Honestly, I'll do any pairing you want me to.

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  1. ok so i am not using proper grammar or spelling here, but i talk like this when im lazy. in posts, however, i will 100% use proper grammar and spelling, so no worries.

    so as the title says, i'll do any pairing you want, if you do the pairing i want. i usually do male x female canon x oc for myself, but idc what ur pairing is. honestly, nothing rlly bothers me. (with a few exceptions)

    so these are my requirements; be able to reply at least once a day, use proper grammar/spelling/punctuation, match my length, lemme know if ur gonna be busy or if ur muse is dead, or if u just wanna quit ok. im rlly cool, i wont be mad. just.. lemme know.

    i write in third person, and i can adapt to different lengths, depending on what u want. im very flexible.

    so here are the fandoms im like super dying to do rn

    Avatar: The last Air Bender
    Persona (3&4)
    Sailor Moon
    Steven Universe

    ok so if u dont see something listed here, go ahead and ask. i dont have everything i like listed, just the stuff i'm 100% craving atm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.