumträger (The Dream Carrier) until I think of something much better. It's just something I can chill with tbh.

    If you're familiar with the concept of vocaloids and the community behind it, I'd really enjoy it if someone did a roleplay based around two online friends who bonded over vocaloid, then somehow wind up living under the same roof. I'd like to play a producer. > v >
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    Let's just say you're honestly better off just asking me if I've read or watch something. I'm not too familiar with more recent releases (mostly because I found they haven't been peaking my interest), but I'm generally knowledgeable about slightly dated ones. Just ask!

    I haven't played many games, but I've played most of the standards except the KH and FF series. Sorry fans, they just didn't peak my interest! I play a lot of VN's and JRPG's though, so you can try asking that. I also play a shitload of mobile games... especially if they have a card collection aspect in all likelihood I've sunk at least 18 hours into it. In more extreme cases I've been playing for two years. /coughs at her EN LL!SIF account.

    We play a team and chronicle our journey to nationals. I don't really see how I can expand this further than that. The focus is more character development than the actual matches, which will be our main point of deviation from the sports anime/manga. This may or may not be due to the fact I'm not 100% sure about how to write a sport I've never played.

    The sport can be anything, although I'm biased towards baseball > volleyball or basketball > soccer, in order or preference.

    Rather than act out each "battle", we timeskip to points between the match or post-match. During those timeskips, we create a list of what happened. Like for example "person a got injured, team x won, person b and c got into a fight over person a's injury".

    AKA where I basically retcon Sakura and have four Cardcaptors. Don't look at me. General lore is more around CCS anime, but the Cardcaptors are divided into four entities instead of one. We will pretend The Hope card doesn't exist, but continue to work off an assumed 52 cards. The Cardcaptors will be older than Sakura, and they will be competing for the cards. I want drama, action and all sorts of things!

    I kinda want each Cardcaptor to have their own elemental specialization, although we'll need to figure out how to categorize each card. Anyone who decides to go with this idea will need to help me out!
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    Anything outside this is welcome! <3 I prefer being PM'd to PMing by the way, but w/e. I just want people to rp with.
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