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  1. (The setting is 1900s England)

    Sebastyan is a Russian exchange student, with honey colored hair, deep burgundy eyes, fair skin and rosebud lips.
    In this roleplay you will be playing a student in an all boys university and it will be a romance.
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  2. Sebastyan couldn't bare to open that door. The door knob taunted him but it's subliminal messages subsides as his frail pink fingers grabbed it.
    'Admissions offices' it said in plaque above the door. It was shiny, as if it was a trophy, the whole school was a trophy.
    Today was his first day of university and it was orientation and he still didn't know a lick of English.
    He had studied papers among text books among the Englishmen's lips, and yet he only knew mundane words. Dog, cat, there, was, hello, goodbye, and breakfast to name a few.
    He quieted his mind and finished opening the door.
    He walked over to the front desk and soon the man behind the desk gestured to wait in the chair.
    "You'll sit there and wait for him. He's a student also and he's quite the academic," the man behind the desk said, yet, Sebastyan just heard mumbles. "He will be glad to help you."
    Minutes passed by and Sebastyan's hazy mind was struck with the sound of expensive, clean, leather shoes that softly clacked against the marble floor.
    Sebastyan's deep hazel eyes met the man's face. Sebastyan revealed his almost painting like face to the stranger, deep honey curled hair, pink pouted lips, and his clearly fair mixed race face, Filipino and Russian, "a tasteful mix" as his mom used to call it.
  3. "Hello" the boy said cautiously, eyes flicking over the foreign man's face. He adjusted his neatly done tie, and offered his hand out to shake. " You can call me Riley. Understand?"
  4. "...hello." He said, smiling. It was a very aloof and confused smile, but nontheless it was sincere. He shook his hand, trying to translate the words through his mind.
    "I can understand, just a tiny bit." His voice was trying its best to stay calm.
    "My name is...Sebastyan. It is nice to meet you." He hated his accent and how clueless it sounded.
  5. Riley smiled his rare smile back, ignoring the way his breath seemed to catch in his throat at the other boys smile and accent.

    "I'm guessing a tour is in order?" He said gesturing for the other boy to stand up.
    "I can show you the classrooms, dining area, courtyards, dormitories, oh, will you be staying on or off campus?" Riley tried his best to speak in a clear easy to understand voice, understanding how daunting being in a foreign place can be.
  6. Sebastyan froze for a bit, letting the English accent pass through and translating it to himself.
    "I'm staying on campus, yes." He said in his best manner.

    As they started walking, he couldn't help but be intimidated by the buildings and the uniformed boys who could recite prose and rhyme on demand.
    He couldn't even believe that he had the uniform also. He also couldn't believe that they didn't know he was mixed.
  7. "Oh, I am too. Staying on campus I mean. I guess that means we can spend more time together.." He let his voice trail off, embarrassed with how suggestive it sounded. "Anyway, here are the main lecture rooms, there is a bit of a science lab down that way, and the art department is to the left. Oh and coming up here is our famous library. It's quite magnificent. That's where I usually spend my free time."

    He turned to see Sebastyan's reaction to all of this, hoping his pace wan't too rushed.

    "It sounds kind of lame, but I love the library so much. It's peaceful and quiet and so huge, that it's easy to find a spot where no one will disturb you. Do you read much English?"
  8. "Yes, I do." He said sweetly. He was getting used to speaking now.
    He blushed at the idea of spending time with this man. It felt odd, feeling bashful for a man.

    "I'd like to hang out. You could help me with homework." He seemed a eager. It was exciting that someone was taking interest in him.
    But it was also scary. Who ever feels this excited for another man.
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  9. "Of course, I'd love to help you with you're homework." Riley said "I don't have that many people around here to hang out with, so that would be amazing." Riley smiled, dimples showing up in his cheeks.

    "Anyway, enough of this stuffy old place, Lets go to you're dormitory, and see how far away it is from mine?"

    Riley led the way, much more cheerful than he was when Sebastyan had first met him. Along the way, he said hi to a few people, and introduced you, but they never stayed for very long.

    Finally they arrived at Sebastyan's room.
    "Oh wow. We live a lot closer than I thought. My room is only three doors down that way."

    He pointed down the hall where his room was, and then turned back. "My roomate hates my guts, so let's hope that you get a nice guy, hmm? Or else I'll have to have 'words' with him."

    Riley laughed, face lighting up.
  10. "Yes, let's hope." He smiled back.
    "Well...I better be off. see you tonight for the homework help." He said,accent floating carelessly in the air.
    "Thank you for the tour," he brushed his hand on Riley's arm.
  11. Riley nodded, chest feeling warm at Sebastyan's touch.

    "O-okay see you then. Just knock on my door when you're ready."

    He mentally kicked himself for stuttering, and swiveled quickly down the hallway, where his red face would not be seen.

    Once in his own room, he set about doing his own homework as efficiently as possible. He neated his room and combed his hair again, just to keep himself busy.

    He didn't know why he was suddenly so concerned about the way he looked, especially since Sebastyan was still basically a stranger, but he shrugged it off, loosened his tie, and sprayed on some cologne, that had a nice sharp fragrance.

    He heard his mobile begin to ring, and hurriedly answered it, while he waited.
  12. "Hello, is this Riley?" His sweet voice bounces through the phone. "I was wondering do you think this is a right time for me to come over." He asked, twirling the phone cord with his fingers.
    "This is the first time I'm using a pay phone. It's on of those new things isn't it ?" He asked, naive. It was the 1920s and phones were a big thing but he never got around to it.
    "Well I'll be coming over now, bye!" He seemed to be rushed by someone, probably a busy crown of students.

    A soft knocking sound rapped on the wood of Riley's room.
  13. Riley blinked in surprise, hurrying over to the door to let Sebastyan in. He snuck another glance in the mirror before opening the door and smiling.

    "Hello, come on in, you can set up your stuff at my desk, since it's so huge."
  14. Sebastyan looked around the vast room in amusement. He realized his room was bigger than his, more elaborate.
    "...it is big." He mumbled as he set his books on the table.
    He sat himself down, his eyes still wondering around until it finally met Riley.
    "You look very sharp. Isn't it too late for that?" He said, noticing the ensemble.
    "Like you're trying to empress me as if I was a girl." He laughed a bit befor pulling out a pen.
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