Hope I Enjoy it Here

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  1. Hey fellow roleplayers, you can call me Rave or Raveninja. I used to be active on a One Piece forum, so I have forum roleplaying experience. Seeking an RP with more freedom and mild 18+ content, I had a little fun with some chat sites but haven't been able to get deep into them yet. Most of their rooms are too niche, sexual content is bipolar between rooms with no middle ground, and I'm starting to think forums are more convenient for me. Since this place has both forums and chat rooms, along with some organized guidelines, I'm hoping I'll enjoy it here. I'll check out some threads and rooms, but I plan to create my own thread centered around combat and embarrassing nudity.
  2. Hi there Rave! :D I'm sure you'll be able to find something to wet your whistle! <3 Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hey there, Rave! Welcome to Iwaku, we're gland you here! I'm sure you'll find us a group of people who're completely full of awesomeness; if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask - we'd love to help you out!
  4. Welcome indeed! I hope we will be able to rp at some point and that you enjoy your stay.
  5. Excuse the awkward question, but are public nudity and fondling considered mature RP?
  6. It sounds like it probably is.

    Rule of thumb, if you have to ask that question, it's probably safer to keep it in mature RP - just to stay on the safe side, ya know. :)