Hoods & Capes: In Fire's Wake

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Over the top violence!
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Fantasy, Sifi, Apocalyptic, Modern, Horror, Mature, superheroes, steampunk, cyberpunk, furry
[spacer]The armored van zoomed down the fire soaked street. The sounds of an angry mob echoed around the city, overthrowing the sound of the engine going at max speed. Sprawled on the side of the truck in big blue letters was "CFPD". Just the letters PD were enough to send off flags stating that they were police officers inside. But it wasn't exactly all police officers. Driving the big truck were police officers, and there were three armed guards in the back, as well as the cloaked Night Watcher, arms folded together as he sat beside three big name lawyers who were the recent targets. Things had truly gotten out of hand with these riots. What started off as a protest outside of the courthouse turned into a huge situation. A riot ensued, and people attempted to chase after the defense Lawyers who had cases that day. The Night Watcher was truly nervous. He had ordered a handful of his team members to go and bust up that riot, but the crowd had gotten so big. He was afraid that his people wouldn't be able to handle it on their own. [/spacer]
[Spacer]"How much longer?" The Night Watcher asked, his voice muffled from the mask.[/spacer]
[Spacer]"At least ten more minutes." The driver called back from the driver's seat. The mob had reached the same stretch of a street that the truck was driving on, and they were gaining speed. "We've got company behind us!" Called the driver once again. The three guards looked at each other and nodded. Their chief authorized use of lethal force, so they were armed with life ammunition and M-16s. The back doors were pushed open. Shots began to be fired. [/spacer]
[Spacer]Night Watcher wasn't exactly against the use of killing in order to get justice; the superheroes were thete for jobs the police couldn't handle on their own, and the guns were there for jobs that Superheroes can't handle on their own. The truck suddenly hit a hard left, but either the left was too hard, or the truck was going too fast. The truck flipped and one of the guards flew underneath the path of the rolling truck, his blood and entrails splattering instantly upon impact. The Night Watcher held on to his seat, his strength allowing his fingers to dig into the metal benches. As soon as the van stopped doing flips, the Night Watcher opened his eyes. Everyone was in horrible condition, they had all been tossed around. Not him, he only had a few bumps and bruises. "Wait here." He told the lawyers as he crawled out of the truck. He looked ahead of him, multiple cars were blocking the road, one was flattened, clearly from taking a hit by the truck. He saw a row of "protestors" standing there, wearing hoodies and bandana's, holding baseball bats and moltov cocktails.
"Come on..where are you guys..I need some help over here." The baseball bat wielding street warriors paced themselves towards the Night Watcher. He was completely unarmed, except for his fists. He cracked his knuckles and waited for his attackers to close in on him. [/Spacer]
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