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    King Astrid of Aquilonem created a siege, using the Legendary Ice Heart, on his two neighboring kingdom Aquastri and Aquayre. The war continued on for a decade. When the hope of the war started to diminish, Six Gods appeared from the sky and helped the humans vanquish King Astrid's Army.

    They took the Ice Heart from his body, and King Astrid withered and died. Two of the Six Gods, Caelum, along with his Sister Goddess, Terram, turned Aquilonem into a dark place where the monsters created by the Ice Heart dwelled. The lands of Aquastri and Aquayre were combined by the God Aztar and the two heirs were married creating a new kingdom Novae Tarrae.

    Demtreus, thought Novae Tarrae the Art of Magic to the masters and maintain peace as Guardians of Novae Tarrae, and maintain the monsters of the Ice Heart within the territory of Aquilonem. The twin gods Tanato and Eitri thought the art of the sword to aid the Guardian to maintain peace in Novae Tarrae and Aquilonem.


    Peace reigned over Novae Tarrae, for centuries, with the leadership of the Kings and the Guardians. Sadly, all peace must always be threatened with evil. The Ice Heart started to grow stronger and the monsters had started to become hard to maintain by the borders both by the guardians and warriors.

    When the crown prince, who had joined the army maintaining the monsters, had died from one of the attacks; King Oberon had ordered all Mages and Warriors all over the land and retrieve the Missing Sword of Astrid, the only sword that can control the monsters. It was lost when King Astrid had died as the Ice Heart was taken from it. Legend says that the Sword of Astrid contained the Light of the Sun that contrast to the Ice Heart, which gave him control over the power and the monster created by the Ice Heart.

    King Oberon had declared that whoever brings the Sword of Astrid, will become his heir and the next king of Novae Tarrae. Some Mages and Warriors wanted the power, and some just wanted to serve the kingdom and put an end to the terror of the monsters.

    The Sword of Astrid
    The sword touched by the sun than can either vanquish or control the monsters created by the Ice Heart.

    The Ice Heart
    The Ice Heart is the essence of the power of over Winter. It can consume anyone who accepts the Ice Heart to a heartless being and can create monster with unimaginable prowess.

    The Gods and Goddesses:
    Caelum - The eldest of the Gods who controls the Sky
    Terram - The younger sister of Caelum who controls the Sea
    Aztar -The husband of Terram who controls the Land
    Demetreus - Brother of Aztar who controls Life and Death
    Tanato and Eitri -Children of Terram and Aztar.
    Twin God and Goddess who controls War and Peace.​
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    Arethusa de Alberich
    Mage First Class-Second Circle
    Daughter of Lord and Lady Elven de Alberich
    Birth: February 13

    Height: 5'4

    Eyes: Piercing dark Violet, usually blank when in deep thought, and very expressive when talking. Left eye is blind.
    Hair Color: White as snow, curly and a bit unruly that ends just above her shoulder. Two
    long braids at the front, that ends by her chest.
    Skin: Pale white
    Face: Slightly round, with small angular features. Has a scar by her left eye from an accident.

    Compassionate § Courageous § Faithful
    Negative: Quick Tempered § Stubborn § Quarellsome


    Arethusa is the only female among five male children. They are very protective of her, and she is always close to them, going with them whenever they play in the large land of their father. She had always been someone who loves to talk and whenever she speaks, you will turn your head and listen, as if her words are golden, and you want to remember every word. Arethusa is rather stubborn, and would fight with her siblings whenever things doesn't go her way, when they are together. Nevertheless, she is kind and compassionate to everyone special to her.

    She had showed signs of being handed down the ability to learn magic, but never wanted to dwell on it. Being a mage means a large obligation and often enough only a few Mage had a family. That is what she dreamed, a simple family. But a heartache broke her dreams. In her childhood, she befriended a centaur, one could say it was puppy love, but she had dreamed that she would have a family with him. But he left, and she waited and waited, but he didn't came back, it devastated her.

    When the time came for her to decide to be a Mage or not, she accepted her gifts. She became distant in the notion of love and having her own family. Arethusa, decided then, never to let her heart go over her dreams and not let the "pitty things, such as love" get her and shatter her again.

    Arethusa had achieve great deeds as a Mage, but an accident, a failed mission up on the borders of Aquilonem had rendered her left eye, blind. She had used it's magic to maintin her dark violet eyes, but her sight had permanently diminished.
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    War-Chieftain of Fenrirr
    Herald of the Great Forthwind

    General Appearance
    Althalos' withers measure to 5'7'', whereas his head is situated roughly 8'5'' off of the ground. He is of height and build impressive among even other centaurs. His complexion is for the most part fare; though seldom shown off, as it is often covered by the thick hues of black war paint in times of conflict. Althalos has deep green eyes akin to the leaves of a great oak tree, as well as a strong-looking face: adorned with a sharp jaw line and well-defined cheek bones. His torso is peppered with scars of varying size and shape, all acquired from his many campaigns as War-Chieftain. The lower half of his body is that of a Clydesdale. When in or preparing for battle, Althalos is wreathed in a myriad of things outside of his usual attire, or lack thereof: chains, spiked gauntlets, a furred cape of war, a steel helm and gratuitous amounts of black paint.

    Althalos is a strange amalgamation of emotion and aspiration, leaving him with what's often seen as a dualistic personality. Out of battle, he is a warm-hearted and caring individual with a fierce passion for defending those too weak to do so themselves. In his downtime, he can often be found doing such mundane things as nurturing wounded animals back to health, reading or training fledgling recruits about the ways of combat. In battle, Althalos is revealed to be largely desensitized to the cruel reality of war and the death that ensues, and seldom has issue with taking the life of others who might threaten the well-being of the place he's come to call home.

    With a rank comparable to general, he leads the army of Novae Terrae's largest band of centaurs, and has done so since reaching maturity. Fenrirr's Riders have a strong belief that he who leads their army must also be the one to lead them into battle, thusly resulting in the chieftain having the greatest combative prowess in the entire clan.

    Althalos came from a small family, one that was independent of the Fenrirr tribe. It was then that he enjoyed a simplistic life: one of education, sports, leisure and even young love. Alas, it was during his early adolescence that his family had been forcibly annexed into Fenrirr with intent to corral more centaurs with which to build an army.

    It's speculated that this forced recruitment began with the advent of an event largely veiled in mystery and ambiguity: the theft of The Sword of Astrid. Even now, rumors persist with the claim that The High Council of Fenrirr's Riders wishes to utilize their powerful army to retrieve The Sword of Astrid. Whether it be for the power the sword itself grants, or for the reward of becoming heir to all of Novae Terrae, nobody can say for certain.
  4. The day was warm, and the clouds gathered around to bring in cold wind from the east. She stood by the cliff, the wind blowing in on the lose strands of her hair. Her eyes was blank that looked over the calm sea, but she held a frown that transfixed the image of her inevitable second guessing. Six months ago, she would never have returned to this place. It had shamed her that others of her rank treated her like a fragile being. She hated to be the weak one, she never wanted to be the weak one. All those years in the academy, she showed nothing but strength, and capability, never weakness. She all but become the strongest of her batch, showing each and every male mage, she is as strong and equal to them. Arethusa, born among five older brothers, is anything but weak.

    But who could have thought that the strongest of that batch would cower in such battle that was inevitable to all mages. She had lost her one eyes, scarring it for life. But that was not the one that made her weak, not her beautiful face, marring. It was something she saw, something horrible, that made her so disoriented. The look she gave her mentor, when he found her lying on the ground full of snow, was enough to know that she was weakened. From that moment on, she became jumpy and fragile, and grew rather irritably, when someone asks too many questions. Other mages, young and old became wary whenever she's near, and tends to become quiet. But who could blame them? She certainly can't blame them, even her mentor who had graciously given her leave from her duty to recover. It was a low blow on her part, that a young Mage, such as her, would easily leave the capital to recover from what seemed like an accident. But it wasn't just an accident, something in that battlefield happened that made her shut everything out.

    "I knew I'd find you here," a voice from behind called. She turned around, and saw her mentor approached. She bowed her head in respect to him, her staff lowering along with her. "Rise child, need no formalities when you are concerned," he stated. Arethusa, straightened herself and approached him. "The gathering is soon, Arethusa, will you not prepare yourself for the occassion?" She looked away, her gaze returning to the calm sea. "Do not tell me you will not attend the gathering? You are my apprentice, and I think it's time that you return to court. Everyone has become skeptical Arethusa, rumors have spread when the six months of leave was up and you haven't returned."

    Arethusa sighed, her head hung low. "The images, they never left me. I had tried everything, studied, them," she stated, her voice blank. But her master knew what she meant. "Magic cannot help you child, you know well that venom stayed permanently in you, and the solution is-" he stopped when she let out a sound of frustration. "I cannot do that anymore, I've banished such thoughts!" she exclaimed. "I cannot, I'm sorry but I cannot."

    "But you'll suffer Arethusa, you'll suffer until you die, unless you find the cure," her mentor's pleading voice spoke volumes in her. He was like a grandfather to her. She was suppose to be her grandfather's apprentice, but he died and she became the apprentice to her grandfather's friend. "Just think about it Arethusa, for now, we must be in the gathering. You are summoned as my apprentice and replacement in the quest, these old limbs cannot run as fast as they used too," he laughed. Arethusa smiled a little, and followed her mentor back to the castle.

    From a distance, she heard the hoards of centaur, arriving at the territory of the city proper. "I didn't know that the centaurs was willing to come here, with just one summon," she told her mentor. "It was rather hard to convince a lot of them. Some immediately replied an agreement to come, some, took a lot of convincing," her mentor replied to her. She looked away and continued walking back to the castle.
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