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  1. I know that this is a topic that is sometimes not easy to come to large communities, but, hey, it's Iwaku, you can imagine it to be greater.
    How many of you are homosexuals?
    Attention: I'm not desperate <.<
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  2. I myself am not, but I support my my friends who do not fit in the "straight" box. Join the Iwaku GSA if you want to just talk about the issues. We need more good topics!
  3. I am bisexual if that counts (I lean more towards gay however). But yes, there is a GSA.
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  4. Quite a few people actually (myself included).
    Iwaku's always been super supportive of anybody under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. Which is pretty cool.
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  5. Like everyone said, we're pretty accepting here of all types. <3

    I myself am pansexual. Which some people like to joke about being an attraction to bread... It's okay though. I love bread. Mmm... Bread.
  6. I'd consider myself straight with bi-tendencies. I am married though, so I don't get to demonstrate my bi tendencies often haha =P
  7. We're all transgender here.
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  8. Please ignore Asmo, he hasn't learned that just because one RPs the opposite gender doesn't mean they want to be the opposite gender. Usually....
  9. I am a straight ally.
  10. [MENTION=12]Autumn Fire Fairy[/MENTION] [MENTION=10]Asmodeus[/MENTION]
    Now, now, staffies, take any off topic remarks to the properly designated passive aggressive sarcasm receptacle. Wouldn't want to strip this topic of its dignity. ;)

    I do not identify myself as homosexual, but nor do I pretend to understand all of the nuances and trials of the sexual culture. I do respect, empathize and accept, however.
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  11. Aw, so cute, great community.
  12. I am super straight! 8D Girls are okay, but I dun ever want to sex them up. >:[ I like boobies though. o_o
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  13. [MENTION=8]Diana[/MENTION], I lol'd.
  14. Hmmm what label should I slap on myself... I'm not picky about casing I like the brain the cogs and the gears that make a person a person. >.> It got a bit weird and artsy.
  15. I'm pansexual. I don't really care about the parts, I care about the person inside :3 That being said, I do find I gravitate towards individuals who identify as male more so than those who identify as female.
  16. I would say that I love people for who they are inside and not for their sexy bits, but that would be a lie.

    I love them for their sexy bits, too.
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  17. I am a heterosexual panromantic, and am currently in a nearly 9 month long relationship with a transgender male. Does that make me gay? I don't care. I support the right for homosexual couples to marry, and I also support anti-bullying organizations who specialize in bullies who target gays.
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  18. [MENTION=3504]VerbalAbuse[/MENTION], I think that is pansexuality.
  19. No, I'm not into dick myself. Sexually, I am only attracted to anatomically female persons - however, I can love anyone, regardless of gender identity. That describes a heterosexual panromantic.
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  20. I am Asexual and Aromantic :9 Have dated a few guys and a girl in the past, and I think dating is nice, but I just never fall in love nor feel attraction towards anyone. Friendship is more my cup of tea ^^ I am panfriendly :D

    I fully support homosexuals, just like I support every living humans right to be who they are. :) Well, as long as who they are doesn't want to kill people or do something reeeeaaally stupid at least.... I'm a supporter *waves rainbow flags*
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