Homophobia Survival Camp

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  1. "Just by the way that you have been born or have chosen to live, the odds are against you.

    People hate you, and your parents think that you are an abomination.

    Your parents have sent you here, so that the the other camp counselors and myself can pray away the gay. And if that doesn't work, beat out the gay. Camp Iron is known for taking in the most twisted kids and spitting out the straightest kids this world has ever seen.

    But that's a lie.

    It's true, we do turn gay kids into straight kids. But we don't beat them, and we do not pray away the gay, because it just isn't possible. Instead we teach gay kids to be straight kids, until they can escape and live the lives that they choose to live. "

    Welcome to Camp Iron where you will be taught to act like a straight kid. How to hide your sexual activities and disguise your sexual urges. If needed we will arrange beards and school false couples into acting like they're genuine.

    Let me make this clear. We at Camp Iron, are not trying to oppress or abuse you. We are trying to protect you until you can live the life that you want to live. Now, let's begin.

    So basically an rp about a 'pray away the gay' camp, which is really a 'how to act like a straight person' camp. Any interest? I was thinking it was going to be relatively small and long term. The posting length would be two paragraphs each and the character sheet would be somewhat extensive. (Not like ten paragraphs for history extensive but at least three paragraphs and psychological details). The face claims would be real people and the camp counselors would all be npcs, unless someone wanted to play them. That being said, if any of the counselors are adults, no camper-counselor relationships would be allowed.

    Also this won't be a libertine rp, it'll be a modern rp.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.