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Moonlit Blade

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So, I'm thinking of starting up a fantasy-setting RP. Basically, our characters will be members of a mercenary group who, unlike most other mercenary groups, fight only worthy causes. While money is a large driving force, the group mainly focuses on honorable battles to join. Basically, the continent in this RP will be split into seven or so countries, when one of the larger powers suddenly instigates a full on assault. The mercenary group's country they reside in is essentially destroyed, and they must find a new home. Alone, they can't beat the enemy, and so they must join the country that will most likely win the war, for the sake of their own survival. Magic is not the most commonplace force, and only those who study magic for years, and use books or staves to cast magic, are any good. Most warriors either fight without magic or use magic-enchanted weapons. It will be a very action-oriented RP, with character development, friendships, betrayals, ect. So, who would be interested?
I would be very interested in this. Although how many people would we be taking on? Other than finding that out, and some more story details I'm sure will be resolved as more people get interested, I'm in if you'll have me!
We'd be taking on one of the most powerful nations, at first. Smaller countries may or may not join them. Basically, the previous Commander of the mercenary group was invited to the now enemy nation's capital. He was old friends with the current King, but several weeks later, he was seen fleeing for his life, chased down by dozens of cavalrymen. He fought of most of them, but ended up dying, thus giving his son command of the mercenaries. Recognizing the cavalrymen's uniform as those who served against the now enemy nation, they fight and kill the rest of them, then decide to find out what exactly happened.
Im sorry to say sir but that made me very very sad. You ripped the whole story out of fire emblem path of radiance.
Not completely. XD I am currently playing it, so it's heavily inspired by it, but once I get the plot completely fleshed out, there will be a lot of differences. It's sort of a mesh between Fire Emblem, and a the Black Company, which is a series I absolutely loved reading. But yes, I'm currently playing it, and thought the basic structure of the story would make for a good RP.
well i wish to see the changes when you are done so i know you have more originality ^.^
Don't worry, there will be plenty of changes. I just sort of liked the beginning plot points, but they'll all be tweaked. And a lot of changes will happen during the chunk of the story as well. I'll never just rip off a story or plot and claim it as my own.