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  1. Hello thar! I'm Kasfire. Call me Kasfire.


    I am a
    literate "Totally cool roleplayer that likes writing." and I can handle numerous situations. I'm not new to RPing but I'm not a total expert.

    I also crack myself up, ALL THE TIME.

    My RP characters are usually OCs of mine and have no pictures for them. I will try my best to be as descriptive as possible for them. If you still need more visuals, you can always contact me~

    I am a very caring person and not angry if you don't respond right away. (I do get irritated if you just disappear without telling anyone.)

    My most used RP Characters:

    (1) Kasfire-

    Name: Kamile Lich

    Age: Varies

    Birthday: July 21.

    Zodiac (Star Sign): Cancer

    Element: Water/Nature

    Looks: Long, dark red hair that's always either in a loose ponytail or out, light sky blue eyes, rounded nose, sculpted face, sturdy but feminine/slender/curvy body figure, small but strong hands, long thing legs, fairly thick thighs, small but agile feet, usually wears something like this but with black leather belts criss-crossing across her chest region. Her face tattoo, claw, and weapon are the same in the picture. She has a long scar across where there is no clothing on her stomach of her outfit. She goes barefoot but sometimes she wears gladiator sandals or combat boots.

    Home Land/Current Residence: The City of Ross/anywhere. (Anywhere in the GM's RP setting)

    Pets: A spirit dog named Jackle. (Only if there are pets aloud in the RP)

    (2) Liliabii-

    Name: Lily Homes

    Age: Varies

    Birthday: September 4.

    Zodiac (Star Sign): Virgo

    Element: Earth

    Looks: Pretty much looks like this. Just with short heeled black boots and white eyes.

    Home Land/Current Residence: The City of Jubith/Any forest if there are any in the RP.

    Pets: A skull cat with a pumpkin head named Teby (Tea-Bee) (If pets are allowed.

    (I include their star signs because if your trying to, "hook-up" with my character, then we'll have to be compatible.)

    That's it. Yep.
  2. Ahoy, Kasfire!

    Welcome aboard Iwaku!

    You're characters are interesting from what I'm reading!

    Since yer new here..I'll be given you some sweets to persuade ye into stayin a while..
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    Enjoy yer time here!
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or somebody else!
  3. That's interesting... If you want to keep those character sheets on hand.. feel free to use your blog to do so ^.^
    AND Ooohhhh Diana is gonna get you for saying 'literate' =P
    HAHA! Welcome to Iwaku.
  4. ^Long happy face is long.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Kas~ It's a pleasure to meet you. The name is Iliana, the Goddess of Fire, so if you ever see that title in the cBox, this is me. The
    cbox is the chat box, a place you can go to to chat and stuffs. You should stop by and give everyone a hello.

    Enjoy your stay~
  5. Now that's an introduction. Well done, Kasfire. You present yourself openly which shows good character. Your creativity will be legendary, of that I am sure. I am Tenchi-Roku. Ninja and Ancient Dragon of Iwaku's mountains.

    Any words of advice and assistance, feel free to ask.

    *flies away*
  6. .... *Scratches LITERATE out of the introduction! and replaces it with "Totally cool roleplayer that likes writing".* 8D

    Also, welcome to the community! >:3
  7. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    Love your presentation =w =
    I'm Doxa, pleasure to meet you Madam!
    If you ever need any help, please let us know.
  8. Reason: Because Diana will throw rocks at me.

    She can be taught! xD Welcome to Iwaku, dear!
  9. Hi Kasfire! Welcome to Iwaku. I like your using bigger text for emphasis; most people around here use different colors to stand out and that just makes my eyes sad.