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  1. [​IMG]

    Nobody is quite sure where they came from. The monsters that stalk the night, sometimes taking human as pray, sometimes adding them to their ranks. They came in many different forms. Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, other unspeakable things. They just sort of.... appeared, roughly thirty years ago. Were they created by a madman? Or are they something older then human life itself? Whatever. That doesn't matter. All that matters now is that they're here. Whatever that could mean for humanity is, fortunately or unfortunately, up to you.

    The world was prosperous, before. Before this age that has become known as the "Dead Generation". Humanity was at it's peak. Well.... maybe they were not. Were they failing? God dammit, why can't I remember? Anyway. No matter. Listen. You need to find the Hunters. After the tenth year, what little government remained enacted it's final decree (Law? Request?). The formation of a society dedicated to the rebuilding of humanity. I don't know what the full name was, but it was split up into three branches. The Scribes, The Hunters, and The Enforcers. I would tell you about the other two, but nobody quite remembers, anymore...

    The castle where they made their homes was attacked. Only the Hunters were able to survive. They were the fighters. Something about reclaiming the territory taken by the monsters.... Why is it so hard to just remember, Dammit!

    No! Don't get scared! Listen. They made a base in the mountains. Not sure why, but they did. Go there. They can help you with whatever it was you were looking for...

    Huh? Who are you? What are you doing here? Can you remember your name.....? Good, good. They say memory loss is the first sign that it may be too late, for you.......


    As far as you know, the year doesn't matter. Nobody was sane enough to tell you, anyway. They're all turning. All of them. You've met some that claim to be immune, but you're not sure. Now that you think about it, why haven't you turned? Are you immune? Whatever. All that matters is that you are still Human, thank God. On second thought, don't thank God. He clearly isn't around to hear your gratitude, anymore...

    You have a problem. Something out of the ordinary. Whatever it is, you've always been told that joining the Hunters was the best chance at fixing it. You're not sure if that's true, but what choice do you have? You made your way into the mountains. It wasn't a cakewalk, but you got there. At some point you were found, trained, and assigned to a division. You were given a weapon of your choice and told that your name was now forfeit. You didn't need it, anyway. They gave you a new name. A single word. Much easier to remember. Much more obvious to tell if you were turning, that way.

    So here you stand, a fledgling Hunter under the illusion that all your problems can be solved, this way. Eventually, maybe. But that day is a long time coming, and the threat isn't just going away. Time to get hunting....


    Um.... yes.... is this thing working? What? Wadda ya mean you expected Led Zeppelin? No matter. You get what you pay for, and I don't see my wallet getting any bigger, so you can shut it, grandma!

    Right. Anyway, hello! Welcome to my rudimentary attempt at making something! This is very much so a trial run. I am open to suggestions, so long as it's delivered in an effective and non-offensive way. If you, say, messaged me saying "Yo, Daws. You should probably do A, B, and C. It would make the group SO much better!" I would probably respond with, "Yeah! I agree! I'm gonna go do that, now!" But if you, instead, told me "FUCK YOU FOR NOT PUTTING THIS IN DO IT NOW OR I'LL EAT YOUR DOG!" I will probably ask you to politely jump off a bridge.

    Anyway! I guess this leads into the wonderful rules section! Please adhere to the following at all times. There will be little to no exceptions on any rule. Breaking of these rules multiple times can lead to disbandment from the group. If you suspect someone is breaking one of these rules, message me and I will inspect the post(s) under suspicion, passing my judgment promptly.

    1.) All Iwaku rules apply without exception under any circumstances

    2.) Respect is an absolute must. Disrespect is, honestly, childish. I would like to hope all of us are above that sort of thing

    3.) No godmodding. You know what this means, but for context, let me provide a few examples. Never being hit throughout the entirety of a fight with an army of bloodthirsty vampires? Godmodding. Having limitless ammo and perfect accuracy with a flintlock pistol you only received yesterday? Godmodding. Instant killing or auto hitting a highly armored/agile werewolf without trouble? Say it with me, kids. Godmodding.

    4.) No Role Playing can be done without approval from me. Not saying I either don't trust you or want to bar you from the fun. Just covering all my bases, here.

    5.) Romance is perfectly fine, but try to be discreet. If you wanna get all tangled up, fine, but do it in a separate thread, dig? Nobody needs to see that Sex is a no-go under any circumstances.

    6.) Quality over quantity. I'm not gonna ask you to write me a novel with every post, but try not to make it a David Cage script. I am putting a five sentence minimum to keep the idea of there being something to work off of, but make sure those five sentences are the best they can be. Proper grammar and good spelling are vital.

    7.) Characters are NEVER safe. The Hunters aren't an airtight group and there can be traitors among you. This leads into the whole "Take death like a man" deal. If you die, I'm not gonna kick you out. Just submit a different CS, and you should be fine.

    8.) Have fun. This isn't life or death. Okay, bad choice of words, but don't get all bogged down in the dirt. If your character dies due to someone else's mistake, don't shout them out into submission. Feel free to get immersed, but not THAT immersed.

    So... this leads us to Character sheets, right? Let me put up a few guidelines before the.... well.... guideline. The Hunters are split into three divisions. The Scope, The Guard, and The Sword. The Scope is the recon team, often working in close proximity to the Sword, looking over an area and relaying the info to the plan makers, and in close conjuncture with the Guard, watching the areas around the fortress in case the monsters are too close. The Sword is the assault group of the hunters, showing up to an infested area and cleaning fucking house. The Guard are the faithful guard dogs, watching after the fortress homestead with guns loaded and blades sharpened.

    Speaking of that last line, weapons! The Hunters train in ONE Melee and ONE Ranged weapon. This is set in the gritty transition period between guns and blades, with a hammer or two thrown in for variety. But there are some weapons that are not going to fly. Katanas, Automatic weapons, Semi automatic weapons, Claymors, Sai, Scythes, and other such period inaccurate, or non-nonsensical weaponry. Things that could work include Flintlocks, Blunderbusses, Single Shot rifles, Machetes, Short swords, ect.

    Now, just because a character trains in one weapon, doesn't mean they are automatically able to wield any weapon of that type with flawless accuracy and finesse. Each weapon has a different feel to it, a different weight, and a different balance. You're character will be able to use the weapon they are given, and not that well, at first. Picking up other weapons is fine, but try to think about what inexperience and such could being the wielder.

    Also keep in mind that even if we know how Vampires make vampires and how Werewolves create other werewolves, our Hunters don't. They generally believe that a thick fog that had appeared is the cause and, therefore, tend to wear some sort of mask in order to counteract it. Not all do, but it's something to think about.

    This turned more into something other then what I said it was going to be, but whatever. On to the actual sheet!

    Name (Nickname. No real names are used):
    Appearance (Picture or description):
    Weapons (Ranged and Melee:
    Division (Guard, Scope, or Sword):
    Reason for Joining (Problem Character Needs Fixing):
    Background (Can be left blank, but must be RPed, if so):​
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  2. Name: Karver

    Gender: Male

    Age: 36


    Weapons: Blunderbuss, Short Sword

    Division: The Sword

    Likes: Hunting, Good food, Sane people

    Dislikes: Monsters, Rotten food, Crazy people

    Personality: Honestly a toss up between the stern commanding officer he is on the Homestead and the manic psycho killer he is on the battlefield. Each side of him stays where they belong, each content to sit and wait until the other has had it's fill.

    Reason for Joining: His village was one of the first to go, when they appeared. All he wants is blood. Lots, and lots of blood.​
  3. Name: Hazel
    Gender: female
    Age: 25
    Weapons: Single-shot rifle, short sword.
    Division: The scope
    Likes: Relaxing, having a good meal, killing some monsters.
    Dislikes: Depressed people, being underestimated.
    Personality: She only cares about things at large scale, meaning that she wouldn't doubt to sacrifice one life to save more. Crying for one single person seems silly to her. She can bear a lot and is mainly brave, but not stupid. Not friendly but extremely loyal if she finds someone who matters. She's also pretty sarcastic.
    Reason for Joining (Problem Needing Fixing): She was all by herself. She used to live with her family, but some members recently went mad and started killing each other. She managed to become the only survivor by doing things that she will always regret. She thought it would be hard to survive on her own, so that's why she decided to join.
    Background: Hazel was born in the middle of the chaos, and her hometown was destroyed before she can even remember what is was called. She travelled with her family as nomads and lost a few in the way, but they managed to survive. Until they started killing each others.
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  4. There is something I didn't quiet understand. Are we fighting monsters or crazy people or both?
  5. The crazy people turn into monsters so yes, and yes, and also yes.

    Also, accepted.
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  6. Definitely interested in this! I'll get a CS up later this evening.
  7. Understood, chives. I look forward to it.
  8. Name: Moriarty
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Image (open)

    Weapons: Two-handed woodsman axe, pulley-drawn crossbow.

    Division: The Sword

    Likes: Thrill of the hunt (be it man, beast, or game), physical and mental exertions, theology and the gods.

    Dislikes: An empty hall, those who speak without thinking, and undead of all forms.

    Personality: Moriarty is a quandary. Most know her to be subdued and submissive in most regards: a follower, not a leader. In and out of the battlefield, she has viewed it her duty to serve and to obey, not to lead and make decisions for anyone but herself. Her devotion to the Raven, god/goddess (the depiction goes either way) of death, has led many to question why she did not join the Abbey, for devotees harbor a strong hatred of those who cheat death of its payment. When asked, Moriarty offers a shrewd smile and a nonchalant shrug. Her dry sense of humor and demeanor grant her little favor among those who are not like-minded, though for those she could care less for.

    Reason for Joining: The Hunt offered Moriarty a chance to do good in the name of her chosen deity. Feeling time spent among dusty tomes and pious inquisitors would not accomplish the Raven's work front and foremost, she joined in a hopes to carry on the name of a true servant of whatever gods there were or might be. It is the ultimate path of redemption to her.

    Background: Whoever Moriarty had been when the End came has come and gone. For sixteen weeks she survived on her own in the bases of the mountains, fighting in blood-clogged passes and across narrow ledges, never losing her stride, never losing her footing. Whoever Moriarty had been when the End came died in the base of those mountains. Taking it as a literal rebirth, Moriarty documented who she had been in the margins of a book and has kept it shut with her since. By the beginning of winter, she had found the Hunters and joined soon thereafter.
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  9. Name : Jackal
    Gender : Male
    Age : 23
    Appearance : [​IMG]
    Weapons : A Longbow (Range) , Dual Dagger (Melee)

    Division : Scope

    Likes : Sleeping, Reading, Drinking (prefer alone)

    Dislikes : Prison, Liar, Betrayal.

    Personality: Jackal is silent type person who won't talk to other person unless they asked him first. He is also a loyal person toward whom gained his trust and quickly turned around when he felt betrayed by the them. His favorite catchphrase is "It's not your problem" because he prefer solving his problem alone rather than asking another for help.

    Reason for Joining : Killing his own brother. After realized that he can't do it alone he joined the Hunters.

    Background (Can be left blank, but must be RPed, if so): Will be explained in the RP.
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  10. Accepted.
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  11. All of the accepted folks are free to hop into the IC thread.
  12. What the... there is A CS in IC thread??
  13. I'm working on fixing that....
  14. Name : Reaver

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24


    Weapons: Throwing Knives(Range) Dual Longswords (melee)

    Division: The Sword

    Likes: Silence, Isolation, Organization

    Dislikes: Interruptions, Loud noises, unorginization

    Personality: Reaver doesn't talk. Not much by choice, but simply for the fact that actions speak louder than words. His skills are back by his aggresion-- which hints at his name. The more blood he spills, the more he wants to spill it.

    Reason for Joining: An assassin that forgets who he is becomes out of a job. That, and while he did not speak, Reaver enjoyed being the man he was. And yet, he cannot remember anything accept his name and the faces of men and women who've fallen to his blades. Someone knows who he is; be it man, beast, or undead. And he will have his answers.

    Background: Reaver was born an orphan. He doesn't know of his mother, nor his father. He's been alone since birth, with the bitter cold of the mountains to be his only friend. It was when a band of Assassin's called the 'Black Claws' stumbled upon him, and was taken in by his leader. He cared for him like a normal boy, cleaning him, feeding him, teaching him the basics of defense. But one day he was surprised by a gang of timber wolves in the middle of the night. And when his adoptive father found him, he was bathed in blood and sleeping on the bodies. It's how he got his name and began a campaign on his talen: killing. He was good at it. Really good..​
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  15. It sounds cool, I'll post a CS either late tonight or tomorrow.
  16. Good deal, homes.
  17. Yo. Guys. I don't mean to be a dick, but some interaction in the IC would be nice. If you could get some other dudes in on this party, I would be grateful. I really don't want this thing to die. Let's get this going, shall we?
  18. I was waiting to see if Head Honcho would rally the soldiers to the gates and repel the attack that everyone's been writing about.
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